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Asymmetric multiplayer games have become a new hot spot for many who want a multiplayer experience they can jump into and immediately have a good time, and the success of adapting the intellectual properties within it – like the upcoming Ghostbusters: Spirits Unleashed and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre – shows that it’s a great and exciting genre.

The ever-popular Dead by Daylight was a big proponent of launching the genre into a new wave of games that were both hard to ignore and easy to absorb, and Dragon Ball: The Breakers takes the formula and puts a neat new twist on it. which places it in the Dragon Ball universe – the first for anime IP. However, Dragon Ball: The Breaker’s approach may not be for everyone, but luckily the genre has been around long enough that there are plenty of great choices for players of all tastes.

Predator: hunting grounds

Licensed games have seen a return to gaming over the years thanks to a new perspective that puts passionate developers behind the property to create a game that’s been long overdue, and Predator is one of many movie properties that gets finally the game it deserves.

Hunt or be hunted, Predator: Hunting Grounds puts players in the shoes of a mercenary or a Predator, each with different objectives to complete in order to win. Predators are terrifying, but likewise Mercenaries won’t go down without a fight. The amalgamation of military shooter mixed with team-based strategic gameplay alongside authentic Predator-like mechanics makes this a great game to play, especially after watching Prey, for those who want a different take on the genre with more of survivability.


Deception is arguably one of the most unique games of the genre, as rather than having an immediate threat to face, players must use their instincts, wits, and voice to decide and convince who on a team tell the truth or lie. be infected with a virus.

As the numbers go down it becomes easier to spot who may be infected, and while there are ways for the innocent to protect themselves, it becomes a fight against time as the power will occasionally go out. and will cause monstrous transformations that could spell the end. for all survivors trying to make it out alive.

Evil Dead: The Game

Licensed games seem to be the most successful and adaptable to the asymmetrical multiplayer genre, and Evil Dead is another example of an IP that translates surprisingly well to the format.

Much like Dragon Ball: The Breakers, Evil Dead: The Game pits characters who wouldn’t normally be in the spotlight outside of main protagonist Ash against some of the most grueling abominations and summons in the series’ history. It’s a fun but stressful adaptation with tons of references to the game’s movies and a decent gameplay loop for its survivors and demons.


Although Gnosia is more of a visual novel, it contains enough gameplay elements that give it an asymmetrical approach while implementing social deduction mechanics with a fantasy narrative not typically seen in these types of games, offering a unique and refreshing experience with one of the best art directions seen in years.

Gnosia sees a crew on a recently awakened spaceship and finds themselves in a mysterious situation where they are killed one by one every night. These aliens are known as Gnosia, and its time-loop mechanic can put players in the role of a teammate or become Gnosia, with an overarching story as compelling as it is told.

Dead in broad daylight

Arguably the catalyst for what launched the asymmetrical multiplayer genre into the zenith of gaming’s most popular game types, Dead by Daylight wasn’t just a brainchild of pitting survivors against killers with goals, but its frequent updates and crossovers with the most iconic characters in the Horror genre. movies and other video games have made it a must-visit destination to celebrate horror history.

Dead by Daylight continues to grow and shock even with new collaborations like the unexpected Attack on Titan, the recent Resident Evil – Project W chapter, and the ability to add more interesting killers. With nonstop success, it’s clear that Dead by Daylight isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Friday the 13th: the game

Horror wouldn’t be what it is without the slasher films that catapulted the genre to where it is today, and the leader of the pack has always been Friday the 13th and its hockey mask-wearing icon Jason Voorhees. . Although games have been released in the past, Friday the 13th: The Game was the first time the experience felt authentic, with asymmetrical gameplay that could put players in the shoes of the many incarnations of Jason Voorhees over the decades. or as a counselor in various camps. – Inspired settings.

Even with mixed reception, however, fans are the ones who will enjoy the game the most as it celebrates the history of the movies through its various Easter eggs and collections.

Gravewood High

It might seem like many licensed properties are the juggernauts of the asymmetrical multiplayer genre, but tons of games continue to come up with unique ideas, settings, and art directions that really set them apart and breathe new life into games like these- this. are capable of. Gravewood High does a fantastic job of making a game like this more family-friendly while making very few compromises to keep things spooky and tense.

Gravewood High sees an evil teacher roaming the halls of a high school who takes students captive, and it’s the job of those who play as students to find their way out of an ever-changing school while completing puzzles stealthily, doing their best not to get caught and lose the game.

One of the most popular American myths has always concerned the ape-like creature known as Bigfoot. Although, as with any myth, some will argue its validity, the Bigfoot game, on the other hand, feels very real as the frets and struggle for survival are seen and felt.

Players can choose to take on the role of Bigfoot or Hunter in both PVP and PVE with online and single-player co-op modes perfect for all types of playstyles. The intensity is felt on both sides, but as the hunters become the hunted, sometimes they’ll have no choice but to escape in the face of something as ferocious as Frieza.


With so many asymmetrical games that pit underpowered teams against a vicious tank-like player as the enemy, wanting to avoid contact is inherently necessary to ensure survival when tasks are complete. Propnight emphasizes the hide-and-seek element of these games where killers must do their best to find survivors hiding in plain sight.

With various perks, strategies, and abilities to hone on both sides, Propnight adds a necessary layer of strategy while trying to survive the night. Dragon Ball: The Breakers has many moments where players have to use items and even transformations to defend themselves, and it’s a unique twist on the genre to make it a central part of how Propnight’s games play out.

video horror society

Using a clever title to represent VHS initialism, Video Horror Society’s 1980s setting has teenagers in a video store who suddenly find themselves in a supernatural situation where monsters come to life. Use whatever players can find to concoct weapons and rituals to defend against evil.

As you might expect, there are plenty of references and easter eggs for the 1980s era and the material that came out at the time, making it a great way to feel nostalgic for those who have grew up at the time as well as those who appreciate history. and ’80s culture. For those who’ve been with Dragon Ball since its mid-’80s debut, it’s a throwback that’s as authentic as it is fun.

10 best games like Dragon Ball: The Breakers | Pretty Reel