One Piece 1060: that detail on Luffy’s dream that Oda had already revealed [SPOILER]

Chapter 1060 of one piece has brought us numerous, juicy, important and astounding news: if you have found the previous chapters already incredible, or at least of a remarkable absurdity, what Eiichiro Oda has come up with this week is actually something that will go beyond even the latest revelations , in any way possible.

Among the various information that leaked with the first spoilers, some told us how the world is now starting to turn towards total chaos: everyone is making their own move, and while Blackbeard, the Navy, the Revolutionaries and the World Government they have already discovered some of their cards, even for other people the time will soon come to reveal their intentions for the future.

Among these, however, there is one in particular who had kept a very important element for his future secret, going to reveal it only when he was a young child still too inept to understand what he was going to meet. The person we are talking about is Luffy: he in fact went to reveal his true dream to his brothers Ace and Sabo when they were still together, not mentioning him in any way or to other people. In chapter 1060, however, Luffy finally decides to open up to his closest friends too and who have accompanied him throughout the course of this adventure.

One Piece 1060: Luffy’s dream is revealed to the crew

The various members who have been recruited over time by Luffy know well how he is a type not to give up under any circumstances, even if he is faced with insurmountable, unattainable obstacles, or impossible to alter or avoid in any way. In addition, each of them has gradually discovered how he wanted to become the King of the Pirates, one of the most ambitious and important goals that a pirate could have in the world of One Piece.

However, the dialogue with his crew in chapter 1060 raised some concerns for some fans, who thought that Oda now wants to add another mystery to Luffy’s mission. Still, it’s not actually the first time that the Mugiwara captain mentions such a thing, and in the chapter he also makes it very clear how becoming King of the Pirates is a “means” to achieve his ultimate goal.

Luffy has a dream, indeed, a goal that has accompanied him since he was a child, different from this project that he continues to build with his actions and adventures, albeit directly connected to it. This is a special dream, revealed only to Ace and Sabo (and Shanks) and officially proclaimed in a flashback of chapter 585; the content of his proclamation, however, Eiichiro Oda wanted to keep secret from readers.

In this scene, Luffy, Ace and Sabo begin to declare their dreams and their willingness to become pirates, each describing their goal. Sabo wants to see the world, and write a book about it; Ace instead wants to become famous, arguing that he wouldn’t have cared if he was seen as an evil person or not (even if we later discover how Ace’s dream was actually to find an answer to why he was born). For both of them, becoming a pirate is what would lead them to reach their ultimate goal, which is why they decided to become one. As for Luffy, however, Oda wanted to omit this information, showing instead the extremely amused reaction of Ace and Sabo.

In chapter 1060 of One Piece, Luffy finally decides to reveal his secret to the people who have so far helped, supported and encouraged, and with whom he has spent some of the most crucial moments of his life. And so, speaking of the “end of his dream”, that is what he aspires to achieve, he goes to reveal what it is, triggering different reactions from the Mugiwara:


The whole scene is very moving and emotional: after the initial shock, Nami and Jinbe say they understand how this dream reflects a lot of Luffy’s character, considering it more than appropriate for him. It has been a long time since the crew met to talk like this, we can witness a fundamental moment for the growth of the group, with Luffy now revealing one of the “secrets” he was able to reveal. only to the people most trusted to him, who inspire him and who despite everything help him to advance towards it.

One Piece 1060: that detail on Luffy’s dream that Oda had already revealed [SPOILER]