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Halloweentown is a classic scary holiday movie for kids. It has magic, heart, comedy, and some growing-up lessons thrown into the mix. It’s a 90s Disney Channel movie that remains a classic even two decades later, and rewatching it has become an annual tradition for many fans of the franchise. Starring Kimberly J. Brown, Debbie Reynolds, Emily Roeske, Judith Hoag, and Joey Zimmerman as the Cromwell family, each character brought their own personality, quirks, and all, to the table. From the energetic Marnie to her wet brother, there’s a character everyone can relate to.

The film contained many hilarious moments, but also life lessons, derived from some of the character’s best quotes. These movie quotes have touched viewers for decades and won’t be easily forgotten by those who love the show.

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It’s been nearly 25 years since Halloweentown was first released, but it remains one of the most important Halloween movies for Disney fans of the 90s and 2000s. With the recent release of Hocus Pocus 2, 29 Years after the original, there may be hope for fans looking for a fifth Halloweentown movie, or another continuation of the cult classic franchise.

Halloween is like made for her.

Marnie’s friend

While Dylan is perfectly content in the mortal world, Marnie has always veered towards the weird and unusual, suggesting that a part of her knows her lineage even though her conscious mind doesn’t. After all, Gwen admitted to covering up Marnie’s magic outbursts as a child.

Audiences don’t learn much about Marnie’s friends, but they certainly have known her long enough to get a sense of who she is at heart. As her other friend mentions, Marnie daydreams and doodles supernatural creatures in class. These comments make it clear how much Marnie belongs in Halloweentown, despite being half-mortal.

My mother’s [Powers] And my grandmother…could do it.

Marnie Piper

Marnie begins Halloweentown believing she is an adult, capable of making choices on her own. However, she quickly learns that she is one of the less powerful members of the Cromwell family and that working together is the only way to be sure that she will succeed.

This growth can best be seen in this line during the climax. As Kalabar taunts Marnie for thinking she’s strong enough to fight him, she proudly calls on each of her family members, whose abilities complement her own. She learns that she doesn’t have to be a solo hero, because she can count on her family to support her and give her the strength she needs.

Mortals see, mortals do.

Agatha Cromwell

Aggie tells the children that things are very different in Halloweentown from what they might have learned in the human world, but she also suggests that mortals mirror what they see supernatural characters doing. The deadly Halloween party is an imitation of daily life in Halloweentown, and each of the holiday’s traditions comes from supernatural culture.

Mortals dress in costumes similar to supernatural or biology fashion, and they carve and light pumpkins because of the famous Halloweentown pumpkin. Because of this, even kids can relate to Halloweentown because it’s just a more complex version of the world they know.

No one here appreciates my taste for weird stuff.

Marnie Piper

Marnie certainly has refined taste, but it’s not necessarily the same as everyone else in her household, especially Dylan. Although, as she later finds out, her weird tastes aren’t so weird after all, given that she’s a witch with a great legacy as Cromwell.

Marnie skipped a bit in stating this famous quote; by the end of the film, her tastes were better understood by those around her, and she was able to explore her heritage and embrace who she truly was.

There are things about Halloween you don’t understand.

Gwen Piper

Gwen is very protective of her children, especially when it comes to Halloween and anything that might reveal Gwen’s past as a witch or Halloweentown itself. While his words are somewhat ominous, they end up being almost prophetic, given that Kalabar had dastardly plans.

Soon his three children would be brewing the potion needed to ignite the talisman which they would use to defeat the town villain. Marnie even later admits that her mother was right and that she has more to learn, a big step up from the overconfidence she had in the beginning.

I have no powers! I am the normal person in this family!

Dylan Piper

Dylan isn’t short on sarcastic or witty comments throughout the film, constantly giving his older sister a hard time for her odd tastes and interests. He refuses to believe what is right in front of his eyes, as he grapples with the reality of Halloweentown and his connection to it.

However, during the final showdown between his family and Kalabar, Dylan is revealed to have powers, and he eventually accepts them, helping his family defeat Kalabar and restore peace. Still, it’s kind of funny that Dylan, even with his fingers glinting in front of him, tried to kick it out like static electricity.

