Russia will install enlistment offices at the borders and record those who leave the country

EFE videos Panama promotes a green hydrogen “hub” in Latin America Panama City, Sep 27 (EFE) .- Latin America “is the world region with the highest penetration of renewable energy in its electricity generation”, and among its countries, Panama seeks to become a green hydrogen storage and marketing node Panamanian Energy Secretary Jorge Rivera told … Read more

The Evil Within 2 Guide: Stealth, Melee, Best Weapons and Skills – Relax Type

In this guide for The Evil Within 2, we will share with you some important tips about the game, namely tips on how to fight your enemies, how to hide from them, what is the best weapon to carry, and how to successfully hide from your enemies. Well, first of all you need to understand … Read more

Qué se dijo en vivo en la mañanera del presidente de México del martes 27 septiembre de 2022


El presidente Andrés Manuel López Obrador realiza de lunes a viernes sus “mañaneras” desde Palacio Nacional. (Foto: Jovani Pérez). Fiel a la tradición desde que inició su gobierno, la administración de AMLO ofreció su conferencia mañanera en la que funcionarios explicaron avances en distintas áreas y recibieron preguntas de los medios de comunicación. Aquí la … Read more

Tecniche di anticipazione della tutela penale: dalle tradizionali alla più recente, introdotta in materia di lotta al terrorismo internazionale | Salvis Juribus


Sommario: 1. Inquadramento della problematica: i rapporti tra le tecniche di anticipazione della tutela penale ed il rispetto dei principi di offensività e materialità – 2. Le principali tecniche di anticipazione della soglia della tutela penale – 2.1. Gli atti preparatori, il tentativo di reato e i delitti di attentato – 2.2. Le associazioni per delinquere … Read more

Super Sunny Island, the review (Nintendo Switch)


Super Sunny Island is a title designed specifically for the little ones, or for those who are only now approaching the videogame world or gods 2D platformer. It is a two-dimensional side-scrolling platformer, with colorful pixel art graphics, an old-fashioned soundtrack and over 100 levels to offer to the player. Although almost all the elements … Read more



Today, Ziggurat Interactive is pleased to announce that pre-orders for the physical console version of the classic action-RPG HD enclave were launched via Limited Run Games and will be available until October 23, 2022. HD enclave is an updated version of the best-selling hack ‘n slash, and will be available on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch … Read more

Escándalo blanco por La Sirenita Negra | Racismo


“Déjense de tanto movimiento progre y respeten las películas originales. Es insultante”; “Era mi película favorita, la arruinaron”; “¡No la queremos, queremos una pelirroja blanca, eso nos vendiste en 1989 y eso queremos!”; “Qué pasó con la hermosa sirenita que todos conocíamos, ella cantaba hermosas melodías, no parecía que fuera a rapear”; “No es cuestión … Read more

One Piece 1060: that detail on Luffy’s dream that Oda had already revealed [SPOILER]


Chapter 1060 of one piece has brought us numerous, juicy, important and astounding news: if you have found the previous chapters already incredible, or at least of a remarkable absurdity, what Eiichiro Oda has come up with this week is actually something that will go beyond even the latest revelations , in any way possible. … Read more