The era of the first Playstation was one where the platform reigned as a sovereign genre and everyone wanted to produce one, we have seen successful exponents who have thrived over the years as Spyro and Crashothers that even drew inspiration from existing franchises such as Jurassic Park: The Lost World and others that have been lost over time, such as for example Croc or Pac-Man, “But how? Wasn’t Pac-Man that cabinet game where ghosts had to be eaten?”of course, but the most attentive will remember that in the 1999just in an attempt to ride the wave of success of the platformers, the yellow ball also made its debut on consoles with Pac-Man Worldan adventure that, although not revolutionary, has remained in the collective imagination of many players over the years Bandai Namco he tried to repeat his success with the two chapters of The Adventures of Pac-Manbut these did not have the same charm and were clearly aimed at a younger audience, strong in this awareness, so the software house asked for help from Now Production (a company that had already worked on many famous platforms such as Splatterhouse and Sonic) to create a real remastered of the original title, Pac-Man World Re-Pac it proposes an updated vision of the cult game, but will it be able to present itself to current generations with the same impact as then? We tell you about it in our review

The story of Pac-Man World Re-Pac kicks off on the birthday of our beloved hero, where his whole family (made up of children, grandfather, dog and the inevitable Ms. Pac-Man) has gathered to celebrate it, however the idyllic moment does not last long, as the evil ghosts, mistaking all present for the original, decide to make a mass kidnapping and take everyone to a mysterious island; unfortunately our yellow ball arrives just in time to see the ghosts go away but they leave behind a flyer that not only indicates their destination, but seems to imply that they are present on the island “The real Pac-Man”which is nothing more than a robot created to spread a negative image of the hero, Pac-Man therefore does not think twice and immediately launches to the rescue of his family.

Start Level

From a gameplay point of view, Pac-Man World Re-Pac it is definitely very simple, we will have to navigate in a series of levels with different themes (pirate bay, ruins, space and much more) to reach the boss on duty and save a member of our family each time, however one of the main features of the production was be able to consistently exploit some of the hallmarks of the original game, for example in the various levels there will be many doors and gates that can only be unlocked by collecting the fruit represented on them, or we will often find areas patrolled by spiteful ghosts (promptly dressed in theme with the scenario) that we will have to eliminate by making a series of balls, including the famous giant yellow ball that will transform our hero into his cabin version, ready to have a feast of ghosts; in addition to this we also find other interesting mechanics such as the ability to load a roll (which can also be used to move certain platforms), throw the collected balls or collect metal balls to make oneself invulnerable and extremely heavy, which will allow us to explore the ocean floors in complete safety; in the levels there will also be collectibles, including squares that will lead us in top-down mazes to be tackled exactly like the stages of the original game, trying to eat all the balls and avoiding the ghostsfinally, at the end of the level, we will be able to insert all the fruits and balls that we have collected in a slot machine to try to win extra lives, a mechanic that however seemed a bit out of place; in addition to this, if we have collected all the letters that will form the name of our hero, we will have access to a bonus level.

Pac Man shape

From a graphic point of view, the game looks splendid, the Playstation 5 version we tested came with a remarkable graphic update and above all very stable 60fps, however it must also be said that apart from the technical sector, the renewed possibility of floating for a few seconds in mid-air (which helps with some tricky jumps) and a general rebalancing of the bosses there is not much else new, the title good or bad is presented in its entirety as it was in 1999 and this is not necessarily neither a good nor a bad, as some might appreciate this simplicity while others, accustomed to more important exponents like Crash Bandicoot 4, they might find it boring; good duration which is about on 7 hours to see everything the game has to offer.

Pac-Man World Re-Pac it’s a commercial operation that works or doesn’t work based on the person you’re talking to, as we said above some may find it too simplistic for modern times, but the game itself, more than twenty years after its original release, continues to work excellently, it certainly won’t make you rack your brains to take collectibles or retry a level many times to look for the perfect execution, but if you are looking for a platformer in its simplest form that simply knows how to give a few hours of fun, this second life of the yellow ball is definitely for you.

Pac-Man World Re-Pac – Review