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We have all dreamed at least once in our life to become superheroes to remedy injustices and defend the weakest. In Miraculous Rise of the Sphinx players have the opportunity to make their wishes come true by wearing the shoes of Ladybug and Chat Noir and save Paris from the evil Papillon. Usually, when you think of an action-adventure, IP like comes to mind Kena: Bridge of Spirits, No More Heroes III and the like.

The developer Magic Pockets and the publisher GameMill Entertainment they were inspired by the cartoon for the game Miraculous – The stories of Lady Bug and Chat Noir, allowing players to experience an original story. The animated series is a French-Japanese-Korean mahō shōjo in CGI coffense from Thomas Astruc and Jeremy Zag and produced by Zagtoon, Toei Animation, SAMG Animation and Method Animationwith the participation by TF1, AB Droits Audiovisuels, The Walt Disney Company France, Gloob, SK Broadband and EBS.

A mission for true heroes

Many centuries ago gods were created magical jewelrycalled Miraculouswhich thanks to spirits called kwami ​​(kami) gave incredible powers; for millennia the greatest warriors and heroes in history have used these to fight evil for the good of humanity. Of the many jewels, two are the most powerful: the orecchini of the Ladybird (which broadcast the power of creation) And the ring of the Black Cat (which broadcasts the power of destruction). Legend has it that whoever managed to own these two jewels would have obtained the Absolute Power and the possibility of expressing a wish that would have changed reality.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng she is a teenager like any other with all her problems but also with many friends. Behind the quiet life as a high school student, however, she hides the identity of the famous Parisian super heroine Ladybugalways ready to rush to the rescue of others with hers Lucky-Charm. To support the young fighter there are always the Master Fuguardian and last keeper of the kwamiand the feline hero Chat Noirbehind whose mask is hidden Adrien Agresteson of the famous designer Gabriel Agreste. Gabriel, obsessed with death of his wifeassumed the identity of the wicked bow tie (using the kami of the butterfly) to take possession of the Miraculous of our two heroes and thus express his wish. To succeed in his intent will bring out the evil side (akumize) of the citizens of Paris. Also, if it combines its power with the kami of the peacockbelonged previously to his wife and later switched to secretary Nathaliecan summon a feel monster using an object of the akumized person.

The players in Miraculous Rise of the Sphinx they will have to face the wicked bow tie who hatched a plan to unleash a gigantic threat over Paris, under the guise of a sentient monster called Sphinx, and take possession of the Miraculous. Our two heroes will have to face theirs again bigger enemies like Pigeon, Weredad, Gamer and many more, to thwart the plans of their enemy arch, while living their normal everyday life.

Miraculous Rise of the Sphinx: Lucky-Charm!

The gameplay is very simple and shows up for the most of the time repetitive. The players they must follow a path, which will lead them to the final boss, alternating moments of fighting to others of solving puzzles easily overcome thanks to the skills that are learned as and when continue in the game. For most of the route you have to simply jump over obstacles and collect Luminous Orbs or Macarons. The first are useful for learning new techniques or for enhancing the statistics of the two heroesavailable in Master Fu’s shop. The latter are useful for buy the sketchesvarious representatives gameplay moments or character draftsavailable in kwami ​​shop. When it comes to the fight with the boss of the turn it will be necessary bring both of his energy bars to zero before he can deliver the final blow. The frame rate it is not affected by the decline in performance during the game and allows you to enjoy every single moment of the gameplay, to the point that, during the battle against the bosses, There are also animated sequences. During these sequences, having brought to zero the first bar, the famous scene will activate where Chat Noir uses his special ability called Cataclysm; when the second energy bar also drops to zero, it will be the turn of the Ladybug scene that will use her Lucky-Charm finding the solution to end the battle. There are also moments, during the boss battle, where players, during the cutscene, they must interact by quickly pressing the keys corresponding to the move and unlock in this way too of the combos between the two heroes.

