Disney announced the second part of Inside Out and the first images of the new version of The Little Mermaid were revealed

ANAHEIM, Calif.– Ariel, the little mermaid, adjusts her bushy red hair and her fish tail to take her photo. The photos, actually, because as soon as other of the many attendees of the first day of Expo D23, the convention that brings together Disney fans, everyone wants to take an image of the careful costume of the dedicated cosplayer. A while later, the fans of the popular animated film released in 1989 received a dream gift: as part of the presentation of the studio’s next films in full celebration of its first centenary, the first preview of the new version of the children’s classic was shown, but this time starring flesh and blood actors. On stage, director Rob Marshall (Chicago), featured one of the film’s most iconic musical sequences and its star, singer and actress Halle Bailey. A small and emotional first look that will help to wait with more patience for the film that is in the post-production process and will hit theaters in 2023. But of course, Ariel was not the only princess who reappeared on stage on the first day of the convention.

Before the presentation of The little Mermaid, Amy Adams was Giselle again, her character in Nice to meet you, to introduce the sequel to the hit 2007 movie. Along with Patrick Dempsey, Idina Menzel, James Mardsen and Maya Rudolph, Adams presented the latest trailer for disenchanted Coming to Disney+ at the end of November. And to complete the trilogy of princesses, Gal Gadot and Rachel Zegler took the stage to show the first images of the version with actors of Snow Whitethe first feature film of the Disney studios, which will be released in 2023 as part of the celebrations for the hundred years. “It was so much fun being the villain and being on the opposite end of the characters that I usually play,” explained Gadot, who plays the evil queen in the story.

As has been the case for a few years now, the studio’s announcements, both among its animated productions and those starring actors, are easily recognizable and not only by the thousands of fans who made the pilgrimage this weekend to Anaheim, on the outskirts of Los Angeles, to attend the convention and visit Disneylandyour place in the world. Proud of its content library full of all-time classics, the Disney studios participate, like few others, in Hollywood’s favorite game, the constant recycling of its intellectual property. His chest of successes is so deep that among all the previews of the films of the next few years announced yesterday there were few original titles. A creative direction that, it must be said, a good part of the public celebrates.

After all, One of the loudest ovations of the evening went to the sequel to Abra Cadabrathe comedy starring Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimi, which will be available from September 30 on Disney +. It will also be seen on the streaming platform this year Peter Pan & Wendya new return to the characters created by JM Barrie, in which Jude Law plays Captain Hook. And to add to the list of proposals with a past in tow, yesterday too A short sequence of Mufasa, the prequel to The Lion Kingwhich is directed by Oscar winner Barry Jenkins and would be released in 2025. Before that, a new version of The haunted mansion, that failed family film starring Eddie Murphy which, in turn, was based on one of the most popular games in the Disney parks.

James Marsden and Idina Menzel, during the presentation of Disenchanted, at the D23 Expocourtesy Disney – Getty Images North America

Among the many contents that will be revealed this weekend at the convention, some of the most anticipated are those of pixar. And the study in the process of readjustment and change since the pandemic did not disappoint. Especially when confirmed the sequel Intensely by 2024. Pixar president, director and screenwriter Pete Docterbegan his presentation by talking about Elementarythe studio’s 27th film which will be released next year; and followed with a novelty: Win or Losethe first Pixar original series to be available on Disney+ in 2023. For the following year, in addition to the return of Riley and all the emotions of him, Docter added to the list to Eliothe story of a boy who feels like he doesn’t fit in anywhere until he becomes Earth’s interstellar representative.

Elemental is the 27th film from Pixar, which will be released next year
Elemental is the 27th film from Pixar, which will be released next yearcourtesy Disney

Starting point and motor of the Disney studios since its inception in 1923, animation will accordingly have a central place in the centenary celebrations. Therefore, in addition to advancing details of the premiere of Zootopia+the series dedicated to the animal world of the 2016 film, which will premiere later this year on Disney+ and Iwájú, the first co-production between the studio and three young African creators that will also be available on the platform, a secret project inspired by the studio’s hundred years has been revealed. Is about a musical feature film to be called Wish and will tell the story of the kingdom of rosesa mythical land where the intrepid Asha, to whom Oscar winner Ariana DeBose (Love without barriers) will lend you the voice, you will discover the secrets that no one else knows. Before, next November 24 will be released Strange worldan adventure story that will also explore the ties that unite or separate parents and children that will feature the voices of Jake Gyllenhall, Dennis Quaid and Lucy Liu.

Oscar winner Ariana DeBose performed one of the songs from Wish, at the Anaheim Convention Center
Oscar winner Ariana DeBose performed one of the songs from Wish, at the Anaheim Convention Centercourtesy Disney – Getty Images North America

Disney announced the second part of Inside Out and the first images of the new version of The Little Mermaid were revealed