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Superman and Lois Lane’s love story spans the pages of DC Comics to the movies and countless Superman-themed TV shows. No matter how many times their love story is told, it will always remain iconic.

They are the epitome of superhero romance that introduced the now famous trope of the love triangle in which the man falls in love with the woman who is head over heels in love with her superhero alter ego. Journey through their love story via memes and images that capture the beauty of the longest-running superhero romance that has captured the hearts of fans for decades.

Lois is devoted to Superman

Lois and Superman are incredibly devoted to each other, and that abiding love is portrayed in this cameraman meme that features the iconic moment and page from “The Death Of Superman,” a 1992 comic book crossover story.

In this classic image, Lois is clearly broken as she holds the slumped and dying Superman in her arms. Jimmy Olsen is crying and filming, which again fits the cameraman meme perfectly, as Redditor Illustrious-Text5112 points out.

It’s one of Clark’s many important relationships.

If there’s one thing that’s true about Superman, it’s that he’s going to form an important relationship with someone whose initials are “LL.” This is as true for his love interests as it is for his enemies. While Lois is arguably the most important relationship of her life, it might not be the one fans think about the most.

Most comic book fans come to superhero comics for the action, which can’t happen without villains. The iconic duo of Superman and Lex Luthor is the only one Lois has to compete with when it comes to Superman fans. At least she’s getting close, according to this meme shared by zDaCoachz.

Lois is the key to Superman’s humanity

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice is far from one of the most popular Superman movies or superhero movies in general and was actually poorly received enough overall to have been poorly executed, despite incredible source material to work with.

A common takeaway from the movie is the scene where Bruce has a nightmare about evil Superman and wakes up to The Flash visiting him from the future and telling him that Lois is the key, basically to the sanity and humanity of Superman, implying that without her he could become evil. This meme posted by Dreyfussy15 takes the line literally, and it works.

Technically, there is a power imbalance…

This fun comic may not reflect Clark’s true noble and protective nature, but it underscores something key in their relationship. There’s a very literal power imbalance that the two have to deal with since Superman has an array of powers and Lois is only human.

Somehow they make it work, and it’s not as sleazy as this comic implies. It must take a lot of restraint and caution from Clark to be as strong as him and not hurt Lois, but it must also come easily since he is dedicated to her safety and the rest of the world.

Their relationship was tested

It hasn’t always been Clark and Lois, but any time Superman is paired with someone else, it only underscores how truly iconic and meant to be the original duo.

In the early 2010s, a new reality developed in which Superman and Wonderwoman were an element, and long before that there were stories of Clark with Lana Lang and even a mermaid named Lori Lemaris in the 1950s. the mermaid Superman chooses to associate with bears the initials of the double L. Yet no one compares to Lois Lane herself.

There is a classic “Love Triangle” element

Lois and Superman started a trend in the comic book world by being the first couple to get the feeling of a love triangle even when they were the only two in question, and that’s one of the details that makes of their romance the pop culture icon that he is. The story often goes that Clark has feelings for Lois who has feelings for Superman, not realizing at first that they are the same person.

The dramatic irony of this tale creates high-stakes situations that are so entertaining, others have latched on and used the same cast. It’s the same love story pattern that Spider-man and Mary Jane follow, but Superman and Lois will still be the initiators.

They have the same problems as everyone else

At the end of the day, even superheroes and their love interests are like regular people. Superman and Lois also have traditional arguments in the comics, movies, and shows. Although the superhero element causes some disagreements, it is not always the primary factor or focus.

This cartoon is a reminder of that. Lois seems bothered by Superman’s delay, which appears to be because of some superhero business, but it’s a valid basis for an argument nonetheless. Much like real people in real relationships trying to make kind gestures, Superman brought flowers to sweeten things up.

Their love blossomed before modern technology

This cartoon is a hilarious take on what might have made Lois Clark recognized as Superman in today’s modern world. Facial recognition is the way of the world now, and Facebook has been using it for years to help people tag photos.

It’s a running joke among fans that everyone should be able to tell Clark is Superman since his only disguise is regular clothes and a pair of glasses, so that’s what makes this facial recognition joke even better. It’s a sweet reminder of the love story between Superman and Lois. They existed long before most of the technologies used today.

They accept each other’s faults

It’s always important in every relationship to show people grace and love for their flaws, especially those that people can’t do much to help, like what they might do in their sleep.

This cartoon is cute and a nice reminder that everyday life moments between a superhero and a human should be quite sweet and interesting. This cute joke does a good job of pointing out that there are probably a lot of weird things Lois is dealing with in the relationship, since Superman’s character is an alien after all.

They are a real power couple

Superman and Lois are the definition of a power couple. Besides Clark’s actual powers, Lois is also at the top of her field in investigative journalism, which is her superpower. They are both the best at what they do.

A big part of their relationship is fueled by this energy they give each other. They are fueled by each other’s success and are able to use their gifts to help each other, which is a beautiful feeling for a relationship. Clark’s crime-fighting steers Lois toward stories and vice versa.

10 memes that perfectly sum up Superman and Lois Lane’s relationship | Pretty Reel