It is still Lugano. ‘Not perfect, but good in small things’

Lugano – Calle Andersson was missing right from the last derby. When he had to leave the ice shortly after scoring 0-3 due to a blow to the side. On the day of his return to the track, a month later, Lugano’s number 55 defender immediately stands as the protagonist: after having snatched the position in defense of Kaski (and of the two, judging these first weeks the real foreigner would rather be him), the Swiss licensed Swede scores the opening goal of the 247th derby in history, on his second shot on goal. “These three points were very important for us – says Calle Andersson -. Of course, I’m happy to have scored, but first comes the performance of the group which I think this time was very good. I am happy with my return. It was hard to be out for five weeks, but you don’t feel tired if you win. “

That goal by Andersson, at 19’03 “, gives a decisive jolt to the first Lugano-Ambrì in history with two Ticino coaches on the bench: and if judging by the pre-match images, of the two coaches the most nervous does not seem to be Gianinazzi , to whom even a smile escapes just before the starting engagement, certainly in the end the most enthusiastic is not Luca Cereda. two goals behind in the middle of a third half in which the Leventina players arouse the best impression, after Cereda himself decides to reshuffle the lines, dismembering the impalpable second block to put Pestoni back alongside Zwerger (and Grassi) and reuniting the Czechs Spacek and Chlapik close to Hofer. Result: from 2-0 to 2-2 in seven minutes, and between one goal and another also the sensational crossing hit at 47’54 “by a McMillan who is already cheering .

On the other hand, Lugano is (again) winning when it comes to sums up. Guilty of being surprised by the biancoblù reaction at the start of the third half, but very good at taking advantage of any opponent’s flaws. From the position error after a quick but messy change on the occasion of Andersson’s aforementioned goal (with Marchand abandoning the position while Isacco Dotti is on the same side as Heed), to the delay in coverage on Arcobello’s doubling in the 20 ‘ 26 “, up – above all – to the defensive lightness in the slot in the action that decides everything. Just twelve seconds after Bürgler’s 2-2 (which, in reality, is an unfortunate own goal by Koskinen), what makes everything even more “On the third goal we lost the puck behind the goal, but mistakes can happen, in some circumstances we still had to be more ready – says Luca Cereda -. After a cautious first half, in the second it was certainly Lugano who were preferred , while in the third we were better, it was the one in which the real Ambrì was seen and from which we want to start again on Friday: it was a relatively solid performance, in the last three games there was progress, even if cont ro the Ajoie the performance wasn’t so bad, now we have to insist on turning our luck on our side ».

«We would have liked to play the whole game in the best possible way, but we were facing a Lugano that is not the latest, has great players and has been able to take advantage of its opportunities – says Inti Pestoni -. The powerplay? Lately we don’t have many opportunities to practice it; two in Geneva and only one against Ajoie, to make it work we have to give ourselves more chances to try, because with one penalty per game it is difficult to win ».

Thus, the second derby also goes to the archives with a Juventus success. «In the first half the team played really well following our gameplan to the letter – says a calm Luca Gianinazzi -. We were also very solid defensively. In the second, however, we were a bit too wide, while in the third we took a step back, lacking aggression and allowing a few meters to Amri, who was good at exploiting it. But we showed character by getting back into the game right away. An applause to everyone: great team performance, we blocked many shots. Winning certainly helps, but performance comes first: we played in a way that satisfied me, we weren’t perfect but we did the little things well ».

In addition to an unsolvable doubt: that miraculous rescue by Juvonen with the glove on a sure hit by the indomitable Fazzini, four minutes from the end, happens before or after the goal line? A doubt however destined to remain such, because there is no image in the world that can clarify it. Not beyond any doubt.

It is still Lugano. ‘Not perfect, but good in small things’