10 podcasts that will make you shiver this Halloween

For this month of Halloween, the editorial staff of Konbini is preparing a horrifying series for you. From creepypastas to underrated horror films to curses from elsewhere, a daily article will keep you shivering until Day of the Dead.

What’s more immersive than a good podcast? Especially if you’re alone at home, in the dark, well wrapped up in your blanket… With the small selection we’ve concocted for you, your senses will play tricks on you.

Is that an evil figure watching you in the corner of your room, or just your coat that you hung up incorrectly? Is it a poltergeist that manifests itself in the walls, or the piping that does as it pleases? After listening to these 10 podcasts, in French or in English, you will have a hard time separating the rational from the supernatural.

#1 – In Tenebris

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In this French-speaking podcast that will chill your blood, journalist Marine Benoit examines, like a chronicle of miscellaneous facts, paranormal events. She tells the story of disturbing stories, more or less known to the general public.

With her objective approach, she completes her narration with sound archives, testimonials and interviews specialists on the subject to try to lift, a little, the mystery on these phenomena which defy understanding. From the disappearance of the Croatoan colony to the legend of the White Lady, thrills guaranteed!

#2 – Sleepless night

From Switzerland, Anne Flament and Mickael Marquet from RTS look at these true stories that haunt our nights. Like a journalistic investigation, the duo unfolds its stories, each more terrifying than the other, embellished with audio extracts from films or sound archives. All the theories are sifted through with great precision, in order to disentangle the true from the false. It is then up to the listeners to make up their own mind.

#3 – Ars Moriendi

In Latin, the name of this podcast which comes straight from Quebec means “the art of death”. Thanks to an original soundtrack and the acting of actors for larger than life reconstructions, Simon Predj invites us into his world populated by sordid miscellaneous facts and macabre discoveries. These true stories, from all eras, are likely to keep you awake for a while!

#4 – Campfire

Taous Merakchi is a bit our “Elvira, mistress of the dark” ours. Horror is her specialty, as she likes to remind us at the start of each episode. So just approach, sit near her around her campfire, and let her tell us the most terrifying stories.

From the famous Poltergeist of Enfield (which gave rise to the films Conjuring), to the cruel Delphine Lalaurie who tortured her slaves in her beautiful mansion in Louisiana, to Robert, the haunted doll, get ready to let evil enter your home.

#5 – In the shadow of legends

Behind the nickname Chandleyr hides a storyteller like no other. In each episode, he shares with us, not without a certain amount of masochism, disturbing fictions, with a sordid atmosphere, which he himself wrote.

And the best part of all this is that it can be eaten in small bites of no more than 5 minutes. Just enough time for us to spin the crumbs, and then goes away. Unless you’re the daring type and chain these morbid little fables…

#6 – Strange and Unexplained (in English)

Because a little humor never hurts, let Daisy Eagan’s incisive storytelling guide you through the darkness. This American actress leans more on the skeptical side of force, and it is therefore with undisguised malice that she takes us on a sleepy tale of legends (did Atlantis really exist?) , conspiracies (was the first moon landing a set-up?), or unfathomable mysteries (who was the Dune Woman?).

And if you liked the series The Watcher on Netflix, know that Daisy Eagan had made her very first episode, in April 2021, in which she revisited the strange events that occurred at 657 Boulevard.

#7 – Radio Rental (in English)

This voice, you know it. Welcome to the last video club before the end of the world. It is held by the loner Terry Carnation, camped by the inimitable Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight Schrute in The Office). Be careful not to meet the gaze of his demonic cat, Malachi (pronounced “Malakaï”).

Terry has compiled for us testimonials from real people who have had terrifying things happen to them, from demonic possession to afterlife sightings to kidnapping attempts that will make you completely paranoid. All the anxiolytics in the world will not be enough to reassure you…

#8 – Uncanny (in English)

Very popular across the Channel, Uncanny is a BBC Radio 4 podcast in which Danny Robins tells us in his deep voice events that defy reason. Each new episode, supported by the story of those directly concerned as well as the expertise of a skeptic and a specialist in these phenomena, is more terrifying than the previous one. It is about haunted houses, souls lost between the world of the living and that of the dead, poltergeists but also UFO sightings. Not to be put between all ears!

#9 – Supernatural with Ashley Flowers (in English)

The title leaves little room for doubt. Here, all mysteries are welcome, and Ashley Flowers always gives them the benefit of the doubt. Aliens, ghosts, mystical creatures, disturbing disappearances and cases of true crime, everything is expertly documented by the author of this podcast who gives all her references and her bibliography below each episode description. Without any artifice other than her voice, she dissects for us the great enigmas of our world and beyond.

#10 – The Witch Farm (in English)

Before throwing Uncannymentioned above, Danny Robins rose to fame with another podcast that traumatized more than one listener: The Battersea Poltergeistan unsolved case of a house infested by a malevolent entity that traumatized England in the 1950s.

This time, he goes back to the field to investigate another unsolved paranormal story, in Wales, in a mansion said to be the most haunted in Britain. Danny Robins returns to the scene, interviews witnesses, and gives way to reconstructions of the facts where the two main characters are played by Joseph Fiennes (The Handmaid’s Tale) and Alexandra Roach (black-mirror). The first two episodes are already online, and each week, a new one comes to raise the anxiety. Listen, if you dare…

10 podcasts that will make you shiver this Halloween