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It went as it should go, Milan-Dinamo Zagreb, and it went very well. Three points, deserved victory, acceptable performance given the numerous games played in the last period, first place in the group. In short, everything turned on the side of Milan who left the ball in the hands of the Croatians only on the occasion of the goal conceded. At that moment Dinamo tried to change the course of the match, but the goal in the Pobega final ended the match definitively, giving the Rossoneri three important points.

A fundamental victory, and I repeat well deserved, which allows Milan to present themselves to the double challenge with Chelsea in a different and better position than the one predicted at the beginning of the competition. Up to this moment the path of the English, who had to find themselves with full points and instead have only one point, the son of yesterday’s draw against Salzburg, has not been in line with expectations and Milan can look to the future with optimism and with the awareness that much still needs to be done.

Yesterday he won playing for Milan, providing a performance that enhanced the characteristics of his interpreters, including that of Leao. The Portuguese is now a certainty and his performances continue to be monitored throughout Europe, given the delay in renewing the agreement with the Rossoneri. In that case he would be tempting to those who could take advantage of the situation, taking him away, at the price of the balance, away from Milan.

Maldini’s statements when he spoke of the renewals have made it clear that the will of the company is there, but to renew it takes two. It was a clear attempt to take the ball and throw it into the field of those who, at this moment, have not yet accepted and are slow to make a positive decision.

Milan, meanwhile, knows that the passage of time eventually favors the player and less society. Which, at the end of the market, had closed any discussion relating to the sale of the Portuguese, not taking into consideration offers, probably because he believes he still has margin in the negotiation or because the times were too tight to reinvest in a player capable of replacing him adequately.

It would have been complicated and deleterious for the team which, in the meantime, had already set the season. Different speech, however, if I had to look to the future. In the unfortunate event that a white smoke is not reached in the short term, the chances of Leao’s departure in June 2023 would grow, at interesting figures, because at that point Milan may have identified where to aim for the future.

It would still be a shame! Yesterday’s game demonstrated (if needed) the importance of the Portuguese in the Rossoneri schemes (beyond his individual growth which leads him to be incisive in his plays). And the Coach does everything to enhance its qualities with tactical moves that allow him to find the right openings where to explode his strength and his technique.
Many plays are in the function of Rafael so that his horses can be set in motion and hurt the opposing defenses. Yesterday he procured the penalty that unlocked the game (Giroud’s goal) and provided the 2-0 assist to Saelemakers, resulting decisive with his plays.

The situation related to its renewal is a bit particular. Despite the trust in the club, the deservedly won Scudetto and having restored the luster to the Rossoneri colors, the fans would not want to lose (especially to zero) yet another player. Of course, history teaches and tells that those who left the Rossoneri shirt to pursue other goals do not have the same smile as when they were at Milanello. This should make you think that maybe it’s not that bad to still grow up in an environment where you are a leader and have everything you need to perform at your best.

The fans would always like to keep the best well aware that the club and Milan come first. There is an awareness that modern football it has no room for sentimentality and it is difficult to think of a Leao in the Rossoneri jersey throughout his career but, I am not mistaken in indicating that another three years in the Rossoneri jersey can be useful both for the player and for the club. The first, I repeat, would find the right environment to continue his exponential growth (the same environment that defended him in the first years with the Rossoneri when his performances were insufficient); the club would have plenty of time to move in advance, trying to identify the player who would take his place in the future. Then yes it would be a less painful farewell and without worries of mind.
Also because Milan has once again the “showcase” of the Champions League (a place where the best would always like to play) to showcase their champions and especially their football. And the imprint that the Rossoneri want to give is that of being “modern” and capable of trying to keep pace in a competition where nothing is taken for granted.

If last year the return to the Champions League was a sort of novitiate, despite the fact that history says that it is the house of the devil, and the difficulty of the group was born from the draws and from the fourth pot in which Milan startedthis year there are all the conditions to try to do better, playing it openly and trying to carve out a space, moving forward as much as possible.
Yesterday’s game confirms many of the good things that are said about Milan and, after the break for the national teams, the double challenge with Chelsea will tell us the level of maturity of the Rossoneri in dealing with challenges of a certain level in the European field.
In the meantime, this Wednesday also Napoli, the Rossoneri’s next opponent in the league, took the field in the match postponed by a day for reasons of public order (the queen’s body left the capital of Scotland for England on Tuesday, involving the absence of the police necessary to manage a match).
Spalletti’s team won well in Glasgow against Rangers, confirming the good things done so far both in the league and in the Champions League. By giving strength to the victory against Liverpool on the first day and keeping the solitary first place in the group.
Both Milan and Napoli are worthily representing Italian football, not only for the results, but because these happen thanks to the game and are not random. There is a lot of work from the coaches who give an identity, trying to build something that lasts and gives a good image of our football in Europe.

On Sunday they will face each other despite important absences, that of Leao on one side and Osimhen on the other, in a race that will be the last of this first steep of the championship. Where Milan have put forward their intentions to confirm themselves as champions and improve in the European arena; despite the reconstruction used by the owners, Napoli left to reach the set objectives.
To do this it takes time, what Milan granted itself when Elliott took over the company, rebuilding it on a corporate and sporting level, and that now Red Bird will have to carry on with sustainability and foresight, without chasing distant policies for years. light from ours.

Because virtuosity and victory are not in antithesis, but they can travel in the same direction. Society knows it, even those who have to renovate know it.
And that’s why it would be such a shame, lose players of Leao’s value, seen what has now returned to being Milan.

Blog The present and the future