Bonelli comics announced for November 2022

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Sergio Bonelli Publisher presented the comics that it will publish in November 2022. The continuations of the regular newsstand series are excluded from the following list.

32 pages – 21 x 28 cm
color, stapled
€ 5.90

A Magazine designed for fans of the Dragonero animated series: the three young and heroic Paladins from the television screen… directly in your hands! Aimed at school-age audiences, the Magazine contains fun games, trivia from the fantastic world of Dragonero, hilarious new adventures of your favorite heroes and a wonderful gadget attached to each issue!

by Stefano Vietti, Luca Enoch, Riccardo Crosa and Simone Garizio
96 pages – 16 x 21 cm
color, paperback
€ 5.90

The adventures of the young Ian Aranill, the future Dragonero, of his shrewd little sister Myrva and the mighty ogre Gmor are back: three young heroes who challenge dangerous enemies in order to make justice triumph … and to skip a few hours of school! While you enjoy the animated series on television, here are old and new stories of these three bizarre champions of Good, grappling with an opponent whose name says it all: the Puppeteer! What crazy plans for world conquest is he hatching in the dark cave where he hides? Let’s find out together with the fantastic… Dragonero Adventures!

Guarding the night
by Stefano Vietti, Luca Enoch,
Salvatore Porcaro and Gianluca Pagliarani
96 pages – 16 x 21 cm
B / W, paperback
€ 4.40

A new horror has fallen on the Erondár! Hordes of Abominations swarm across the lands of the Empire and neighboring kingdoms, bringing death and devastation! After the terrible tyranny of the Lady of Blood Tears, imposed by the evil Leario, Dragonero and his companions must now face another threat, which has plunged the entire continent into a terrifying and grim “dark age”! An unprecedented season of the most widely read and loved fantasy comic in Italy comes to life… a new beginning masterfully orchestrated by the narrative talent of the two creators of the series: Stefano Vietti and Luca Enoch!

Red sun
by Stefano Vietti and Giuseppe Matteoni
128 pages – 16 x 21 cm
color, paperback
€ 7.90

In the final phase of the rebellion, Ian and Gmor found themselves involved in a special mission: to reach a city north of the Flurhefindhe to retrieve a series of maps. A risky mission… and Ian, Gmor and Myrva found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time: where the undead summoned by Jeranas the Necromancer arose! Where the first fight between the living and the dead took place… A small leap into the recent past for a great story, signed by Stefano Vietti for the pencils of a master like Giuseppe Matteoni! And a tasty “surprise”, unusual for the Specials, but, we are sure, very much appreciated by the fans …

by Alessandro Bilotta and Sergio Gerasi
72 pages – 22 x 30 cm
color, hardcover
ISBN 978-88-6961-730-0
€ 17.00

A new series written by Alessandro Bilotta, which sets the story of Alceste Santacroce in a futuristic Rome, in which the sixties are back in fashion. Elegant journalist and a bit snobbish of a gossip weekly, he loves to sink into the rottenness of those environments that range from cinema, to fashion, to TV, to politics. Under the guise of an apparently ridiculous scoop, Alceste will actually shed light on the human characters behind the scenes of a plastic universe, who ended up in that web after cultivating dreams and disappointments. Eternity is the fresco of a chaotic contemporary Hell. A world made up of television studios, palaces of power, apartments of the Rome that counts, miserable places in the suburbs that look with enchantment at the illusory lights of the city.

by Michele Medda, Bepi Vigna, Adriano Barone and Sergio Giardo
144 pages – 22 x 30 cm color, hardcover
€ 23.00

After the volume dedicated to the team-up between Flash and Zagor, now comes the second meeting between a Bonelli hero and none other than the entire Justice League, the best-known superhero group in the DC universe. Special Agent Alpha and his companions, first of all Legs Weaver, will be alongside Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman and all the other most powerful heroes on Earth, to fight a terrible threat to the Planet and the entire universe. . This long adventure not only tells a dramatic battle between good and evil, but is also the meeting of different characters, of different ideas of justice, of human beings and almost divine beings who will have to find a balance to reach the final goal. .

