Black Adam Preview

Warner Bros. Discovery invited Nerdando to attend the preview of Black Adam, one of the most anticipated DC movies of the season and I didn’t miss the chance. Without knowing much about the villain protagonist, I trusted the experiences with the other films with Dwayne Johnson and I was very pleasantly surprised: the film, which you will see in cinemas starting from 20 October, is spectacular. I’ll tell you my impressions in mode spoiler free.


After 15 years of talking about this film and the designated protagonist, the time has finally come: Black Adam is reality.
And it is pure entertainment: action, fun, epic phrases and post-credit surprise effect that attracted the applause of the audience in the room.
Black Adam, unlike so many, too many DC superhero movies is ironic, dynamic and full of color.

As expected, The Rock he put all of himself into the character, inserting his irresistible power to never take himself too seriously. Dr. Fate has the sweet and mocking smile of James Bond with the elegance of Remington Steele.
An action movie that drags the viewer into continuous fights between the good and the bad guys who crash with no holds barred and above all without boring.
The costumes of the protagonists are crazy and the very wide use of cgi manages not to overwhelm the interpretation of the actors.
Not a perfect DC movie, but a successful one.


There history from Black Adam has ancient origins and was born in Egypt, where a powerful tyrant forces slaves to dig with their bare hands to find Eternium, a precious material with extraordinary powers that it needs to forge the crown that will make it very powerful and even more evil. A young slave rebels against the exploitation he has suffered, unleashing the tyrant’s wrath. In ancient Kahndaq, the Egyptian warrior Teth Adam receives from an ancient named Wizard Shazam (if it doesn’t tell you anything, click here) the powers of the Gods, to protect the whole of humanity and oppose the occult forces that threaten the world. His extraordinary powers unleash his revenge and Black Adam was imprisoned for 5000 years becoming a legend. Nowadays, he returns free and discovers that his desire for justice unleashed by the fury, is endangered by the new heroes: the Justice Society consisting of Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Atom Smasher And Cyclone.

Cast and Direction

The direction was entrusted to Jaume Collet-Serrawho had already directed Mr. Johnson in Jungle Cruise, while for the super roles that accompany and stem the power of Black Adam we find Aldis Hodge, Noah Centineo And Quintess Swindell respectively in the roles of Hawkman, Atom Smasher And Cyclone.

Pierce Brosnan – who said he made up his mind to take part in a superhero movie after seeing the interpretation of Benedict Cumberbatch for Dr. Strange – is in amazing shape and gives life to an elegant version of Dr. Fate.
The screenplay, based on the DC characters created by Bill Parker and CC Beck, was written by Adam Sztykiel, Rory Haines and Sohrab Noshirvani.


But what powers does this character have? Teth Adam transforms into Black Adam when he says the word Shazamwhose acronym represents the powers that derive from the ancient Egyptian gods:

S.: the resistance of Shuwith which it can survive physical assaults and does not feel the need to feed, sleep or breathe.
H.: the speed of Heru with which it can fly and move faster than light.
TO: the strength of Amon it allows him to bend steel, move heavy objects and break through walls. His strength has allowed him to stand up to the entire Justice League. Better than Superman or Captain Marvel, in short.
Z: the wisdom of Zehuti it provides him with extensive knowledge and suggests how to act in various situations.
TO: the power of Aton it is that faculty that generates the magical lightning, which makes it invulnerable and resistant to magical attacks and capable of making interdimensional journeys and teleporting.
M.: the courage to Mehen it makes him invulnerable to telepathy and mind control.


Nerdando in short

After a very long wait, it’s finally on the big screen, don’t miss the Black Adam cinema: ironic, dynamic and full of color.

Black Adam Preview – From a great anger comes a great strength –