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Detailed list explaining Star Trek Jargon words that do not require a detailed article (List A to E).

Teleporter crash

In the fictional universe of star trekthem teleporter crashes are rare, but sometimes happen. When this happens, the victim usually does not survive.

The principle of teleportation (We call teleportation (term of 1934) the transfer of a body in space without…) is based on the dissociation of molecules from the body and their almost instantaneous transmission by means of a carrier ray. L’computer (A computer is a machine equipped with a processing unit allowing it…) save it diagram (A diagram is a simplified and structured visual representation of concepts, ideas,…) molecule of the person to be transported then reconstitutes the body at the point (graphics) of arrival. It is a complex operation that requires both reliable computers, trained operators and safety systems to avoid accidents. Accidents are therefore usually fatal.

But sometimes these teleporter crashes have unintended consequences.

  • in the episode of the television series star trek (Star Trek is a science fiction universe created by Gene Roddenberry in the…)TOS, Season (The season is a period of the year which observes a relative constancy of climate and…) 1, The Impostor, Kirk is split into two personalities.
  • during a trade mission, Kirk, Uhura and Mac Coy find themselves trades with their evil doublesUniverse (The Universe is the sum of all that exists and the laws that govern it.) mirror (A mirror is an object with a sufficiently polished surface for an image to form on it…).
  • In Star Trek: Voyager, 2-24 TuvixTuvok and Neelix, as a result of the action of molecules of a flower (The flower is made up of all the organs of reproduction and envelopes…) on their DNA during teleportation, merge into one individual (The Wiktionary is a free and open source dictionary project similar to Wikipedia (both…)endowed with a clean conscience and refusing to disappear to allow the reconstitution of the two original characters.

Biomimetic, Gel

A rare (and therefore valuable) component of biogenic and unsafe weapons, the use of this gel is heavily regulated by the Federation.

Ablative armor

The term ofablative weave first appears in the final double episode concluding the Star Trek: Voyager series. It is an extremely resistant coating that unfolds around (Autour is the name that the avian nomenclature in the French language (update) gives…) of a spacecraft. This technology (The word technology has two de facto meanings:) is used by Admiral Janeway to counter recurring Borg attacks.

Warp coil

The warp coils are the device, located inside the nacelles of the ships, which allows to create, maintain and sculpt the warp bubble which envelops it and allows it to travel at superluminal speeds.

Bioneural, Gel

Bioneural gel packs are essential components for the proper functioning of vessel information systems. They replace isolinear chips in the treatment of data (In information technology (IT), data is an elementary description, often…) computers.

cloaking shield

A cloaking shield is a system for rendering a structure (usually a ship) completely undetectable.

The first one species (In the life sciences, the species (from the Latin species, “type”…) to develop this technology are the Romulans, followed closely by the Klingons. According to the Treaty of Algernon, the United Federation of Planets is not allowed to develop such technology. This treaty partially ends at the beginning of the conflict with the dominion where the federation is authorized to use the cloaker on Defiant-class ships and to develop cloaked subspace mines. However, a secret branch of starfleet has developed an interphase cloaking shield (cloaking shield allowing the ship to be insensitive to matter (Matter is the substance that makes up any body having a tangible reality. Its…) and therefore cross it) successfully.

Like stargate SG-1 (by period / genre / country Complete list)I’enable (Activation may refer to:) of the cloaker requires deactivation of the deflector shields.

In principle, it is impossible for a vessel to open the fire (Fire is the production of a flame by an exothermic chemical reaction of oxidation…) when occulted, but such ships have appeared in the movies Star Trek VI: Unknown Land and Star Trek: Nemesis.


When active, the shield (“Le Bouclier” was an association created by Bernard Valadon to fight against… manipulates subspace and gravitational forces to create a protective envelope around the ship. It is the main defense of ships against impact, radiation and attack, but each of these three forces decreases their resistance. The decrease depends on the Powerful (The word power is used in several fields with a particular meaning:) the impact, the radiation or the weapon used.

Shields work at a frequency (In physics, frequency generally refers to the measurement of the number of times a…) precise and if an attacker knows it, he can adjust his weapons to shoot through it. Shields also block most teleporter systems, even if the enemy knows their frequency. Since the ship generates its own shields, it can adjust its weapons to fire without issue when they are up. On the other hand, the shields significantly limit the detectors and prevent theuse (Usage is the act of making use of something.) of the teleporter.

A system of random variation of the frequency of the shields was set up after the first contact with the .

The strength (The word force can designate a mechanical power over things, and also, metaphorically, a…) shields can be set to a different level on different parts of the surface (A surface generally refers to the superficial layer of an object. The term a…). For example, it is possible to send more power to the belly shields than to the back shields if one side of the ship is in more danger.

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