by Jacopo Camagni, Marco B. Bucci, Eleonora Caruso, Flavia biondi, Giulio Macaione and Stefano Martinuz
72 pages – 22 x 30 cm
color, hardcover
€ 17.00

The first of the 4 volumes that make up the awaited Simulacri series arrives, whose plot represents an absolute novelty in the Bonelli universe; Simulacri, in fact, presents itself as a manifesto of the social media generation, which blends mysteries and surprising sentimental dramas. Jacopo Camagni and Marco Bucci, assisted by Eleonora Caruso to the texts, Flavia Biondi and Giulio Macaione to the drawings and Stefano Martinuz to the colors, have created an interweaving that revolves around the relationships in our convulsive present; a story of feelings and passions that soon, behind a veneer of false normality, reveals disturbing implications. Someone begins to haunt the protagonists with sinister messages on mobile phones, but the story takes on increasingly distressing colors, bringing to light a dense network of relationships, murky secrets and hidden passions.

by Maurizio de Giovanni, Paolo Terracciano and Luigi Siniscalchi
192 pages – 19 x 26 cm color, hardcover
€ 22.00

The series of graphic novels that translate the events of Commissioner Ricciardi into comics continues. With this title the series reaches the thirteenth volume (10 novels and 3 collections of short stories). Ricciardi finds himself investigating the world of entertainment in an episode marked by the melancholy notes of the song Rundinella. Actress Fedora Marra dies on the stage of the Splendor Theater, killed by a prop pistol held by her husband. Ricciardi is convinced that “the theater offers a jumble of false emotions, where love is always good and hatred always bad”, and that the terrible fact of blood is as illusory as the glories that animate Naples in anticipation of the New Year. To understand the reasons for this murder, he will have to force the culprit to throw off the mask and reveal his motives.

by Gianluigi Bonelli and Aurelio Galleppini
512 pages – 16 x 21 cm
B / W, paperback
€ 17.00

Montales is one of the best known characters in the Tex Willer universe. A former Mexican outlaw who later became governor, despite his political and government commitments, he continues to harbor the adventurer’s fire! This volume, which returns in a new edition, collects the first adventures that Tex and Montales see together, since their eventful meeting during the Mexican Revolution.

by Claudio Nizzi and Giovanni Ticci
240 pages – 28 x 37 cm
B / W, hardcover
€ 34.90

After Villa, Magnus and Kubert, we present in this collector’s series another master of comics, the Sienese Giovanni Ticci (20 April 1940), loved by generations of readers since his first Tex story, 1968 Indian Vendetta. written by Claudio Nizzi who will take Tex and Carson to the papago reserve on the trail of a gang of criminals determined to desecrate the “pueblo perdido” in search of the fabulous riches it hides, challenging the curse that hangs over those ancient walls.

by Guido Nolitta and Gallieno Ferri
304 pages – 22 x 31 cm color, hardcover
€ 28.00

Strenna 2022 presents one of the most classic and beloved stories of the Spirit with the Hatchet, an action-packed adventure that sees Zagor once again fighting for justice and on the side of the weakest. Some Indians kidnap the son of Colonel Howard, commander of Fort Holborn. Howard then decides to bring in the Black Wolves, a group of ruthless mercenaries led by the fanatic Otto Kraus. Zagor tries to find Howard’s son before they arrive, but is badly injured by the warlike Wolf Tooth Mohican! Healed by the sympathetic sorcerer Many Eyes, our hero manages to free Howard’s son, who is actually kidnapped by a white merchant intent on unleashing an Indian war. But Kraus doesn’t want to withdraw his mercenaries: the Black Wolves will attack the Indian villages anyway!

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Bonelli comics announced for November 2022