Free body | The new Paramount series is previewed at Alice nella città

Presented to Alice nella città, competing in the section Italian panorama, Girls don’t cry is a powerful and delicate story of friendship and redemption. The film marks the feature film debut of Andrea Zuliani and is manufactured by Rain Dogs, Twister Film And Showlabin collaboration with Rai Cinema.

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The little known, but already very promising, Emma Benini (The fugitive) And Anastasia Doaga (Masantonio) are the protagonists, flanked by Arianna Bergamaschi (singer and TV presenter, known as Arianna), Max Mazzotta (Freaks Out) And Matteo Martari (4 Half).

Girls don’t cry | The plot

Ele (Benini) has a somewhat conflictual relationship with her stepfather (Mazzotta), although she recognizes his good intentions and difficulties, since she took the place of the parent, who passed away some time before. The girl dreams of picking up and leaving, leaving everything and everyone behind, aboard a camper not too well placed.

Luckily, Mia (Doaga), a Romanian teenager who left her homeland and her loved ones, is looking after a possible future to give her a hand in the enterprise. Her hope is to one day be reunited with her father and younger sister, but the road will be littered with unexpected events and obstacles.

A scene from the film

The meeting between Mia and Ele marks one turning point in existences of both, who will grow up, in an atypical but still important way, and will also learn something more about themselves.

A road movie to symbolize the path of growth

Girls don’t cry thus it turns out to be a real training journey. There formula of road movie it works perfectly, and conveys the idea of ​​transitioning from adolescence to adulthood. Mia and Ele face situations that are sometimes too big, but their strength lies in the awareness that they can count on each other.

Life has confronted them with difficult decisions, the effects of which never cease to be felt. But after all, those decisions have made them the people they are today, these young women full of hope, courage and determination.

Cleverly alternating the comedy with the more dramatic aspects of the story, the film presents two absolutely enchanting female figures. A new feeling, which cannot be labeled a priori, is born between Ele and Mia. Friendship and seduction see their respective borders blur, leading them to discover sensations, emotions and desires, perhaps previously unimaginable.

The movie poster

The direction of Zuliani caresses the faces, the places, the moods, capturing its poetry and lightness. The grain crime it then enriches the context, making it more captivating and dynamic. An important and positive message emerges at the end of the viewing, so that the film can represent one of the best proposals of the section designed for children.

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Girls don’t cry it is a first work full of suggestions and true, common, shareable feelings. A work that is easy and pleasant to look at, which creeps under the skin and works on the heart.

Free body | The new Paramount series is previewed at Alice nella città