Chucky is going to make another massacre in season 2 [bande

The evil doll invites herself to a Catholic school to the tune of “Losing My Religion”. And it’s also the return of Glen/Glenda!

The first season of chucky was there to connect all the plots of the first films, bringing back both the doll in which the evil spirit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray (Brad Dourif) came to life, created by Don Mancini in 1988, but also his fiancée Tiffany and her human version played by Jennifer Tilly (appearing ten years later), as well as Nica, a young woman also possessed by the spirit of Chucky (since 2013) and who is played by the original actor’s own daughter, Fiona Dourif. In addition to orchestrating these terrible reunions, the series was also responsible for highlighting new heroes, a group of endearing teenagers notably led by Jack (Zackary Arthur) and his lover Devin (Bjorgvin Arnarson).

Excluded – Jennifer Tilly: “My life with Chucky”

Season 1 having done well on SyFy and USA Network, its sequel was shot in stride and will be offered to American audiences shortly before Halloween, from October 5th. In France, will it be broadcast on Salto a little later, as for the first season? For the moment, it does not have a VF broadcast date, but SyFy has just shared its trailer, which promises to be perfectly in the vein of the first episodes, with its violent murders and reflections on society: homophobia and blind faith are in particular openly criticized there by showing from the outset the murders of a nun, then of a priest, by Chucky, while the young heroes are sent to a Catholic school “to learn from their mistakes and sins” (read: their homosexuality). In the background, a remix of “Losing my Religion” emphasizes the irony of these situations. We also see Glen/Glenda, the child of Tiff’ and Chucky, who was at the heart of the film Chucky’s Son (2004) and which is here divided into two characters played by non-binary actor Lachlan Watson. And they are more surprised that their mother has become a lesbian than a murderer!

At the beginning of the year, Jennifer Tilly confided in First that these criticisms of homophobia or sexism were an important part of the Chucky universe: “In Seed of Chucky, I’m giving birth to our terrifying baby doll, Glen/Glenda: for Chucky, it’s a boy, for Tiff, it’s a girl (but the VF decided for “Chucky’s Son”editor’s note). The joke always goes further. At the same time, this very present humor makes it possible to approach strong subjects, such as homosexuality or transidentity. Or I can throw a feminist jab at Chucky in the middle of one of our bickering. (…) In the series, my character and Nica/Chucky are therefore in a relationship, as‘Tiffany’s spirit in Jennifer Tilly’s body’ and ‘spirit of Chucky in Nica’s body’. Tiff’ prefers when she is Nica, it makes her reflect on her love/hate relationship with Chucky, she finally begins to emancipate herself from him. This dynamic is adored by fans of the saga, and by me too. At my age (63 years old), we don’t often offer explicit scenes like that anymore. (…) With this concept ‘meta’, we can add lots of winks to my own life. Tiffany loves poker (Jennifer Tilly, she is a real champion, editor’s note)she makes fun of her weight, her age or throws a valve on Bound, simply because the director is a big fan of this Wachowski film. where I already had a sapphic relationship, it’s really an important theme of the show, not just a joke. It’s also tackled in a softer way with two of the young heroes, Jack and Devin.” Season 2 will obviously continue to address these same themes.

chucky will therefore soon return with its bloody crimes and black humor. The production also shared its poster, also only available in VO, for now.

Chucky: The cast of Bound reunited in season 2, the series will continue its meta jokes!

Chucky is going to make another massacre in season 2 [bande-annonce]