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The LEGO Batman Movie is one of the funniest animated films of recent years, and fans are keeping the outing alive, as Batman’s penguin hunt has been recreated in LEGO form. The animated film, along with the LEGO Ninjago Movie, has created many possibilities when it comes to using popular franchises for LEGO feature films.

However, after Universal bought the rights to the LEGO movie franchise in 2019, there haven’t been many updates. Regardless of which studio the franchises belong to, Redditors discussed which series would make the best LEGO movies. Between a high-octane street racing franchise and films about Mesozoic creatures, these series deserve self-aware LEGO meta movies.

The matrix

This user wants to see The Matrix LEGO Movie, noting, “The Matrix could be a good movie, especially now that it has Resurrections to rip. The Matrix Resurrections hasn’t had the best reception from critics or fans, and the self-aware, meta direction in which series creator Lana Wachowski has taken the film just hasn’t landed well. . However, it could be the basis for some hilarious and irreverent jokes in a LEGO movie.

Although The Matrix’s future is uncertain, fans have many ideas of where to go, with some wanting an Animatrix 2, but The Matrix LEGO Movie might be the best option right now. The only problem would be that bullet time has been parodied to death for the past 23 years, and it felt so aged when it poked fun at Space Jam: A New Legacy last year. So it might look extremely dated in a LEGO movie too.

The Lord of the Rings

JustUseTheWordMmmkay thinks a LEGO movie based on Lord of the Rings could be spectacular. The Redditor posits, “So many franchises have some kind of kids’ version available for younger audiences, but for Lord of the Rings, there’s nothing. I would love to have my 5 year old participate in it, but nothing is suitable yet. Lego would like to be perfect. »

Again, like The Matrix Resurrections, the latest content LotR fans have gotten hasn’t lived up to the quality that fans have come to expect from the franchise. A LEGO Lord of the Rings movie might poke fun at the Rings of Power, and like The LEGO Batman Movie made jokes about Warner Bros. that only adults would understand, it’s easy to imagine jokes about the huge budget invested by Amazon in the production of the series.

Doctor Who

Sethor thinks Doctor Who has the potential for a great LEGO movie. The series has been running for nearly six decades and has only ever had one major hiatus, there’s so much content a LEGO Movie could use.

On top of that, the Daleks, the iconic alien species of the Doctor Who universe, have already been in The LEGO Batman Movie. The evil aliens appeared in the final act when Joker summoned countless classic movie and TV villains, so there’s connective tissue there already.


IluvTaylorSwift thinks outside the box and suggests there should be The LEGO Barbie Movie. A live-action Barbie movie will be released in 2023 with Ryan Gosling playing Ken and Margot Robbie portraying the titular doll. And while not much is known about the film, according to The Hollywood Reporter, it will be self-aware, irreverent and subvert expectations, which is hardly surprising given that Greta Gerwig is in the chair of the director.

This could eliminate the need for The LEGO Barbie Movie. But given that there are so many iterations of the character, it would be fun to see them all collide in a meta way. The LEGO Movie could reference Robbie’s Barbie, Toy Story’s Barbie and Ken, and even the battalion of mean Barbies in Small Soldiers.

The Cornetto Trilogy

Booga424 has another off-the-beaten-path choice, as the “Cornetto Trilogy” isn’t so much a franchise as a group of very loosely connected films directed by Edgar Wright starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. The Redditor wants to see “Lego Hot Fuzz, Lego Shaun of The Dead and Lego The Worlds End”. Given that all three of these films are already over-the-top high-concept comedies that are already depreciating, it’s hard to imagine how the LEGO treatment could add another level to that.

The reason The LEGO Batman Movie has been so successful is that the Batman franchise is so serious and dark, but it’s basically about a man who disguises himself as a bat. It’s the basis of a few hilarious LEGO-style jokes, but jokes like Shaun and his crew passing look-alikes of themselves are kind of a LEGO movie joke, but it’s been done in the movie before.

universal dark universe

Realistically, most Redditors’ picks are completely speculative, as the rights to the LEGO franchise belong to Universal after the studio bought it from Warner Bros. So the only franchises that could really get the LEGO treatment are those owned by Universal barring an unprecedented deal. was hit with another studio. And that’s why Rageofthegods thinks there should be a LEGO movie that focuses on Universal’s dark universe.

The Redditor comments, “Lego Classic Monsters, if you can ignore Hotel Transylvania. Universal tried to build an entire cinematic universe around characters like the Mummy, Frankenstein and Dracula, but “Universal Dark Universe” crashed and burned with the failure of The Mummy in 2017. A LEGO Dark Universe Movie Could to be a creative way to restart the franchise and make it successful.

james bond

This user thinks the James Bond franchise could make a great LEGO movie, and with over 25 movies and six Bond actors to reference, they’re not wrong. The Redditor suggests, “Maybe they can team up with Amazon to make a Lego James Bond movie. »

While MGM and Amazon are apparently struggling to build the next James Bond series, as they are looking for a young actor to commit to the character for 10-12 years, The LEGO James Bond Movie might be the safest and safest option. the simplest. This move could potentially disappoint thousands of Bond fans, but there’s no doubt it would rival The LEGO Batman Movie when it comes to poking fun at the franchise’s tropes.

Jurassic Park/World

Jurassic World Dominion Tyrannosaurus Rex at the Drive-In Theater

UnrealLuigi thinks a LEGO movie based on the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World films could be great. The Redditor hilariously notes, “I wouldn’t be surprised if they were vastly superior to the Jurassic World movies in all honesty. The user refers to the disappointing reception of the new Jurassic series because, despite grossing billions at the box office, each consecutive release has received worse reviews than the last.

Even Jurassic World: Dominion’s original redesign didn’t help its odds against critics. However, The LEGO Jurassic Park Movie could save the franchise, and as the Jurassic World series has come to an end, the franchise must continue with a new approach one way or another. A LEGO Movie certainly beats the Nicolas Cage-narrated prequel that fans want so badly.


Voivod1989 wants to see The LEGO Movie Akira. Focusing on niche franchises is why Warner Bros. failed with the LEGO Movie franchise in the first place because no one showed up to see The LEGO Ninjago Movie. So focusing on an anime franchise that so few viewers would ever see would likely be a huge financial mistake.

A LEGO Akira movie would especially feel a bit offbeat given that the Akira series is already animated. However, since the anime is so dark and serious, it’s easy for the LEGO franchise to parody, and its cyberpunk aesthetic would also be interesting to do with LEGO.

fast furious

Hildebrand_rarity asks Reddit, “Fast and Furious LEGO movie? A LEGO version of the Fast and Furious series might not work out too well given that the franchise already leans heavily into the absurd, like the rocket-powered Pontiac Fieros going to space. The franchise has even become self-aware, as Rome has begun to wonder how they all manage to survive the fatal situations they find themselves in.

However, hearing some jokes about Dom’s obsession with family alone might be worth it. And since fans would love a direct sequel to Tokyo Drift, a LEGO Movie might be the only way to get some sort of follow-up to the 2006 cult classic. With only two more movies before the Fast Saga ends, that might be a possibility. .

10 Franchises That Should Get A LEGO Movie, According To Reddit | Pretty Reel