Today, Ziggurat Interactive is pleased to announce that pre-orders for the physical console version of the classic action-RPG HD enclave were launched via Limited Run Games and will be available until October 23, 2022. HD enclave is an updated version of the best-selling hack ‘n slash, and will be available on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch platforms and will feature improved visuals, new music tracks and more!

In the original multimillionaire Enclave and in HD enclave , 1,000 years have passed since the high wizard Zale saved the people of Celenheim from the brink of defeat at the hands of the evil armies of Dreg’Atar by creating a huge rift to permanently separate the forces of good and evil. Now the rift is closing and it is up to an unlikely hero to stand up and fight. Will this aspiring adventurer succeed in their quest to fight for the Light and slay the demon king Vatar? Or will they serve the Darkness and take Celenheim for the forces of evil?

Features of Enclave HD :

  • Updated Graphics: Supports the highest playable resolution of any console version (exact resolution varies by platform)
    • 2x zoomed textures
    • Light maps reactivated at higher resolution
  • Experience breathtaking combat action as a soldier of light or a minion of darkness in two separate story-based campaigns
  • New trophies / achievements to test your skills in both campaigns
  • Improved graphics and updates for modern consoles
  • Updated and expanded soundtrack

This classic returns to consoles for the first time in nearly a decade and arrives on PlayStation for the first time ever. Fight in a double campaign during the great Celenheim War in this improved and enhanced version of the beloved medieval action fighting game.

This is the battle of the Enclave.

The light

It has been centuries since High Wizard Zale sacrificed himself to save Celenheim from the hands of Vatar and his legions of Dreg’Atar. The Enclave, the last bastion of the side of the light, remained safe, enclosed by fortified walls and bottomless chasms. However, the earth is starting to heal and the cliff walls are working together. The forces of the Shadow seek to reignite the war that nearly destroyed Celenheim and to steal the sacred magic enclosed within the walls of the Enclave. It’s up to you to keep the light from going out.

The darkness

Control of Celenheim was wrested from the hands of Vatar and his legions of Dreg’Atar. For years, the prosperous magic sought by darkness has been hoarded in the Enclave by soldiers of light. The great rifts surrounding the city have prevented Vatar and his Outlanders from breaking through its walls, but their luck is beginning to change. The earth is clinging and the time to invade is near. The Legion of Darkness is ready and it is up to you to regain what is rightfully yours.

Begin your campaign as a soldier of the Light, defending Celenheim from the forces of darkness and the hideous demon king Vatar. Switch sides and complete an alternate campaign as a minion of darkness, tasked with infiltrating and destroying the Enclave you originally sought to protect. Twelve different classes and multiple weapon options create great replayability as you descend into dungeons, complete missions and defeat your enemies.

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