A new movie about Predator is coming in streaming: the alien who challenged Schwarzenegger

The frontiers of horror know no borders. 4 years after the last film arrived at the cinema – it was 2018 -, the “myth” of Predator returns but this time in streaming and on Disney + in a prequel, available in the catalog from August 5th. Anyone who was born and raised during the 1980s should know the very well franchise cinematographic of Predator who rewrote the rules ofhorror. Using all the clichés of the genre, brothers Jim and John Thomas have brought to the big screen one of the most beloved characters of all time joining the big stars of Michael Myers and Freddy Kruger. Today, with a view to a great rediscovery of a very famous brand, di Predator relives in a film that serves as a prequel to the whole (or almost) the franchise, recounting the first encounter between the human race and the humanoid who fights with advanced technology weapons.

Prey is the fifth film of the saga and has a cast of very young actors serving a story full of action and twists. Although it is available on Disney +, the feature film escapes all the “limits” imposed by the house of Mickey – so for once there is no talk of politically correct – bringing in streaming a tale of human madness, where nothing is what it seems. We got to preview the film and now we explain why the character of Predator still inspires fear despite 25 years have passed since its first appearance.

300 years back in time for the genesis of Predator: what the film is about

Set in what was once called the Comancheria, the Native American territory that is now included in the state of New Mexico, the story focuses on the young Naru. She is an extremely fierce and skilled woman. Raised with the dream of becoming one of the Slayers living on the Great Plain, Naru lives on the edge of the society, protecting his people from threats from outside the camp. It is the year 1716. These are dark times, full of barbarism and the natives are still being swamped by the European conquerors.

One day, while on a hunt, Naru discovers that his next prey has nothing human. The girl is faced with a being of superhuman strength and who is brandishing weapons of unknown origin. The Predator who arrived on Earth thanks to a spaceship begins to claim its first victims. Naru, determined more than ever to save her people, will come face to face with the mysterious creature, setting in motion a very addictive cat and mouse game.

“A film told from an all-female point of view”

At the helm of the project is director Dan Trachetengerg, known for directing some episodes of Black Mirror and of The Boys. It is in one Press conference live from Los Angeles explaining how and why the idea of ​​writing a prequel to the Predator saga was born. “The project began immediately after shooting 10 Cloverfield Lane was completed. It was 2016 – he reveals -. Then some events, such as the Fox-Disney merger and the pandemic, significantly delayed its genesis – he adds -. The inspiration it was a sort of confluence between an action film, told from a female point of view, and a graft of heart and many emotions “. What has come out is a very dignified film, which entertains and which pierces the screen. Where history is slow and very obvious, it is there that convinces‘setting which is capable of faithfully reconstructing the uses and customs of the time. “For me it was a dream. I used all the knowledge I learned when I was little – explains the executive producer -. It felt like taking a trip back in time to the places where my ancestors lived. We shot it in English and in Comanche language. We wanted a very authentic film. “

The first film hit theaters in 1987

The script was initially completed in May 1984 and was presented under the title of Hunters. After several rewrites and a change of location, the film went into production in 1986 with a budget of 15 million. Upon its theatrical release, it grossed more than double, reaching nearly $ 100 million. The first film is set during the war in Vietnam on a military rescue mission. Led by an iconic Arnold Schwarzenegger, fresh from his success with his first film Terminator, the story unfolds in a very simple way but abusing in scenes of violence and blood. The rescue mission soon turns into a fight for survival when an alien runs into Alan “Duch” Schaefer’s team.

In the face of such public success – a little less from critics – in 1990 it was made Predator 2 without the good Schwarzenegger and with the entry of Danny Glover, the star of Lethal Weapon. Only in 2010 was the third film made that saw a bunch of cast members actors known to the television audience. In 2018, chapter number 4 arrives in theaters which, in a certain sense, works as a restart for the whole saga, bringing the story back to where it began in the 80s, but the film was a flop. Now, 4 years later, Predator comes streaming with Preyhoping to give new life to the series.

And then… the meeting with Alien

A success that just knows no equal. In 2014 and then again in 2017, two films arrived at the cinema that saw both collide Predator that Alien in a battle with no holds barred. Alien Vs Predator – where in the cast there was also Raoul Bova in the role of one speleologist of Italian origin – e Alien Vs Predator 2 are inspired by a series of comics that were released in 1989 and later became console video games. The idea of ​​making a film came from the creators of Predator who, convinced of being able to find success among the public, have managed to make the two fight monsters at the cinema in a film that, in fact, was a good success but not such as to be able to create a real franchise. So much so that the third feature film was never confirmed by 20th Century Fox.

What’s behind the Predator name?

They are some kind of monstrous aliens traveling in space only to satisfy their thirst for flesh and blood. They are evil and stop at nothing and, above all, they have hyper-technological weapons. The name of Predator derives from Yautja, who according to science fiction books are humanoids intent on seeking and killing other hostile life forms. They are loosely inspired by the characters that appear in the classics novels from Urania published in the 1950s. Today the Predators are in the third place of the most popular movie characters by the public and the scariest ones.

Jean-Claude Van Damme who turned down a part in the film

Originally, the famous actor and king of action films was supposed to wear the Predator mask in the first film in the series. Accomplice of the fact that he had the fitness suitable and knowledge of martial arts. Van Damme, however, at the last moment turned down the role because he complained that his face would be covered for the duration by a mask and because the suit was so annoying that it prevented movement. Kevin Peter Hall was chosen instead of him, but he took part only in the first two films of the saga.

When Batman fought against Predator

Few are aware that in 1992 the first comic book in which Bruce Wayne finds himself defending Gotham City from the threats of Predator. Written by David Gibbons with the collaboration of the Thomas brothers, the book was a real punch in the stomach for violence and bad language but it was also an unprecedented editorial success so as to complete a trilogy, now available in a single collector’s register.

A new movie about Predator is coming in streaming: the alien who challenged Schwarzenegger