Someone comes…

Sophie Piper

While Marnie ended up becoming the face of the Halloweentown franchise, her sister Sophie had the most accessible magic in the first movie. Her first three lines were spent insisting someone come along, and it ended up being her grandmother Aggie. Sophie’s precognition becomes more relevant in the sequel, where she repeats this line after detecting Kal in Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge.

While it might seem like a minor detail, it’s the first sign that all is not normal in the Piper household, despite Gwen’s desperation to make her family strictly human. It’s also a sign that audiences should pay attention to Sophie who, like House of the Dragon’s Helaena, knows a lot more than others give her credit for.

I’m thirteen, okay? I’m practically an adult!

Marnie Piper

Halloweentown echoes the eternal struggle between parent and child, especially in the case of Gwen and Marnie. Marnie is mad at Gwen for not allowing her out on Halloween, and the quote above is her central point.

Marnie had to grow up quickly to deal with the problems of Halloweentown, especially after her grandmother and mother were ostracized, but she’s still a kid. In the end, she realized that there were a lot of things about Halloween that she didn’t understand, just like her mother had said.

It didn’t happen to me, they couldn’t eat them. No head!


Harriet meets Aggie as the latter gets off the mortal world bus, and her exchange with her friend is quite humorous. Harriet is clearly a sweet woman and loves her volunteer work, but she made the stupid mistake of baking muffins for the Headless Shelter.

It’s a sprinkling of dark humor in the beloved holiday flick, and it just keeps on being comedic. The simple absurdity of life in Halloweentown makes for a great escape from normal life.

You can’t tell a monster’s heart by looking at it.

Agatha Cromwell

Aggie’s quote is a good life lesson. It’s about not judging a book by its cover, but rather seeing everyone for who they are inside. It’s a great lesson for kids, not just in Halloweentown, but in the human world as well.

Aggie didn’t want her grandkids to judge anyone just on their looks; his wisdom in this quote is unparalleled and is a lesson children will always remember. Marnie certainly applied it to Luke in the end, even giving him a kiss for helping her once Kalabar’s spell wore off and Luke was back to being himself.

If you want to let go of your roots, that’s fine. I do not.

Marnie Piper

Marnie really showed wisdom beyond her years in this quote. Her mother insists that since Marnie’s father was human and they live in the human world, they should live as mortals. This lifestyle involves Marnie giving up her powers.

However, Marnie is right. No two people make the exact same decision, and trying to force someone to live a life they don’t want is definitely unfair. Marnie acts like the teenager she is throughout the movie, but she has her moments where she really acts like the adult she thinks she is.

I have always said that films can teach us about life.

Agatha Cromwell

Generally speaking, the citizens of Halloweentown look down on the human world for its ignorance of their life and culture. However, Aggie praises human films like 1941’s The Wolf Man for their use of the pentagram. It’s unclear how much Halloweentown relies on signs and symbols, but the quote seems to suggest that the pentagrams have something to do with werewolves in Halloweentown.

Besides that, it’s just a great quote for movies in general. Children’s films often contain messages about morality and growth, and they can sometimes be educational. For a star like Debbie Reynolds to make that comment, adult audiences can expect Halloweentown itself to be meant to teach viewers about life.

The magic is simple. You want something and let yourself have it!

Agatha Cromwell

If only magic existed outside of Halloweentown! Aggie’s quote is well known to fans, and it’s actually the perfect way to describe magic to Marnie. Marnie remembers this advice throughout the film, especially when confronting the evil warlock Kalabar.

Marnie is behind in her witch training, but this advice is the perfect introduction to how magic works, and it turns out to be a lifesaver for everyone. When Marnie stops holding herself back, she finds she can truly change the world.

Being normal is vastly overrated.

Agatha Cromwell

Gwen and her mother Aggie often clash, mostly because of their very different lifestyles. Gwen yearns for normalcy and has given up her life as a witch, while Aggie does not understand Gwen’s wishes and often works against them.

The thing is, for the Cromwell family, normality is sometimes overrated. There has to be a balance between their normality and their sorcery, especially when it comes to children. Aggie’s point is valid, however. Normal can get boring, and it can certainly be “grossly overrated”.

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