The true story of Halloween, a party beyond myths and legends

Like every year, the October 31st we celebrate Halloween or also called All Hallows’ Eve All Saints’ Eve, or even night of All Saints. But the origin of everything starts with the Celtic traditions well before the advent of Christianity. On the date still known today, some European areas, especially in the north, celebrated the end of summer and the arrival of a new year. The holiday was recognized with the name of Samhain coming from Samhuinn, from the old Gaelic, and indicated the end of summer and harvests and the beginning of the coldest season. That same night the dead returned to the living. The propitiatory rites were accompanied by the use of masks to ward off witches and demons.

The Halloween party made in the USA

The celebration of Halloween arrived in the United States of America it has taken on a new or different guise, it depends on the point of view. The evolution of the Celtic and European recurrence has turned into a sort of commercial and playful development involving children in this case. Halloween’s night it is the night of scary disguises, of made-up faces, of pumpkins transformed into lanterns at the entrance of the houses, of caramelized apples, of the famous “trick or treat”, of treasure hunts but also much more.

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One of the places where the party is truly felt as a celebration of the dead but also of the living is Mexico. Halloween turns into Dia de los Muertos. Parades, songs, family reunions, skull-shaped sweets, masquerade dresses with drawings of skeletons adorned with colorful flowers. They feast near the loved ones who are no longer there, the cemeteries are decorated and very popular during this anniversary that it lasts until November 2nd every year.

Halloween pumpkin

One of the most typical symbols of this annual event is certainly the Halloween pumpkin. Thanks to the seasonality of the festival and the spread of autumn food products, the pumpkin certainly can not miss. Before the 19th century, the rounded shape of this fruit, imaginatively similar to a human head, lent itself well to being transformed into a face. The face was that of Jack-o’-lantern. Could this iconic symbol of Halloween not be shrouded in as many myths and legends ?! No. In fact, legend has it that Jack, a blacksmith of Irish origin, one day in an inn meets the devil. Jack is condemned to wander the Earth, because after his death he finds no place in either Heaven or Hell, he only has a lantern to show him the way. In the past turnips were carved, in more recent times they have been replaced by finely carved or decorated pumpkins inside which a candle is inserted.

halloween story

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Halloween costumes

Every self-respecting party has its own uses but above all customs, and Halloween costumes they are no less. Just like the Celtic origin of the Halloween party provided for the use of masks, these have retained a distinctive character, especially in this annual event. The Celts mostly used disguises related to the natural world, especially the animal one, with the intent of frightening evil spirits. The latter were believed to be the cause of poor harvests and adverse weather conditions. Among the most famous Halloween masks there is still today that of Michael Myers which also returns in horror movie recent must see absolutely how Halloween Kills. But there are many halloween costumes to parade through the streets when the sun goes down. Not only witches, ghosts, skeletons but also fictional characters and historical figures. Almost any costume is fine for making Trick or Treat (trick or treat).

The true story of Halloween, a party beyond myths and legends