Politicians in video games here are 10 that you need to remember

Soon we are going to vote yes, do not be ashamed I know you do not know where to put that benedictisima X to give power to those who will have to represent you for the next ones 5 years (indeed, we do 6 months).

In the world of video games, fortunately, the politics it has always entered little, but in any case it is an all too popular topic so it is logical to expect that somewhere a real or fictional politician will be introduced. Just think of the president’s daughter United States in Resident Evil 4 or to the fake patriotism of Hideo Kojima in Metal Gear Solid.

In the list that you will find after this incipit I will quote you 10 politicians, true you hate fantasywhich in one way or another have been included in any video game, yes, probably the fictional ones are much better than the real ones …

Bill Clinton & Hillary Clinton

If you have more than 30 years I’m pretty sure you’ve, at least once in your life, played a game of NBA JAM that is one of the first games of arcade basketball of history (we talked about it here with 10 titles to emulate Michael Jordan). But you know that, thanks to a cheat code (yes over the years ’90 they used i cheat codenot i DLC for a fee) you could also unlock theformer US president more fool than ever, even with his wife? No, Monica Lewinsky there was not…

Burt Reynolds


But how was it not just politicians? And indeed Burt Reynolds he is not a politician, but a fairly successful American actor. The good Burt will be remembered for its thickness filmographyfor his being one woman wastingbut mostly to be the mayor of Steelport or the imaginary city of Saints Row… oh it’s not for everyone to be able to contain an apocalypse zombie… a little respect please!

Adolf Hitler


Probably if you think of the absolute evil incarnate, there is a very good chance that it will jump into your mind Adolf Hitler. It goes without saying that such an evil figure is extremely suitable for a work of fiction you want this to be a movieone TV series or a video game. Well the good (sort of …) Adolf has been featured in many videogame works.

Let’s start in Bionic Commando where he has the most gore and spectacular death of the whole bookstore Nintendo NESthen move on to Wolfenstein 3Dbut also in its branded reboot Bethesda, where we see it strongly aged. What many do not know (of course you have played it in 3) is that Adolf Hitler is also present as a villain in Person 2.

Solidus Snake


If you talk about politics within video games you can’t help but talk about too Metal Gear Solid. The lore of Metal Gear goes hand in hand continuously with politics and the Patriots they are the true masters of the world. You don’t want at least one president to turn up United States that he is not okay with being bossed around? And here it comes on stage Solidus Snake that is the third clone of the project Les Enfant Terriblesthe only perfect clone of Big Boss then brother of Solid And Liquid. What a beautiful happy family!

Of course it could also be mentioned Steven Armstrong from Metal Gear Rising (since we put it on the cover), but the role of Solidus is certainly more important in the intricate plot of Metal Gear Solid.

Barack Obama


The first black president in the history of the United States of America has definitely become a pop icon of the years 2000. If it gives me so much it was logical to expect some of his appearances in the videogame world and in fact they are well 2. The first in Burnout Paradise where the billboard that invites you to vote for it is present on several occasions, the second instead in NBA 2K11 where, if you win the championship, there will be a good one to give you the coveted prize Barack.

Mike Haggar


You are an ex wrestler ultra gymnastyou decide to apply as mayor from Metro City (I can already imagine the posters: A concrete commitment, more blows for everyone) and logically you win, but your enemies have the unhealthy idea of ​​kidnapping your daughter, a decidedly wrong choice with these assumptions. If you still don’t understand who I’m talking about, it is Mike Haggar main character of Final Fight (cousin series of Street Fighter) And Slam Masters.

Mike Haggar is strongly inspired by “Macho Man” Randy Savagefrom which it takes theappearance (long hair apart), the nickname (in fact in Slam Master the character is called Mike “Macho” Haggar) and the victory posewhere he picks up his daughter Jessicajust like Macho Man he did with his wife Miss Elizabeth.

Abraham Lincoln


Ok the title in question was pretty crap, we’re talking about the tie in from Fight Club, that is a club where you should never talk about it because otherwise they punch you in the kidneys. The title was devastatingly flat and the fact of being able to play as the sixteenth president of the USA did not help at all… meanwhile we hope that in Street Fighter VI make it playable Cossiga or in Tekken 8 it could be unlocked Scalfaro…just saying.

Alex Shrub


If you talk about mayors in video games you can not fail to mention the corrupt Alex Shrub from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Too bad that the appearances of this mayor with a passion for the twins from Candy SUXXX they are reduced to only two in the whole game, which is at the beginning when Tommy Vercetti will be on the boat of Cortez and on a mission after purchasing the porn movie set.

Mikhail Gorbachev


Probably one of the most hilarious scenes of all Street Fighter II is the ending of Zangief. In fact, if you manage to finish the game with the Russian wrestler you will be able to admire an ending where Zangieftogether with the former president of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev they will do the Cossack dance. Ah before he complimented him for winning the tournament … but oh well nobody remembers that part.

Matteo Salvini


You can make an article about politicians in the world of video games without mentioning the politician who is becoming a living meme thanks to his appearances in the disco to the sound of Mojito? Sure you could, but in the end Salvini it came up in two titles so why not! The first is entirely dedicated to the leader of the League and surely you already understand what I’m talking about or about Call of Salveenee.

You take Grand Theft Autoinstead of the iconic characters of the saga you put Matteo, you make him throw bulldozers and season everything with a generous dose of his shots. But he does not end there because politician dressed in green Padanowe can find it, along with a plethora of other characters, also in Gigi the Warriormakeover honest of the game Ken Shiro much loved in arcades.

Bonus: Silvio Berlusconi


In the world for about twenty years we have been known for Pizzathe mandolin (although to be honest I have never seen a live mandolin) and for ours former Premier or the Cav. Silvio Berlusconi.

Did you know that, despite not having a dedicated game (apart Gigi the Warrior we talked about before), the former AC Milan president was the basis of inspiration for John the leader of Team Rocket in the Pokémon… But we will talk about this in a dedicated article.

Politicians in video games here are 10 that you need to remember