about to finish the San Sebastian Festivalseveral of the films that have aroused the most expectation in the contest arrive in theaters: “Model 77“, of Alberto RodriguezY “Rainbow“, of Paco Leon.

Besides of new film of David Cronenbergcrimes of the future“, either “Don’t worrydear”, the tape of Olivia Wildewith Florence Pugh Y Harry Styles, which comes preceded by a notable controversy. Without forgetting the return to the halls of the last spider-man.

“Model 77”, the transition through a prison

One of the most anticipated titles this year in Spanish cinema, “Model 77”, the new film by Alberto Rodriguezinspired by a true event, the escape of 48 prisoners of the Barcelona Model prisonin 1978in full Transition.

The magic of ‘Matilda’ arrives at the New Royal Theater in the form of a musical

Just featured in the San Sebastian Festivalthe film follows the entry into the mythical manuel jail (Miguel Herrán), in preventive detention for an embezzlement, and his relationship with his cellmate, Pino (Javier Gutiérrez), an old “resident”, sappy and sad.

“Don’t worry dear”, the film after the controversy

Olivia Wilde embarked on her second feature film as a director without imagining the controversy that surrounded a project that was presented in the last venice festival with the very commented absence in the wheel of press from his protagonistFlorence Pugh.

The British actress shines with own light in a history what it pretends to be feminist and who drinks from real facts and of movies like “The Truman Show” to tell the story of a supposedly ideal community in 1950s America. Co-star, Harry Stylesbegan a relationship with director what has hoarded plus attention that movie.

“Rambow”, “The Wizard of Oz” through the prism of Paco León

A extravagant, fun, colorist, surreal and very staff of “The Wizard of Oz“, that Paco Leon he has converted in a music tale of multiple dimensions.

David Cronenberg receives his Donostia award as an encouragement to continue with subversive cinema

And that brings together the best and most emerging of the industry: Dora Shutter, carmen machi, carmen maura, Louis Bermejo, Carmina Barrios, Ajax Pedrosa, Wekaforé and Rosales Tales (Soraya Yasmin), in addition to Esther Exposito Y Rossy de Palma.

“Crimes of the future”, the return of the disturbing Cronenberg

Viggo Mortensen is a kind of alter ego of David Cronenberg on the disturbingcrimes from the future“, the film with which the Canadian filmmaker return to feature film eight years after the failed “Maps to the Stars”.

Mortensen as Saul Tenser an artist who uses his body as raw material for his works, also his viscera, which has accomplished tattoo; sometimes he feels pain, a feeling forgotten by his contemporaries who fascinate with the performances of artists corporal What tighten.

“Labordeta, a man without more”, a portrait of freedom

co-directed by Paula Labordeta and Gaizka Urresti“Labordeta, a man without more” is a documentary that allows know why the Aragonese wrote “The song to freedom“Why did you send to hell? certain politicians of the Congress of Deputies or why their songs transmit what they transmit.

The musical ‘Dirty Dancing’ returns to Madrid, at Espacio Ibercaja Delicias

A portrait that runs through the personality of the singer-songwriter, writer Y political from the hand of the five women who else accompanied him and fragments of his diaries, hitherto unpublished, or of images he filmed with his camera super eight.

“My imaginary country”, Patricio Guzmán portrays the Current Chile

Specifically, the revolution that raised thousands of Chileans in 2019. Guzman of 81 yearsis the voice-over that narrates, analyze Y reflectwith a often philosophical voice Y poeticsabout that movement Social unexpected and violent that caught on in the Andean country with the trigger for the rise in subway prices.

“The World Seekers”, French animation and box office

Was the french movie plus blockbuster of 2021with more than 900,000 spectators in the rooms to see them worldseeker“, a new, animated version of Jules Verne’s classic “Around the World in Eighty Days”.

Joelle Rich, the lawyer who would be the new love of Johnny Depp

were made more than 17,000 designs to reproduce the real landscapes through which this adventure story directed by Samuel tournamentswhich was nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film for “meme les pigeons vont au paradis”.

“The Silent Scream: The Roe V. Wade Affair”, A True Story

Based on true events, “The Silent scream. The case Roe v. Wade” reveals the ins and outs of a historic decision: the sentence issued in 1973 by Supreme Court of the United Stateswhich defined the abortion as a protected right implicitly in the Constitutionan opinion that on June 24 was revoked.

Classic cinema on Telemadrid

Nick Loeb is the director, protagonist and producer of a film that also has familiar faces such as those of Jon Voight, John Schneider, Steve Guttenberg or Corbin Bernsen.

“Spiderman-Man: No way home” returns to theaters

After being the most 2021 box office with a collection of 1,906 million dollars,Spider-Man: No Way Home” returns to theaters with a new extended versionwhich includes previously unreleased scenes.

Tom Holland is back as Spider-Man of the new generations in a story with nods to the two previous actors who played the Marvel character: Tobey Maguire Y Andrew Garfield. And, along with them, a handful of previous villains, in addition to Zendaya, Benedict Cumberbatch or Marisa Tomei.

Spider-Man returns to theaters with an extended version and with the Spanish cinema premiere competition