Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: the 10 worst Pokémon of Paldea

Paldea has no more secrets for the fans, and the time has come to draw the first conclusions: what are the worst new Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet?

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet added the newest Pokémon from the fifth generation, dating back to the now distant 2010. There are 103 new creatures to capture, not counting the regional forms.

The worst Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet —

Overall, it’s a pretty big roster of new Pokémon, but they haven’t all fully succeeded. No matter the generation, there is always some little monster that for aesthetic or playful reasons (or both) just can’t make it – and the same goes for the ninth generation, for which we have chosen the worst ten Pokémon in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. If you want to “create” your own instead, don’t miss ours breeding guide.


There’s nothing particularly evil about Shroodle’s design, nor is there anything that makes it stand out. The main problem with Shroodle is that its existence doesn’t make much sense. Grafaiai is a great Pokémon, but it doesn’t need a pre-evolution. Not to mention how it doesn’t even remotely resemble Grafaiai, and this in itself makes it a noteworthy pre-evolution in most cases. It’s okay, but it’s preferable to wait a little longer and capture Grafaiai directly, just to avoid keeping this… thing in the team.


One of the most ridiculed groups of Pokémon is the “inanimate objects with a face” group. Sometimes that’s right (Vanilluxe), sometimes not (Chandelure), but Brambleghast definitely ends up in the first half. It tries to get a facelift to look more consistent with Pokémon themes but fails to gain even a glimmer of personality in the process. You can stand there and look at it all you want, but it will always be a simple bramble.



For the most part, Pokémon Paradox fit the role for which they were created. The future versions are robotic, a bit uncanny and disturbing, but that’s exactly their goal. Similarly, the past versions do a good job of making the Pokémon look more feral, but Sandhair makes absolutely no sense. We’re willing to believe that the ancient world of Pokémon had creatures based on futuristic concepts, but Sandhair looks so silly. It doesn’t sound feral or dangerous in the slightest, it just seems like it’s going through an emo-punk phase.

Pokemon scarlet and violet


Lechonk is a great Pokémon, let’s make that clear right away, but this evolution fails to capitalize on what makes the original so beloved. Indeed, it actively goes against it. Nothing new, we love all of Wooloo from Sword and Shield, but would you be able to remember the name of its evolution if we asked you like this, on the spot? We certainly don’t. Oinkologne adds a lot of unnecessary detail that just feels wrong. The more angular eyes and that kind of makeup are pretty nonsense for a pig Pokémon. It would have been better to keep it simple and clean like Lechonk.


This was quite an amazing Pokémon to discover, as it ran at us from behind a tree, and as soon as we saw it, we burst into laughter. It’s not a particularly terrible Pokémon, and the evolved form proves that the concept can work, but its appearance is so comical that we can’t take it seriously. Her huge body running around on her very thin legs never stops making us laugh, and not in a too good way.


Baby Pokémon have never been particularly charming. This isn’t as evil as Smoochum or Gothita, but Tinkatink falls into the same category and brings with it so many of its worst characteristics. Fairy/Steel is a good combination of types, and its evolutions make good use of it, but perhaps it should have been a two-evolution line and cut this base shape completely.

Pokemon scarlet and violet


In the run-up to the release of Scarlet and Violet, almost all of the Pokémon reveals were great and showcased the best of the game’s roster. However, since we discovered Belibolt, we knew it was going to be a very low-level Pokémon. It’s already outclassed by the other frog Pokémon, but even if that weren’t a factor, the strange insistence on things shaped like big eyes, which aren’t actually big eyes, is so weird. The tiny dots that are his real eyes seem like a forced attempt to try again with Ditto’s meme-face, and that only makes the design even more bizarre.

Pokemon scarlet and violet


Early game bug Pokémon are never the pinnacle of a generation, but they do tend to have a certain charm, especially with their final evolutions. Spidops took one look at that charm and puked on it. We understand the intentions of the creators on this Pokémon, but they failed without appeal. If nothing else, it’s a nice leap from its pre-evolution, but it doesn’t seem nearly as menacing as the Pokédex would like it to believe.

Pokemon scarlet and violet


Flittle was an extremely promising Pokémon. A very powerful Psychic-type early game, with the potential to be a great three-stager like Hatterene or Garvedoir before it. To say Esthra is a disappointment would be an understatement. Going from this little bird to a huge ostrich is a ridiculous leap. Also, the colors are so off-putting, to the point that the shiny version vastly improves its design just by switching from pastel orange to chocolate brown.

Pokemon scarlet and violet


Gimmighoul has a brilliant design, but this evolution burns out its full potential. The fact that you have to collect 999 coins to evolve it is a trickle, yet we would if the resulting Pokémon were magnificent. Gholdengo is a long way from being magnificent. All that effort to evolve Gimmighoul, and what do you get in return? An ugly creature covered in gold that looks like the 90s mascot of a failed sneaker brand.

Written by Ryan Woodrow for GLHF

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: the 10 worst Pokémon of Paldea