Pays de Châteaubriant: a man sentenced for advocating terrorism

By Editing Chateaubriant Published on 1 Oct 22 at 16:32 The Scout of Châteaubriant See my news Follow this media A man from Sudan (Loire-Atlantique) was sentenced, Thursday, September 29, 2022, for apologizing for terrorism ©Illustration Dorine Goth A resident of Sudan (Loire Atlantique) was sentenced this Thursday, September 29, 2022 speak Criminal Court of … Read more

“It was light and it was landscape” by Franco Gervasio to the Jewish Community of Casale Monferrato


There are many appointments in October for the cultural season in the Jewish complex of vicolo Salomone Olper, the first is Sunday 2 October when, at 11.00, the personal exhibition of Franco Gervasio by title “It was light and it was landscape ”. The inauguration will see a dedicated performance and a meeting with Daria … Read more

The Intel Core 13 are already priced in Europe: 375 euros for a Core i5


We can already find listings the processors 13th Generation Intel Core in our market, which allows us to have a real price comparison with respect to the AMD Ryzen 7000. As expected, the tables have been reversed, with Intel now offering the highest number of cores per euro invested. Now it will be time to … Read more

Retro PSG (2014


PSG settled in comfortably and head of Ligue 1. The capital club took everything in its path. France is experiencing an era under Parisian domination. Not without having some flaws with this famous comeback against Barcelona. 2014: Bis repetita for PSG PSG retains its title of champion of France for the first time in its … Read more

Conte vs Draghi, the “government of the best” was truly such. Polillo’s opinion


“Tell me what the major reforms of this government have been,” the M5S leader continues to repeat. Obvious controversy, which surrounds the constant claim that he, and he alone, was the architect of the great Italian success in the distribution of the funds of the PNRR. But also a badly set controversy Giuseppe Contealways a … Read more

Pink October: 6 questions about relapses in breast cancer


SUMMARY How many recurrences are there? Which cancers are most at risk of relapse? Does “recurrence” mean “incurable”? How can these recurrences be explained? What are the improvements on the diagnostic side? How to avoid relapse? Medicine has seen impressive advances in breast cancer in recent years. If he touches again nearly 60,000 women in … Read more

“Meloni has given us a lesson”. The problems of the Democratic Party with women


It took very little to dismantle the usual rhetoric to which we had become accustomed to Democratic party, who has always given lessons and pontificate on the female question. In these political elections, all the false moralism, the double standards typical of the left, came to the surface: Giorgia Meloni is preparing to become prime … Read more