The Flash: alleged movie plot leaks | tomatoes

The Flash, and its leading man, Ezra Miller, have been in the spotlight in recent weeks due to the shocking scandals surrounding the actor. Recently, it was reported that Warner Bros. would have made the decision to remove Miller from any future DC Films project for his unfortunate behavior. However, the premiere of Flash still … Read more

[Paroles de lecteurs] You breeders, do you earn your living and do you dare to say it?

Talking about his remuneration when you are a dairy farmer, is it taboo, especially when it is rather satisfactory? After Antoine Thibault declared that he would collect €3,000/month, which sparked many reactions on social networks where he is very active, we asked for your opinion on the subject. And that’s what you did! Several web-gri … Read more

“Artificial intelligence does not distinguish between good and evil” / Gotti Tedeschi: “morale is lost”

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE AND MORALITY According to the economist and former President of the IOR Ettore Gotti Tedeschithe next possible “Great Reset“(Name that comes from proposal of the World Economic Forum to rebuild the economy in a sustainable way after the COVID-19 pandemic) will be based onartificial intelligence. BIAGIO D’ANELLI CHOC ON THE TOMB OF FRANCO … Read more

Society: outcry against the Bill on the Fundamental Principles of Health and Public Hygiene in Niger

Adopted by the government during the Council of Ministers on April 14 and sent to the National Assembly for adoption, the Draft Law on the Fundamental Principles of Health and Public Hygiene in Niger provoked a real outcry in the among health professionals as well as Islamic associations. In question, the “lightness” with which the … Read more

Universitario received an offer for Alex Valera from a European club


Universitario confirmed that there was a European club interested in Alex Valera. alex valera aroused interest in Europe and thus confirmed jean ferrariadministrator of University of Sports, in a recent interview. The former soccer player maintained that the formal proposal reached the “merengue” club prior to the match with the Peruvian team for the playoff … Read more

Acting against fat overload would lead to more well

Casa Aesthetic Medical Center, under the leadership of Pr Hassan ElHassan Boukind organized this Thursday, June 16, a “Wellnessday”. Dedicated to well-being and health, this day aims to raise awareness of the harmful effects of excess weight, excess fat, malnutrition and their repercussions on our health and well-being. In Morocco, obesity affects nearly 10 million … Read more

UKRAINE AND US / That propaganda between Good and Evil that stifles true hope

The events in Ukraine have thrown me into a condition of psychological exhaustion and not only political but also intellectual insecurity, to an extent that I had never known before. I feel torn, deeply divided, between the belief that the West, the US, NATO, and the EU itself have very serious responsibilities in the origin … Read more

Brenda Zambrano VS Niurka: the former Acapulco Shore defends herself against the Cuban “she has to go out and we will see each other”

This second season of The House of the Famoushas been full of controversies and a lot of tension between the participants, even those who are no longer inside the house, such is the case of Brenda Zambrano and Niurka Marcos. Although the Cuban star is still in the competition, she continues to rant against the … Read more