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The release of Hocus Pocus 2 got many Halloween fans excited, especially when it was announced that the sequel to the popular 1993 film will be available to stream on Disney+ starting September 30.

This spooky franchise began with a tale about three eccentric but vengeful witches and morphed into so much more with its ability to transport viewers to Salem to begin the countdown to October 31. The heart-pounding sequel should appeal to both Horror and Disney fans alike as it indulges in the Gothic era, but here are ten Disney movies that will give you the same spooky feeling ahead of its release later this month!

10/10 Lonely Ghosts (Disney+)

Lonesome Ghosts is one of the first Halloween-themed Disney films to be made as well as one of the shortest, at 9 minutes in length. The film follows Mickey, Donald Duck and Goofy as they battle four ghosts who have occupied a haunted house and made their presence known by tricking Mickey and his gang.

The movie stays true to the wholesome vibes associated with Mickey Mouse by staying playful while also containing ghosts, cobwebs, and lighting, all of which are typically Halloween-related. Lonesome Ghosts does a lot in its short time and has remained a favorite due to its high quality animation that shocked viewers for its time as well as its charming story that never fails to put fans in the mood for fun. ‘Halloween and make them laugh.

9/10 Maleficent (Disney+)

Maleficent is one of Angelina Jolie’s best films as she plays a heartbroken fairy who seeks revenge on the very man who despised her by cursing his daughter (who was actually played by Jolie’s own child). ‘Angelina Jolie). The film offers a different take on the much-loved Sleeping Beauty story, encouraging fans to empathize with the terrifying femme fatale.

Although she is beautiful in real life, Angelina Jolie’s appearance as Maleficent bothered some viewers as they were mesmerized by her piercing eyes and threatened by her sharp horns. Ultimately, the film isn’t listed as a Halloween watch, but its villainous appearance and vengeful ways, including many of the film’s fantastical elements, lean toward supernatural and mythical events synonymous with other Halloween movies. ‘Halloween.

8/10 Haunted Mansion (Disney+)

Nothing symbolizes Halloween like a haunted house and Eddie Murphy’s Haunted Mansion brings that to life by making the confident realtor doubt his love for his job when he and his family visit the owned property.

Haunted Mansion embodies the very essence of Halloween through its gothic location, subdued lighting, and use of pathetic sophistry, which reflects the fear felt by the family. The film uses a wide range of special effects to create bizarre characters that encourage viewers to search for the Evers family as they battle a series of cobwebs and scares, making it a must-watch film for the season. scary.

7/10 Monsters Inc (Disney+)

Monsters Inc is one anime movie viewers aren’t afraid to say it made them emotional, with Mike and Sully proving that even terrifying monsters can have big hearts. The dynamic duo take their job as scarers very seriously until they meet Boo on one of his shifts and soon lose all desire to cause terror.

Monsters Inc may not have been marketed as a Halloween watch, but its menacing monsters caused it to be pulled on October 31 in many homes around the world. The lighthearted nature of its animated characters made it a relaxing film for easily spooked fans. Its intricate animation design has left some young fans worried that their wardrobe door will be opened by a monster not as nice as Sully or Mike!

6/10 Shakes (Disney+)

Twitches is an original movie that topped the Disney Channel every October and was a favorite with many 2000s kids who were fascinated by twins Camryn and Alexandra. According to the book, the sisters reunite after being separated for many years and soon discover that they are capable of magic, which allows them to save their mother and their kingdom.

Although many of the effects in the film seem dated now, the film is littered with flashy transitions that invite its audience to go along with the jerks as it navigates its newfound powers. The film’s mystical location perfectly captures its eerie plot that has left many viewers wondering if they have magical powers themselves, situating Twitches as a staple of Disney’s Halloween history.

5/10 Coco (Disney+)

While it’s one of the few animated films to deal with serious issues, Coco is also the perfect film for a Halloween-themed movie night. The main character, Miguel, loves to sing and defies his family’s ban on music by continuing to create sweet harmonies, but this soon leads him to the land of the dead, where he learns valuable lessons.

The film explodes onto viewers’ screens with its vibrant colors and energetic main character, hooking viewers from the time lag before honoring the celebration known as Día De Los Muertos. While Coco isn’t meant to be a Halloween movie, it certainly delivers a spooky yet moving story that appeals to Halloween fans through plenty of candlelit scenes, ghostly characters, and warm orange tones.

4/10 Frankenweenie (Disney+)

Tim Burton is known for producing gothic stories littered with unique characters and Frankenweenie is no exception, with the stop-motion animation living up to already high fan expectations. The film agrees on the love the owners have for their beloved pets when Victor brings his dog back by lightning and a cleverly set up lab.

The film pays homage to the Halloween classic Frankenstein and received high marks from fans who said the film helped reinvent the typical scary movie by creating a storyline they could relate to. Frankenweenie warmed viewers’ hearts while staying true to Tim Burton’s macabre movie style by being filmed in black and white and still giving many fans goosebumps.

3/10 Halloween Town (Disney+)

Halloweentown continues to be well-known and beloved by 90s kids who were treated to this Halloween movie when it was released on the Disney Channel before its streaming service was introduced a few years ago. The nostalgic film tells the story of a group of siblings who discover that their favorite grandmother is capable of magic that goes beyond cookies.

Halloweentown was praised by many fans for its ability to combine humor and spooky tactics to produce a bizarre family film, sparking the start of the franchise. The film had many fans feeling nostalgic and reminiscing about their own youth while giving off those perfect fall vibes through orange tones that were synonymous with its wizarding script that showed a love for all things velvet. .

2/10 The Nightmare Before Christmas (Disney+)

The Nightmare Before Christmas is terrifyingly scary despite being a children’s movie and coming from the king of scary himself, Tim Burton. There’s a lot of controversy over whether the movie is a Christmas or Halloween movie, but given that the title character’s name is Jack Skeleton, who just happens to be from Halloweentown.

The film is one of Disney’s bloodiest films to date, with many characters tearing themselves apart and others having worms popping out of their eyes. It is considered a popular watch for many horror fans due to its unique plot, interesting claymation, and haunting soundtrack.

1/10 Hocus Pocus (Disney+)

Hocus Pocus is the ultimate Halloween movie, and with its reboot releasing this month, the original should be revisited by many childhood fans. The film follows three witches who are accidentally resurrected by a young boy named Thackery and begin to torment the town of Salem, but years later the three sisters meet their match.

The film creates the perfect spooky atmosphere by using low-key lighting that mirrors the autumnal colors and textures seen in the character’s costumes. Hocus Pocus plays with many Halloween staples, including witches, black cats, and magic, to create a spooky film with an autumnal vibe that has proven to retain its fanbase.

10 Best Disney Halloween Movies (And Where To Stream Them) | Pretty Reel