Elvis | the myth relives in an extraordinary film to its “excess”

The prizes of the eighteenth edition of Biografilm have been announced, which after 11 days of programming closes on Monday 20 June. A participatory festival, rich in content, artistic presence and public.

“It is a profound, vertical joy for the entire staff of the festival to have seen the long work of care and construction of the complex system that is Biografilm Festival, converge in an emotional and exciting embrace of the public and guests, in a transformative journey and shared made up of rooms full of curiosity, attention and sensitivity towards life stories projected on the big screen, heated debates inside and outside the cinema together with the authors and protagonists of the selected films “he declared Chiara Liberticoordinator of the programming of the festival.

With the screening scheduled for Monday evening of Les jeunes amants – Young loversin the presence of the protagonist Fanny Ardant, the Festival expects to overcome the threshold of 15 thousand live spectators throughout the duration of the festival. They have been 6 Sold Out screenings And 609 subscriptions sold. Almost 400 the operators of the sector who participated in the days of the Bio to B market – Industry Days.
To date, there have been over 1500 hours of online viewing for 1540 spectators on digital platforms. 11 regions from which the accesses were made, the 60% of which come from outside Emilia-Romagna. Beyond 86 thousand the pages visited on the Biografilm online platform. Numbers destined to grow because the online festival will last until 25 June.

“We are extremely satisfied with the results of this 2022 edition of the Biografilm Festival. Given the uncertainties given by the two difficult years behind us, we have gone beyond all expectations. We had set ourselves the challenge of launching a signal of resumption of live presence in theaters and we can finally say that we have done our part successfully – says the General Manager Massimo Mezzetti – Not only the numbers prove us right but also the atmosphere of enthusiasm and euphoria that we recorded from the public is an element that fills us with joy and gratifies us a lot. The commitment of the whole team of the Festival that has been working for months to achieve these goals has been commendable. My sincere gratitude goes to all and all of them and to all the volunteers who accompanied us on this adventure. See you next year! ”.

The jury of the International Competition, made up of renowned film professionals Chad Gracia, Inka Achté and Arianna Castoldi, awarded 3 prizes. The Best Film Award | International Competition, Best Film Award of the International Competition, went to After a Revolution by Giovanni Buccomino. This is the motivation: “Powerful portrait of family, politics and war, this film tells an important story without heroes or villains, winners or losers, good or evil. Moments of beauty, courage and resilience, exquisitely captured, make it a masterpiece on the senseless horror of war and on the ability of ordinary human beings to survive and transcend this horror ”.

The Hera “New Talents” Award the best first work of the International Competition was awarded to Divas by Máté Kőrösi. “An authentic and timeless film about growing up, which we found fresh and original. The jury was moved by the courage and open-mindedness of these young women and inspired by their friendship. The director has managed to open the doors to these exceptional struggling lives, gradually revealing their fragile, complex and ultimately meaningful stories ”.

A Special Mention went instead to Ultraviolette et le gang des cracheuses de sang from Robin Hunzinger, with this motivation: “The film reminded us, in a reassuring and uplifting way, of what is at the center of human existence, despite the decades, or even the centuries that separate the different generations. The jury was deeply moved by this story of love and friendship that transcends time, social expectations and even death. “

The Biografilm Italia Jury, made up of the editor Francesca Sofia Allegra, the curator and producer Antonella Di Nocera and the screenwriter and director Anita Rivaroli, awarded in turn 3 prizes.

He deserved the Best Film BPER Award | Biografilm Italy, prize for the best film of the Biografilm Italia Competition, I’ve never gone back by Silvana Costa, with this motivation: “For the ability to conduct through a personal story the story of a relationship that makes several generations of women dialogue, with naturalness and precision in their gaze. For the simplicity with which the director gets involved in a narrative that is both immature and powerful, made up of absences and distances, which makes us cross a territory and a piece of history of our country. For the courageous choice to reflect on the human condition of those who flee but remain a prisoner, leaving the viewer the space to still be able to question themselves “.

The Hera “New Talents” Award | Biografilm Italyprize for the best first work of the Biografilm Italia Competition, went to The Way Daddy Rides by Tiziano Locci, accompanied by these words of the jury: “We like to think that the prize for a first work has the task of recognizing the potential of a talent and this in documentary direction is expressed in the position of the filmmaker. In this work the young director declares the choice of gaze and his solutions, however instinctive, show courage and competence. Although the author is physically immersed in the confined space and relationships of a family, the film proceeds essential, without delay, restoring rhythm and form to a tale of characters who progressively reveal their own lights and shadows ”.

A Special Mention by the jury of Biografilm Italia was assigned to The song of cicadas by Marcella Piccinini, “For the freedom with which he experimented and combined the lyricism of images and words with a great research on sound and music; so much so that the film, while dealing with such an intimate and painful theme, turns out to be a delicate poetic act that reconciles. “

The SNCCI Italian Critics Award | Biografilm Europe Beyond the Borders, awarded to the best film of the Europe Beyond the Borders section by a jury composed of 3 critics of the National Union of Italian Film Critics Emanuele Di Nicola, Frédéric Pascali and Massimo Lechi, went to Berdreymi / Beautiful Beings from Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson“For the ability to enhance the hardness and beauty of the youthful condition through unsettling narrative choices, only apparently contradictory, and for the seductive force of the director’s gaze”.

The prize Young Critics Award, awarded by a young jury made up of female students of the DAMS and CITEM degree courses of the University of Bologna to the best film of the International Competition, it went to Divas from Máté Kőrösi, with the following motivation: “Using an innovative language and opening itself to a hybrid form, the film knows how to approach the life of the protagonists on tiptoe and standing next to us: in fact, the room does not betray but nourishes and explores their desires. A poetic, therapeutic and personal story that shows the power of the documentary in its being a mirror of contemporaneity. A perfect synthesis of our dreams, hopes and fears “.

The Ucca Prize – Italy that cannot be seen to the best film of the Biografilm Italia Competition, awarded by a special jury of Arci Ucca, which consists of a distribution prize in the circuit “L’Italia che non si ved. Itinerant Review of Cinema del Reale ”and in 1000 euros, went to Rosso di Sera / Red sky at night from Emanuele Mengotti. “For the merciless and surgical description of Las Vegas hit by the pandemic, for the choice to tell three emblematic characters in representing the Manichaeism of the American dream. A contemporary western, with weapons, the dispossessed, desolation and – in the background – the eternal conflict against someone or something in the everyday life of the Empire ”.

There jury of Bio to B – Industry Days 2022composed by Anna Berthollet (CEO, Sales and acquisitions, LIGHTDOX) e Giacomo La Gioia (Programming Manager Documentary and Factual Channels, Sky Italia) e Marion Schmidt (co-director of DAE, Documentary Association of Europe) awarded two prizes. The Best Project Bio to B Awardwhich consists of a support of 1000 euros for the production of the film, has been attributed to Fragments of a Life Loved by Chloé Barreau (production: Greenland). The Best Project from Emilia-Romagna Bio to B Awardwhich consists of an IDFA credit and a FIPADOC credit, went to Fade Out by Mattia Epifani (production: Rodaggio Film).
Here are also the collateral awards of Bio to B – Industry Days 2022: the Mia Market Award was assigned to Imola I994 by Francesco Merini (production: Mammut Film), while the Visions Meet Award went to the already awarded by the jury Fragments of a Life Loved.

Elvis | the myth relives in an extraordinary film to its “excess”