The MHR still has a colossal way to get close to Toulouse and it starts this Sunday, October 2 at 9:05 p.m., for the 5th day of Top 14. He found his first stone to arm his sling. By winning a historic Brennus Shield last June, the small MHR officially began its attack on the … Read more

On the same day she discovers she is pregnant and has a tumor, dies at 36. Her husband: “I will raise my daughter by telling her how special her mother was”


How much courage does it take to be able, at only 35 years old, to face the sudden death of the life partner with whom he had planned a whole future yet to be lived and, at the same time, to raise a daughter of just 10 months? Matteo Grotti, 35 years old from Rontagnano … Read more

Mushuc Runa vs. Emelec: Al Bombillo only has a mathematical miracle left


The victory served to keep them in the fight for the final in the second stage, but it eluded them. Emelecafter drawing 0-0 this Saturday, October 1 with Mushuc Runein Ambato, complicates their situation in the LigaPro, since they give ground to those who -like them- are in need to knock down the leader, Aucas, … Read more

Gustave Le Bon, annonciateur du « péril étatiste »


Publié le 2 octobre 2022 – A + Gustave Le Bon (1841-1931), souvent réduit de nos jours à l’auteur d’un seul livre, la Psychologie des foules (1895), fut aussi un observateur des phénomènes politiques et sociaux de son temps, de même qu’un penseur de la psychologie de l’être humain et des sociétés … Read more

“Commemorare per change”, many trees of life in honor of Falcone and Borsellino


SARONNO – Yesterday, the final meetings of the project took place “Commemorate to change”, promoted by the Culturally & Musically Association of Anna Clerici, in collaboration with the “SulleRegole Association” founded by Gherardo Colombo, with the support of Enrico Cantù Assicurazioni. In the presence of the councilor for public education, youth policies and sports Gabriele … Read more

Thousands of Britons take to the streets of London to protest against inflation


Britons have flocked to the capital at the call of several organizations saying they are worried about price hikes, as winter promises to be difficult for some households due to energy costs. Thousands of Britons took to the streets this Saturday to protest against the cost of living crisis, sometimes burning bills as the government … Read more



“To you who listen, I say…”. These first words of Jesus make us immediately understand one thing: that he wants to establish a difference between certain things said in general that everyone is called to observe (for example the ten commandments) and other things that are truly special and so he asks special people for … Read more