‘Disenchanted’ Stars on Sequel’s 15

Fifteen years after the release of Delightedafter Disillusioned is finally making its debut – and even its stars weren’t sure the day would ever come.

“To be honest with you, I didn’t think that would happen. When they told me it was okay, I had heard that before and I was convinced that no, it won’t,” Patrick Dempsey said. The Hollywood Reporter at the film’s premiere in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

“I thought it was going to happen for the first 12 years and then maybe I was better off going and doing other things and crossing my fingers. After a while you expect that not to happen,” co-star James Marsden added. “But I knew there were a lot of moving parts and they finally got the script and Alan [Menken] and Etienne [Schwartz] put the music together and Amy was on board. It felt like it could happen now.

Marsden jokingly added that he started to wonder, “Are we going to be recast because it’s 15 years later?”

In fact, quite the contrary, as Disillusioned is a rare sequel welcoming back its entire star-studded cast, including Amy Adams, Dempsey, Marsden and Idina Menzel, with Maya Rudolph also joining the ensemble. This film is set years after the original, with Giselle (Adams) and Robert (Dempsey) living in the suburbs when Giselle accidentally transforms the whole town into a real-life fairy tale – which also means transforming into the evil stepmother. classic.

“It was so much fun to be able to twist Giselle’s idea of ​​herself, and to do it in front of all of my partners from the first movie and Maya and all of our new additions, it was just exciting,” Adams said. .

Rudolph stars as the local queen bee, who ends up going up against Adams as the two seek to be the town’s top villain. “Don’t tell me who you think won, we’ll just let it go for now,” Adams joked.

As part of their villain-off, the two share a song and dance number, which Rudolph said they “worked our little butts out for.”

“It was one of those films where you really had to practice and I worked on the song every day – I’m never so responsible! I worked on the song every day and did my choreography, got my little shoes,” Rudolph continued. “It was really exciting, it felt like all those years of being a theater nerd had really paid off, all those musical theater productions that I was involved in. It was my happy place.

Director and executive producer Adam Shankman said Rudolph was his first choice to play the opposing villain, which Adams was immediately on board with. “The idea of ​​this one-on-one was just too hard to resist,” he said.

Adams and Rudolph weren’t the only ones immersed in the musical numbers, as Dempsey also got his first, which he said “was really, really fun.” It was nerve-wracking at first, but it was really fun trying to figure out your voice, hitting the notes, and slowly building the song. Even the dancing was fun.

Menzel, who surprisingly did not sing in Delighted, gets his own song. Because the film was shot during the pandemic, she revealed that she recorded the voice used in the film in her bedroom closet. The actress also shares some musical moments with Marsden.

The actor joked that Menzel is “a good song partner in the sense that she’s going to make you sound good, but not a good song partner in the way that you’re just going to pale in comparison to her. So it’s like which one is it? We will see!”

As for how the sequel will compare to the beloved original, Shankman said he tried to keep the same tone and tropes and “a loving nod to Disney” from the first film while bringing quite a different plot.

“It became more of a family thing. The first movie was basically a romantic comedy, but it also relied on Giselle being a fish out of water. She’s not a fish out of water anymore, so we had to make everyone a fish out of water,” he said. “Unless you wanted her to have marital issues with Robert, which we didn’t want to do, the rom-com wasn’t there so much, so it was about creating all the energy that gives the impression that Delightedwith a whole new set of rules.

Disillusioned begins streaming on Disney+ on Friday.

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