Interview with Emanuele Caponera (Salomè

Humor and black magic: Salome – Deliver us from Goodfrom Emanuele Caponerais a concentrate of irony based on sharp jokes markedly regional and witchcraft (the evil one, made up of sacrifices and demonic evocations, so to speak). But there is also much more in the Caponera comic that, from webcomic on the platform TacoToonhas now arrived in the bookshop and comic store in paper volume through BD editionsand presented on the occasion of Lucca Comics and Games 2022. During the event, we met Emanuele Caponera: during the interview with the author, we asked him to talk to us about Salome – Deliver us from Good and the future of the work.

Salome – Deliver us from Good

From digital to paper, Salome – Deliver us from Good is part of the volumes presented by Edizioni BD during Lucca Comics and Games 2022, one of the most important comics events in Italy. Together with the comic signed by Emanuele Caponera, the initiative includes for example Fairy Tale of Ash from Simone Pace (find our interview with the author here), or The Horses of Tennessee (Giulia Pex, Giada Duino) And Under skin (Caterina Bonomelli). First volume of the series, Salome – Deliver us from Good it’s a as funny as it is chilling immersion in the new, demonic life of Salome: a young girl catapulted in 1300, forced to serve evil witches and their dark lord, bewitching and enchanting, betraying and killing, in order to return home with her family.

Through i witches rituals who subjugated Salome to their power does not know, the young woman, that an evil and catastrophic power could be awakened to bring humanity to total decline. Provocative and provocative protagonist, salacious and wittyinserted in a dark, magical, sometimes distinctly folkloristic context: Salomè is certainly a female figure with strength and unequivocal charismawhich collects with its personality images of women of history, legends and art, which are sources of charm and audacity. Through the words of its creator, Emanuele Caponera, we learned more details about Salome – Deliver us from Good and on its shameless, iconic protagonist.

The interview with Emanuele Caponera at Lucca Comics and Games 2022

Precisely with regard to Salomè, protagonist of the homonymous comic, we asked the author of TacoToon and Edizioni BD to tell us about his origins. Salome is in fact, traditionally, a biblical character who, according to the Holy Scriptures, seems to have wanted the head of John the Baptist served on a plate. In Salome – Deliver us from Good, we see the young woman cutting off the head of an unfortunate person recalling the idea of ​​the biblical character but, although forced to perform evil acts, she seems to have a more human nature and reluctant to do evil. Why was it chosen to compare it to the biblical Salome?

Emanuele Caponera In reality there are no deep or particular reasons. I have certainly read about the biblical character and I really like female characters, strong, fascinating, of a certain depth. I took inspiration from the story of Salome, but probably on a more unconscious level, which is why that juxtaposition of the cut of the head was involuntarily created.

Interview with Emanuele Caponera

Returning to the question of female characters who possess an aura of magnetic charm, Emanuele Caponera’s Salomè, through his illustrations, seems to recall in some passages famous works of art. In this case, for example, the women featured in the works of Egon Schieleor the clear citation a The Origin of the World from Courbet. One could say that Salome – Deliver us from Goodin its irreverence, is it an ironic overturning of art and its figures?

Emanuele Caponera I attended art high school, so I know the works and artists mentioned, and they certainly remained impressed in me in some way. But even in this case I believe that the inclusion of these references took place on a subconscious level: I love to write and draw a lot by instinct, so probably most of what I create comes from my experience, but there is no real aim to resume what I have learned. It is something more instinctive.

This volume published by Edizioni BD presents an interesting closing deepening of the author on Salome – Deliver us from Goodwhich also tells of how Salome is somehow there feminine and self-confident version of the author. We therefore asked Caponera if he too, like his protagonist, owns foul-mouthed humor and seasoned with epithets markedly regional that emerges from the comic:

Emanuele Caponera I have a rather shy character, but if I find myself in the company of people with whom I have some confidence, that part of me more self-confident comes out. It is a typically Roman comedy, even quite common on some lines, which however are still effective.

Interview with Emanuele Caponera

Caproni, witches, sacrifices and an unequivocal title: Deliver us from the Good. In this regard, we asked Emanuele Caponera to tell us about it and to tell us how he will eventually relate to the future of Salome:

Emanuele Caponera This subtitle represents a kind of prayer addressed to Salome by the witches. “We need you, we need your blood and your misdeeds, deliver us from good”, and it will gradually be discovered why Salome is so fundamental to them. A second volume is planned, but I will not reuse the same subtitle. In the following we will witness a sort of journey: Salome will make her considerations on the events that occurred in the first volume and will decide how to act. I would like to add that before the publication in print, the second volume of Salomè will initially be released in digital version on TacoToon, with new chapters on a weekly or monthly basis.

We just have to wait, at this point, the arrival of the second volume which will star Salome and her witches, diabolical events, arriving in digital version and, subsequently, in the form of a paper comic.

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