Hocus Pocus 2, the (clumsy) return of the Sanderson Sisters to Disney +

“Tremble, tremble, the witches are back“: The highly anticipated Hocus Pocus 2 has finally landed on September 30th on Disney +, thus ushering in the thrill season! Fans of the 1993 feature filmand any curious, can then view the sequeldirected by Anne Fletcheron the streaming platform, to enjoy the return of the wicked Sanderson sisters! … Read more

Tecniche di anticipazione della tutela penale: dalle tradizionali alla più recente, introdotta in materia di lotta al terrorismo internazionale | Salvis Juribus

Sommario: 1. Inquadramento della problematica: i rapporti tra le tecniche di anticipazione della tutela penale ed il rispetto dei principi di offensività e materialità – 2. Le principali tecniche di anticipazione della soglia della tutela penale – 2.1. Gli atti preparatori, il tentativo di reato e i delitti di attentato – 2.2. Le associazioni per delinquere … Read more

Super Sunny Island, the review (Nintendo Switch)


Super Sunny Island is a title designed specifically for the little ones, or for those who are only now approaching the videogame world or gods 2D platformer. It is a two-dimensional side-scrolling platformer, with colorful pixel art graphics, an old-fashioned soundtrack and over 100 levels to offer to the player. Although almost all the elements … Read more



Today, Ziggurat Interactive is pleased to announce that pre-orders for the physical console version of the classic action-RPG HD enclave were launched via Limited Run Games and will be available until October 23, 2022. HD enclave is an updated version of the best-selling hack ‘n slash, and will be available on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch … Read more

One Piece 1060: that detail on Luffy’s dream that Oda had already revealed [SPOILER]


Chapter 1060 of one piece has brought us numerous, juicy, important and astounding news: if you have found the previous chapters already incredible, or at least of a remarkable absurdity, what Eiichiro Oda has come up with this week is actually something that will go beyond even the latest revelations , in any way possible. … Read more

The Witch: Everything you need to know about the horror film

There is little doubt, between viewers and film critics, that The Witch (review here) is one of the best horror movies of recent years. This 2015 film directed by Robert Eggers (now known for also directing The Lighthouse And The Northman), belonging to the so-called folk horror, it includes folkloristic elements through which to evoke … Read more

40 La migliore allarme a batteria del 2022


Cerchi consigli di esperti su come acquistare la migliore allarme a batteria? Gli esperti hanno stilato un elenco dei primi allarme a batteria venduti nel 2022 in Italia.Non vuoi davvero che tu sia infelice dopo aver speso i tuoi sudati soldi per questa allarme a batteria. Di conseguenza, avevo passato molto tempo a esaminarlo, valutarlo … Read more

The Girl from Plainville review on Telefilm Central


Essential premise: The Girl from Plainville is inspired by un dramatic case of true news which ended with an inevitable passage in a courtroom. As the initial disclaimer of each episode dutifully points out, the authors took some liberties in staging the story. Where is the boundary between reality and fantasy is difficult to say. … Read more



In the opening match against the Glasgow Warriors, the Lions made little or no mistakes URC, Benetton: Padovani flies in meta – ph. Benetton Rugby In the 12-year history of Benetton in the various iterations of the URC (Celtic League, Pro12, Pro14) there has never been such a convincing start in terms of results: 22 … Read more