10 Horror Movies About Inanimate Objects That Scare Everyone

It’s normal after watching a slasher movie or a paranormal thriller to fear things like masked murderers and evil spirits, but sometimes horror movies kick it up a notch and make you fear things that aren’t even not sensitive.

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From killer cars to not-so-sunny weather to everyday household appliances, it’s not an unusual trope in horror movies to use inanimate objects as your main scaring tactic, making viewers fearful. things that don’t always live and breathe.

10/10 Cars (‘Christine’)

Between Herbie, Lightning McQueen, and Optimus Prime, there are plenty of beloved and sentient vehicles in the film, but the one that will have you guessing you want your car to impersonate and befriend you is by Stephen King Christina.

Christine is one of Stephen King’s scariest characters for the way she goes from a lifeless car to a raging beast throughout the film, vowing to end anyone who hurts her, including bullies in her owner.

9/10 VHS Tapes (“The Ring”)

Samara gave a whole new meaning to home movies in supernatural horror The ring. In this movie, when someone watches the cursed VHS tape, they are told that they only have seven days left to live until Samara comes looking for them through her TV screen.

This terrifying concept of haunted video footage is nothing new, considering Halloween III: Season of the Witch and The Blair Witch Project, and paranormal activity may make you never want to use home security cameras, but the ring will always leave a special, awful place in people’s minds for the good old fashioned VHS tape.

8/10 Animatronic (“Halloween Spirit”)

Between the fall of Chuck E. Cheese and the worldwide phenomenon that is the video game Five nights at Freddy’s, it was the Spirit Halloween costume store chain scaring people with animatronics.

Now, the 2022 movie based on the Halloweentime pop-up shop is taking terror to the big screen in Halloween Spirit, about a ghostly presence that takes over popular animatronics like Nightcrawler, Mr. Dark, and Buzzsaw, possibly making you think twice when pressing their Try Me buttons at the store.

7/10 Candy (‘Trick ‘R Treat’)

Granted, it’s a pretty general rule to always check your candy on Halloween, and if the little boy in Halloween 2 who ended up in the ER on Halloween night with a cut razor blade in his mouth didn’t scare you candy, Sam’s weapons of choice in Trick or treats strength.

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Sam is the demonic alien pumpkin who acts as one of the movie’s villains, and because he’s disguised as a deceiver, it gives him the perfect opportunity to kill with candy, using a razor-infused candy bar and a shredded. lollipop to his advantage during his attacks.

6/10 Rollercoaster (“Final Destination”)

There have been dozens of simultaneously memorable and horrific deaths in the Final destination franchise, but the one no one can forget is the roller coaster massacre of Final Destination 3 which left people with more than a thrill on the roller coaster rides.

When the roller coaster malfunctions in the film, the safety bars begin to lift and the wheels come off, which ends with a group of teenagers flying to their deaths, becoming an image impossible to get out of your Head every time you go to Six Flags.

5/10 Inclement Weather (‘The Fog,’ ‘Twister’)

It’s typical for a horror movie to be set on a dark and stormy night, but some movies take bad weather to the next level. In 1996 Tornado, the film graphically demonstrates the devastation that can occur during a tornado.

Then there are the 1980s Fog, which – as if the fog wasn’t scary enough – tells the story of a literal killer fog that sweeps through a small town and causes deaths throughout the film. Needless to say, horror movies have a knack for scaring people on any day that isn’t wet or sunny.

4/10 Beds (“Bed of death: the bed that eats”)

It’s understandable to be scared of sleep thanks to Freddy Krueger, but there’s a little-known slasher that left viewers scared of beds. Deathbed: the bed that eats tells the story of a possessed bed that devours all the lovers who occupy it.

So if you watch Glen’s bloody bed explosion in freddiewasn’t enough to scare you from hitting the hay, watching couples get eaten by a mean velvet-lined four-poster bed can do the trick.

3/10 Televisions (“Poltergeist”, “The Ring”)

A television bursting with static and white noise will never be scary, but some movies have taken it a step further with paranormal entities springing from the screens. In Fighting spirit, ghosts fly from static television to haunt the Freelings’ home.

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In the ring, the televisions are used as the same type of portal through which Samara can exit, but in her case she creeps creepily through the screen with the intention of killing her victims who watched her cursed video.

2/10 Dolls (“Child’s Play”, “Annabelle”)

Dolls are definitely a scary phenomenon, whether personified or not. But add sentience and murderous intent and you have some of the scariest dolls in horror. Annabelle from Conspiracy and puzzle of Seen are particularly scary dolls of the genre.

But the award for most feared doll in horror goes to Chucky from Child’s play. This Good Guy doll turned villain haunts the lives of everyone who crosses his path and has certainly haunted the dreams of many viewers of the film.

1/10 Showers and Baths (“Psycho”, “A Nightmare On Elm Street”)

Showers and baths: These are usually ways to relax and de-stress that have turned into frightening — and sometimes deadly — acts for some horror movie victims. For A nightmare on Elm Street last daughter Nancy Thompson, a soothing bubble bath nearly cost her her life when she fell asleep in the tub, allowing Freddy’s razor-sharp hand to pop out of the water.

But nothing scared showers more than the famous shower scene from Psycho. When Norman Bates murders Marion in the shower, it not only became a legendary horror movie moment, but a terrifying thought every time people turned on their showerheads.

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