Everything we know about Fire Emblem Engage

Who would have thought that two genres as disparate as the visual novel and the turn-based strategy could come together in a saga as acclaimed as Fire Emblem? The mix of gripping story and tactical gameplay has given us games that are becoming more and more popular among RPG fans. As a plus, it offers us ultra charismatic characters, possible romances and the danger of permanent death, which makes us plan each strategy with extreme care. Fire Emblem Engage, from Intelligent Systems and Nintendothe next will come January 20, 2023 to Nintendo Switch, following the debut of Three Houses on the console of the Japanese company.

The war for Elyos

Last nintendo direct September surprised us with Engage, the next episode of Fire Emblem, and showed us what some of the characters and part of the story would be like. Our adventure will take place in the kingdom of Elyos, which had fallen victim to the evil Fallen Dragon. However, some warriors who had used the powers of heroes of the past managed to defeat him and seal him. However the Fallen Dragon threatens peace again of Elyos. And our hero/heroine will wake up from her slumber to join new companions and use the emblem rings to master the powers of legendary warriors.

Alear, Divine Dragon that can transform during combat, will be our protagonist, and we can choose whether it will be a man or a woman. Designed by the artist specializing in V-Tubers Mika Pikazo, has starred in a good number of memes on the Internet due to his bicolor hair and his heterochromia. As for the romances, the possible couples that we may have have not yet been confirmed, although love is already a tradition in the Fire Emblem. New characters have also been confirmed such as Vanderguardian of Alear during his long sleep; framea warrior nun who will join her brother Clan; and other calls Celine, Louis, Alfred, Etie and Chloé. Familiar Fire Emblem characters like Byleth, Marth, Celica, Lyn, Corrin, Chrom, Leif, Eirika, Ike, Micaiah, and Sigurd will also join.

battle rings

As for combat, Fire Emblem returns with the system of turn-based strategy which is already famous in the saga. Players will move their characters around a board to prepare them for combat, and we will have several types of unique units that will level up as we use them, while we can specialize our characters in different classes. When our enemies are close on the board, the result of the battle will be decided by the level of the attributes.

With this, we will have to think very well in what position to place our characters to take advantage of the abilities and advantages of each one. In the case of Alear, we hope that his identity as a divine dragon will lead to some very interesting tactics in battle. It should be remembered that the permadeath it is a mechanic that also has its tradition in Fire Emblem. Engage will not be less and, if there is something that Fire Emblem knows how to do very well, it is to get the player to empathize a lot with its characters, so that the idea of ​​losing them forever forces them not to make hasty decisions.

Fire Emblem Engage Intelligent Systems Nintendo Nintendo Switch Alloy visual novel RPG turn-based strategy Divine Dragon Fallen Dragon

In the official account Twitter system has been detailed gun trianglewhich we had already seen in the saga: “In Fire Emblem Engage (as in previous games), units can be equipped with a wide range of weapons, and each type has its own strengths and weaknesses. For example, swords are effective against axes, axes are strong against spears and spears have advantage against swords.That’s the weapon triangle system that fans of the series know quite well, and it returns in this installment!But there’s more to Aside from this weapon triangle, there are also melee attacks that are effective against bows, books, and daggers. Whatever weapons you choose for your units, it’s important to consider their strengths and weaknesses. Always make sure! to attack enemies with weapons that give you an advantage!”

Thus, if a unit attacks an enemy whose weapon is weak against ours (for example, a sword user against an ax user), we can inflict the status “Critical”and our rival will not be able to counterattack until the next turn.

Fire Emblem Engage Intelligent Systems Nintendo Nintendo Switch Alloy visual novel RPG turn-based strategy Divine Dragon Fallen Dragon

The emblem rings

But not everything will be fighting in Fire Emblem Engage. Like its predecessors, we will experience sequences of visual novel in which we will continue our story and strengthen our relationships with other characters. Alear, who has woken up without his memories, will reveal mysteries of his past life. From what we see in the trailers, in addition, he will have a defined personality and will be involved in conversations, instead of being a voiceless avatar from whom we have to choose a terse answer.

Fire Emblem Engage, as its name suggests, brings back the Engage mechanic that we had already known in Fire Emblem Heroes. Throughout our game, we will collect emblem rings, with which we will summon heroes from the past who will join the fight. The appearance of the units will be merged with the summon and we will inherit their weapons and abilities, in addition to boosting previous attributes.

Fire Emblem Engage Intelligent Systems Nintendo Nintendo Switch Alloy visual novel RPG turn-based strategy Divine Dragon Fallen Dragon

Fire Emblem can now be booked, with a very sweet limited special edition for fans of the safa. Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition Includes physical copy of the game, along with artbook, steelbook, poster, and art sheets. In this new adventure, we will enter a multiverse in which we will bring together known and beloved heroes, with new ones to meet.

Everything we know about Fire Emblem Engage