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After its shaky launch, Cyberpunk 2077 seemed like a huge dud in the gaming community, but after several much-needed fixes and the release of its awesome anime spin-off, edge runners, fans finally return to the world of Night City, looking to cause mechanized mayhem.

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The genre of cyberpunk has slowly grown in popularity over the years as our modern technology has evolved, and fears of cybernetically enhanced humans don’t seem so outlandish anymore. The genre offers incredible visuals of the future and often dives deep into themes of the human mind. Known for its typically dystopian settings and morally ambiguous main characters, the cyberpunk genre offers a plethora of entertaining narratives.

‘Johnny Mnemonic’ (1995)

Set in the cyber-filled “future” of 2021, Johnny Mnemonic follows data courier Johnny (Keanu Reeves), who must race against time to deliver a massive data packet to his head before he kills him. Brimming with a ’90s aesthetic, this charming and long-forgotten cyberpunk thriller is an engaging but often ridiculous journey into the cyber world.

The world of cyberpunk takes a lot of influence from this underrated 90s sci-fi movie. Johnny shares many similarities with Cyberpunk 2077 protagonist, V, as both are doomed with a dangerous chip in their brains and must fight evil corporations and cyber killers to save themselves.

‘Alita: Battle Angel’ (2019)

When an amnesiac cyborg is awakened, she embarks on a quest to find out who she really is and what she’s made for, taking her from the slums of Iron City to the luxurious Sky City of Zalem.

Alitais an action-packed sci-fi thriller that leans heavily on CGI, creating a unique futuristic world full of menacing cyborgs. One of the movie’s big highlights is the sport of Motorball, a fast-paced racing sport played by cyborg gladiators. For fans who want more cyborg action but less gory mayhem than cyberpunk, then Alita is just for you.

‘Blade Runner: Black Lotus’ (2022)

The blade runner The universe has a lot of storytelling potential. It was exciting to finally see a spinoff TV show from the beloved franchise. Black Lotus follows Elle, an amnesiac, a young woman from Los Angeles with incredible talents who must track down those from her past and discover her true identity.

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Black Lotus captures the themes and overall tone of blade runner very good. Its animation can be clunky at times but features some pretty impressive backgrounds and sets. The show has tense and thrilling action that is worth watching, especially for cyberpunk fans.

“Upgrade” (2018)

Leigh Whannelit is Upgrade tells the story of Gray (Logan Marshall-Green), a stay-at-home mechanic and self-proclaimed technophobe who lives in a world full of technology in the near future. In the world of Upgrade, everything is controlled by technology, from self-driving cars to sentient AI

After a terrible car accident that kills his wife, Grey’s life is turned upside down when he is soon cured by an eccentric inventor who places an experimental chip in Grey’s body that gives him super strength and reflexes but also corrupts his brain. Upgrade is an intense and original science fiction film that everyone should discover.

“Ghost in the Shell” (1995)

One of the most iconic anime of all time, ghost in the shell, unlike any animated sci-fi film made before it. With numerous spin-offs and inspired works created thereafter, ghost in the shell remains one of the best. It’s a deeply psychological and thought-provoking film in the guise of a terrific futuristic sci-fi tale.

Following Major Motoko, a cyborg policewoman, who must hunt down a powerful hacker known as the Puppet Master. In her pursuit, the Major discovers what it is to be human, questioning the very reality she lives in and wondering if there is more to just a ghost in a shell.

Elysee (2013):

Neil Blomkamp (District 9) brings another awesome sci-fi thriller to the table with Elysium. Set in the future, where the elites of society have left Earth and now reside in a luxurious space station, the Elysiumwhile those who are too poor to afford it are stuck in a hellish and miserable Earth.

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Everything will change when the two worlds collide after a dying man on Earth, Max (Matt Damon), surgically implants mechanical enhancements into his body that make him stronger, and makes it his mission to gain access to the space station.

‘M. Robot’ (2015)

The highly acclaimed series, Mister Robot, is one of the best series of the last decade. A bit toned down regarding cyberpunk elements, Mister Robot follows lone hacker Elliot (Rami Malek) as he attempts to overthrow the greedy conglomerate E Corp while suffering from severe depression and other mental issues.

With the setting being modern day, there are no cybernetic upgrades or chrome mercenaries like in edge runners, but there are certainly cyberpunk themes littered around, such as cyberware, corrupt capitalism, and identity.

“Henry Hardcore” (2015)

Hard Henry is a thrill ride of bloody violence and telepathic warlords. Taking place entirely in first person, filmed on a GoPro, Hard Henry follows Henry, an amnesiac cyborg soldier who must save his wife from a mad scientist bent on taking over the world with bio-engineered super soldiers.

It’s an over-the-top, entertaining action flick that immediately hits the gas and never lets up. Every scene is pure chaos that feels much more real through the first-person lens. Anyone who has enjoyed the explosive action of edge runners will surely like it.

‘Blade Runner 2049’ (2017)

Often stimulating and always entertaining, blade runner takes us to a near-distant futuristic world where human-looking robots known as replicants are used as cheap labor for humanity, but what happens when these machines win in sensibility and disappear? That’s where Blade Runner comes in, badass bounty hunters who take down rogue replicants.

The blade runner The series has left its mark on the science fiction genre since its first inception. Reflect on questions about AI, consciousness and the human condition and what it means. Like many great hard science fiction films, blade runner focuses more on the sociological effects of humanity in a future civilization and the internal psychological struggles of what it means to be human, as opposed to big hard science fiction, blade runner, focuses more on the sociological effects of humanity in a future civilization and the internal psychological struggles of what it means to be human, instead of just relying on heavy special effects and cool looking spaceships.

The ‘Matrix’ series (1999-2003, 2021-)

He is the one. The always likeable Keanu Reaves takes us on a mind-bending journey through the cyber world of The Matrix as a young hacker, Neo, who soon discovers that everything he thought was real was nothing more than a devious lie engineered by a cyber- diabolical intelligence. Neo soon discovers that it’s up to him to stop this evil menace and free himself from the Matrix.

The iconic Matrix The series blew people away when it debuted. With its incredible special effects and poignant and curiously prophetic story about existence in virtual reality, the Matrix remains one of the greatest science fiction films of all time.

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