Toro, Milinkovic

Ivan Juric has always had a soft spot for Vanja Milinkovic-Savic. When in the past season Davide Vagnati he handed him over as the starting goalkeeper, the coach did not turn up his nose, unlike a very large slice of fans. Indeed, he approved the choice: he defended him after the first smears in the friendlies and in the league he kept his word. Thus the Serbian giant exploded: an excellent first round, which also earned him the conquest of the Serbian national team. Then Covid hit him in January and from that moment on his performance dropped dramatically, to the point of forcing Juric to bet on Etrit Berisha, reliable and continuous extreme defender. The Albanian holds up without problems and wins a place that he maintains until the end of the championship, with the promise of confirming the same grades for the following year as well. Berisha, however, had not come to terms with Milinkovic-Savic’s desire for redemption. Superlative in training in Austria: always on the piece, concentrated and dedicated to long training between the posts (not only the ordinary ones, but also extraordinary ones, that is, when almost everyone was already in the shower), aimed at making him more confident of their means. He won back Juric as well, which put him on the pitch against Palermo.

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Lukic does not betray Juric: Torino overwhelms Palermo

Towards Monza

The saves on Brunori and Floriano earned him the applause of the fans. And they silenced the rumors of the transfer market, given that at the end of the match Matteo Paro also confirmed these new hierarchies: “Vanya did well in retirement and at the moment we decided to focus on him. I think he did well. With Berisha last year there was this dualism, we think with them step by step. For now we have chosen Milinkovic-Savic“. Juric sees great potential and functionality for the maneuver that Berisha does not guarantee. Yes, because Milinkovic-Savic’s ability with the feet is a lethal weapon, which stretches the opposing teams and opens up greedy spaces between the lines for Toro. The Serbian’s ability to set up is excellent and he ends up giving a lot of tranquility to the team, especially if he expresses himself as against Palermo. He is improving between the posts and in the high exits, because he wants at all costs the starting shirt and the call-up for the World Cup. He worked hard and grew up: now he is a man, aware of his means. But also aware of how the wheel in football turns: if he pulls the plug even just for a few days, the expert Berisha is immediately behind him, ready to cover the shoulders of Juric’s team. Also because, in view of Monza, nothing has been decided. From here on out, only one thing is sure: the goalkeeper market in the home grenade is closed. He can only go out Twin on loan, but we start with Milinkovic-Savic and Berisha. With the strong conviction that this could be the year of Vanya’s consecration, starting with the match against Monza.

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Toro, Milinkovic-Savic took back the door. And now he is hoping for Monza