The game provides an evaluation at each level with a maximum of three stars: the more a level is 100% complete, the better the evaluation will be; other factors are also decisive in the final judgment what’s the weather like overall to finish the level and how many times the player has suffered game over. Any level is possible replay it to improve your score. To access a scheme again it is necessary to go around the city of Paris and approach the advertising columns with the figure of the boss of that scenario and interact. During the gameplay it will not be possible to use both characters at the same time but only one at a time, but it is possible to swap them at any time. To be able to use both heroes at the same time, it is necessary to use the co-op option Two-player mode. In this mode two players can collaborate together using two different joypads. Turning to the critical notes, the gameplay is all too simple and in some points even too obvious as well as intuitive. Players realize, from the very first bosses, the actual ease with which one proceeds during a level and how easily understand the tactics to be adopted to beat the boss on duty. There is no real challenge but it is only stretched to collect as many Luminous Orbs and Macarons as possible to increase the stats of the two heroes in view of the final confrontation.


CGI animated superheroes

There graphics is the same as the cartoon: the characters and settings were made with digital animation techniques in CGI. During the various animated sequences it is impossible not to think of seeing another installment of the famous Miraculous series – The Stories of Ladybug and Chat Noir. The characters have been reproduced in great detail, creating an environment already familiar to fans of the seriesand making them recognizable in their roles and characters even to those who do approaches the franchise for the first time. The layers all have a background the city of Paris and you can only differentiate them from the different obstacles present in the various levels. Each obstacle has been thought in with simplicity but at the same time suitable to the theme of the level and type of boss. Players can be found in un full level of accounts payableif they are faced Weredador in a classic platformer if they face Gamer. The advertising columns that allow you to replay the levels have been made with simplicity: the players see simple cylindrical columns where they were attacked photos and pictures of the level boss. By interacting with the column it will be possible to check the goals achieved against that enemy. Even the characterization of the enemies has been thought out in the smallest details always considering the thematic of the boss on duty.

In particular with Clonikaplayers will be forced to collide with versions clone of the loved ones of Lady Bug and Chat Noir; versus Pigeonthey will have to avoid the onslaught of some birds or face some robot pigeons; with Gamerwill be forced to fight against mini-Gamers which have the characteristics of classic platforming enemies. For orientation players can use the Options panel (recognizable in-game by a small icon located at the bottom left of the screen and depicting a control panel) where they are collected information regarding not only the heroes, but also their powers along with abilities, a mission summary and a map to explore Paris. In the negative notes we must report excessive use of Clonika’s powerwhen she uses her cell phone to clone herself, by going annoyance at the sight of the player with his continuous white flashes high intensity for simulate flash and can thus cause serious problems. In addition, during uploads the waiting time in some situations becomes too longas before istart a new level or during the dialogue between one scene and another.




Miraculous Rise of the Sphinx is a title inspired by the Miraculous animated series – The stories of Ladybug and Chat Noir and allows you to experience a compelling and original story. Ladybug and Chat Noir are forced to face their most fearsome enemies for the umpteenth time until they collide with the gigantic monster Sphinx and battle against their nemesis Papillon, determined to take possession of the kwami ​​of our two heroes in order to express his wish. The game features very simple gameplay, where players are forced to follow a pre-set path to get to the end and beat the boss on duty. Unfortunately this simplicity turns out to be double-edged as the gameplay becomes repetitive and the tactics of the enemies are all too intuitive if not almost the same, but adapted to the character. The graphics allow you to fully enjoy the gameplay with well-crafted interactive animated sequences. The characters and settings have been created in great detail using the CGI digital animation technique, the same as in the animated series. Unfortunately he has exaggerated with some powers like with Clonika, where the flash of the cell phone he uses to clone himself emits a flash that is too strong and such as to annoy the players. In essence, the title is quite good but it could have been even better, not only in the aspects already described but also during the uploads that are sometimes too long or block the dialogues for a few seconds.

Miraculous Rise of the Sphinx Review: Ladybug and Chat Noir in action | GamesVillage.it