8 Thriller Movies To See Once In A Lifetime

In this mini-guide we point out 8 Thriller movies to watch at any cost.

One thing should be clarified: Thriller it is not a real cinematographic genre, but a “macro-category”Which includes all films featuring high adrenaline rate.

In fact, often we don’t talk about simple Thriller but we read: Action Thriller, Thriller Noir, War Thriller and so on.

Below we list you 8 Thriller (some recent, others less so) that deserve particular attention and that contaminate themselves with different genres.

International Intrigue

The first film that we propose is one of the most famous in the history of cinema: International Intrigue

It is a Espionage Thriller signed by none other than by Alfred Hitchcock, starring Cary Grant which at the time hit the box office.

It is about a man who, by a trivial mistake, ends up entangled in a deadly game and has to face a thousand vicissitudes to save his skin.

It’s a movie ironic, fun and maybe one of the best written ones between the English master and, which is amazing given the quality of the script, the direction is no exception.

He always keeps us on our toes without ever resorting to violence and puts fun in front of realism, while still managing to be credible.

In short: a timeless masterpiece!

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8 Thriller Movies to See Before You Die: Deep Red

8 Thriller Movies

Deep red

Profondo Rosso needs no introduction. It’s a Thriller Horror directed by Dario Argento, which at the time was his largest collection at home.

It’s about a man who accidentally witnesses the murder of a medium and decides to discover the identity of the killer as the deaths unfold.

Some are seen quartering but it is still there suspense to be the mistress and, even in this case, realism yields in favor ofentertainment.

On the other hand, Argento will declare in an interview:

“The film was a nightmare; therefore, as such, the facts were exasperated “

There soundtrack it is still today one of the most famous among those signed by Goblin and the opening scene, as well as the final shot, are from an anthology.

Live and die in Los Angeles

8 Thriller Movies

Live and die in Los Angeles

Police Thriller, Live and Die in Los Angeles directed by William Friedkin (The violent arm of the law, The Exorcist) is a very movie pessimist.

It tells of a policeman who tries to frame the gangster who killed his partner.

The plot is a metaphor for telling the border between good and evil and how often it is overcome by both the good and the bad.

Not only. He also tells of how evil is something that is handed down and inherited, giving life to an infinite spiral that descends more and more downwards.

Towards the hell.

The actors (especially Willem Defoe) are all in great shape and the ending is unpredictable and terrifying … and perfect.

Currently not available on platforms. Look for it in the video library!


8 Thriller Movies


Seven the movie. This is the film that the director consecrated David Fincher.

David Fincher’s cinema between mystery and unpredictability

What is Seven about? Seven is about two detectives (Brad Pitt And Morgan Freeman) investigating atrocious murders in one New York rotten and rainy.

Again, it is a film about human cruelty and the city becomes a metaphor to tell about an evil and cruel world.

It leaves no room for hope and is not at all consoling but, incredibly, it cashed in over 300 million dollars.

However, unlike Living and Dying in Los Angeles, and despite the grim conclusion of the story, the film encourages not to “give up”.

The closing sentence is a quote:

“Ernest Hemingway once wrote: The world is a beautiful place, and it is worth fighting for. I agree with the second part “

The film is on Prime video

8 Thriller Movies

The Girl in the Fog

Directorial debut film by Donato Carrisi which transposes his novel of the same name.

It’s about a detective who has to find the killer of a missing girl (because he already knows she is dead).

Talk about the spectacularization media cases and how often macabre events are spectacularized by the media.

Plot pressing but not hectic, good actors (especially Toni Servillo but most of all Alessio Boni) And excellent direction which always maintains a good pace.

In short, everything is calibrated to the right point.

The film is on Netflix

The Guilty

The Guilty

It’s a movie danese which, in some ways, collects the legacy of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Window on the Courtyard… without, however, putting a window in it.

It tells of a policeman who answers a call for help from a woman and, without ever leaving the room, tries to help her.

The subject matter could be summarized in one sentence: “We must take responsibility”.

However, regardless of the message he wants to give us, it is a film that keeps us on our toes from start to finish and tells a lot showing little, indeed nothing.

The characters are characterized so well that they seem real, even those whose voice we only hear on the phone (perhaps especially them).

They gave him a Hollywood remake with Jake Gyllenhaal in 2021 distributed by Netflix.

The original it’s surely improve.

The film is on Prime Video

The Departed

Thanks to this masterpiece, Martin Scorsese won the first (and to date the only one) Oscar for best director.

It’s about a policeman who infiltrates the gang of a mafia boss, while a man loyal to the criminal infiltrates the police.

It is the remake of a Hong Kong film and deserves to enter the history of cinema if only for the screenplay by William Monahan which is perfect from every point of view: from the plot, to the characters up to the dialogues.

The cast is formed practically only by stars: Leonardo di Caprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg, Martin Sceen and they are all in very full form.

As for Scorsese’s direction… it’s by Scorsese and there’s nothing more to say.

He won 4 Oscars in total: Best Film, Best Direction, Best Screenplay and Best Editing.

As an international intrigue: it is a timeless masterpiece!

Currently not available on platforms. Look for it in the video library!



Joker the movie! The last film that we propose does not need many presentations since his success it is quite recent.

This is the film that earned the Oscar a Joaquin Phoenix and which tells the genesis of the most famous clown in the history of comics and cinema.

It is, indisputably, a hybridization between the genus Cinecomics and the cinema of first Scorsese.

The director (author of the The Hangover Trilogy) cited as sources of inspiration: Taxi Driver, Raging Bull And King for one night.

It’s not a classic superhero movie, not so much for the violence (psychological but also a little visual), but rather for the realism and the drama facts.

The whole is one metaphor to tell the society of the present and of how certain characters come to lose their reason for direct or indirect reasons.

After all, this is what the film is about: the fall of a poor thing inside the abyss of madness.

The final scene it is simple but powerful and it tells us the ambiguity of the character, constantly halfway between being victim And executioner.

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8 Thriller Movies To See Once In A Lifetime