Adar vs Sauron: The Great Showdown Season 2 of The Rings of Power

MADRID, 26 Oct. (CultureLeisure) –

The Rings of Powerthe Lord of the Rings series, revealed Sauron’s identity, the Dark Lord, in the last chapter of his first season. Y the actor who plays him in the prequel to the Ring Trilogy assures that season 2 will delve into the relationship of the great villain of middle earth with the dark elf Adarleader of the orc hosts already settling in Mordor.


After the first season of The Rings of Power has already concluded its run on Amazon, the second installment of fiction based on the work of JRR Tolkien filming began on October 3 in the United Kingdom. And it will be in this new batch of episodes where the relationship between Sauron and Adar will be explored.

As fans of Prime Video fiction will know, Adar revealed his nature as dark elf in the fourth chapter of the series, during a conversation with Arondir, the Silvan elf played by Ismael Cruz Córdova. As the series progresses, the character played by Joseph Mawle also makes it clear that his goal is to create a home in which “his children” the orcs can live.

Already in the sixth episode, after being defeated by Galadriel and the Knights of Number, Adar reveals to the elf that her relationship with the Dark Lord was not the best… Or at least that’s what he wants me to believe. In fact, just minutes before the dark elf had assured don’t remember halbrand meeting him face to face on the battlefield.

“After the defeat of Morgoth, he whom you call Sauron dedicated himself to healing Middle-earth bringing the shattered lands back together in perfect order. He did not intend to forge power from flesh, but on flesh. A power from the invisible world. He invited everyone who could to follow him north.but no matter how hard he tried… something was missing. A shadow of dark knowledge had been kept hidden even from him., and remained hidden no matter how much blood she shed in her search. For my part, I had to sacrifice many of my children for their aspirations. I opened it in channel. I killed Sauron“, assures Adar to Galadriel’s bewilderment…and the viewers.

Now with Halbrand unmasked at the end of 1×08 as Sauron and with Adar with his fate still up in the airIn a recent interview with ScreenRant, Charles Vickers, the actor who played Halbrandhas anticipated that season 2 of the Rings of power will delve into the relationship between Sauron and the dark elf to which Joseph Mawle puts a face. And, although he was very careful about talking about it, he points out that the 1×06 of the Rings of Power, contains many clues about what is to come.

“I think when we had to shoot [el episodio 6]Joseph knew that, and we spent a lot of time working on our backstory, based on input from the showrunners and the things we will see in the next seasonVickers dropped before delving into the link between the dark elf and the Dark Lord. “We see Adar’s link to Sauron. It is a really complex and very long relationship which is at a critical point at that moment,” said the actor

And it is that, for Vickers, in addition, “there is a great part of Sauron, of Halbrand, that says: ‘i look different but dammit, I want you to remember me so you know I’m the one about to kill you’. And I think that’s an example of how he is, you see his crazy and the fact that he’s really evil and a bad guy. It comes out and it is uncontrollable because, unquestionably, Sauron… is evil“.

So much so, that the fact that adar affirm -wrongly- that at some point in the past he killed Sauron by destroying his corporeal form, suggests thateven being both dark forces and former minions of Morgoth, they are also actually enemies. And with the Dark Lord once again becoming the great force to be feared by the inhabitants of Middle-earth, there is a possibility that the new episodes will show Adar lining up in the side of the light with Galadriel to defeat him once and for all.

Adar vs Sauron: The Great Showdown Season 2 of The Rings of Power