Turin wasteful and foul, Atalanta goes with triple Koopmeiners: 3

TURIN – An unfinished Bull on the market loses in Bergamo pierced by a triple Koopmeiners and only able to shorten with Vlasic. The team of Juric plays well in the first half but misses too many chances and at the end of it a fool Aina stretches out Soppy. From the spot the Dutchman stabs Vanja Milinkovic Savic who had been a great protagonist. Koop bis at the beginning of the recovery and for the grenade it gets tough. Lacks precision in front of where Demba Seck you open spaces and then always fail the support or the shot, with the square foot. Sanabria he never sees it in front (he replaces it Pellegri that changes gear up front), Vlasic a little and the deck is always shorter because in the start Juric has to give up Curls. The game is there, the framework is strong: some performers are missing, a bit of the quality that was supposed to come with Dennis Praet, but which remained in Leicester, is missing. Aina is the usual, capable of breaking and ruining everything with a risky intervention. Lazaro he is still shy and he also puts a hand in it. He misses him Radonjic And Miranchuk, the former on duty, is still in the pits. But when Juric puts Serbian in, the music changes. And Vlasic breaks through Musso and shorten distances. The Bull has pride to spare, Pellegri looks in the evening. And he tries again. But the usual naivety, this time Lazaro’s, ruins everything. In the end, Gasperini has the better of the pupil and enjoys the primacy with Rome.

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Koopmeiners, dream hat-trick at Torino! Atalanta pays homage to Ilicic

OUT CURLY Some changes in the two formations, given the three weekly races. Juric puts Djidji in place of Schuurs and Lazaro from the start, with Lukic regaining his place as a starter. But the Croatian loses Ricci before the match begins (calf problem) and makes Demba Seck debut. Gasp places Pasalic and Ederson behind Zapata, Okoli in defense.

AINA MADNESS Great atmosphere in Bergamo and applause to Ilicic who terminated the contract. At 2 ‘immediately a shot by Linetty commits Musso, after a deviation. Toloi answers with a left next to the pole, shivers for Vanya and corner. The game is open, with actions here and there. At 15 ‘a great action by Linetty for Demba Seck who, however, fails to be dangerous. Great save by Vanya on Koopmeiners’ evil left in the 16th minute: the Serbian flies and makes a corner. There is a yellow for Aina, a bit hasty. Super initiative of Seck, not helped. Zappacosta on the other hand sows panic, but it is nothing. Still fantastic Vanya on Zapata who frees himself however with a foul. Atalanta insists, Toro suffers. And Vanya is good after Demiral’s pole to move her from the Turkish’s foot. At 34 ‘Demba takes the post, but the referee whistles an offside. Gasp puts in the new Haaland, in place of Zapata: Hojlund. From Seck to Sanabria: a long bit, too bad. At 44 ‘Vlasic’s goal: canceled for offside. At the end of Aina’s foolish foul on Soppy: Di Bello indicates that it is a penalty. Koopmeiners goes from the spot and scores 1-0 for the Bergamo side. And the first half ends like this, among the curses of the grenade.

TRIPLE KOOP Juric immediately puts Vojvoda for Ola Aina. Yellow to Buongiorno who stops the blonde Hojlund with the bad. At 47 ‘the doubling of Atalanta again with Koopmeiners, a deflected shot with Vanya who stretches and does not get there. However, the Bull tries with Vlasic who throws Demba: he does not know how to kick, it is clear. Pellegri also inside to try to move the situation. Radonjic also enters, kept on the bench to let him rest a bit. At 75 ‘Linetty goes to the crossbar, a cancellation for the grenade who deserve more. A couple of minutes and Vlasic breaks through the net: 1-2. So much pride in Toro, but Atalanta takes advantage of another naivete, by Lazaro who makes a penalty foul on Lookman. Another penalty by Koopmeiners: goal of 3-1. Then again an attempt du Radonijc who fails to put it inside. It’s the end of the game.

The initial formations
ATALANTA (3-4-2-1): Musso; Toloi, Demiral, Okoli; Zappacosta, Koopmeiners, De Roon, Soppy; Pasalic, Ederson; Zapata. Herds Gasperini
TURIN (3-4-2-1): Milinkovic-Savic; Djidji, Good morning, Rodriguez; Lazaro, Lukic, Linetty, Ola Aina; Vlasic, Demba Seck; Sanabria. Herds Juric

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Turin wasteful and foul, Atalanta goes with triple Koopmeiners: 3-1