Do you remember the alfajor?: The most interesting curiosities of “Rojo y Miel” on his return to TVN

Do you remember the alfajor?: The most interesting curiosities of “Rojo y Miel” on his return to TVN –

Twenty-eight years after its original premiere in the evening slot of TVN, during the second half of 1994, the emblematic nineties TV series “Rojo y Miel” is back in the afternoons, coming to occupy the slot that will go between the last chapters of “Sucupira” and the retransmission of “Pampa Ilusión”, starting this Tuesday in the block of classic productions.

To commemorate the revival of the well-remembered fiction starring Bastián Bodenhöfer, Ángela Contreras and Felipe Camiroaga, which will take place starting this Tuesday, August 16, at Fotech we have made a selection with some attractive data about its behind the scenes , especially for those who enjoy remembering the most unforgettable stories of the so-called “golden age of TV series”.

  • One of the freak facts most mentioned by nostalgic TV fans is the memory of the “Rojo y Miel” alfajor, which was a great sales success. It consisted of a chocolate cake that had a raspberry sauce inside and its price varied between $100 and $150 pesos at the time. Some sites claim that even, due to its high sales in newsstands and micros, it was re-launched four years after the original premiere, for the repetition of the TV series.
  • Along the same lines, the fiction was broadcast twice, first in 1998 at 3:30 p.m. and the last time in 2002 at 4:00 p.m., so this 2022 broadcast will be the third.
  • According to magazines of the time, the tentative title with which the authors first worked was “Woman’s Word”.
  • Outstanding actress Paola Volpato debuted in the genre with the character of Isabel, while Amparo Noguera and Alejandra Fosalba did their first job on TVN, emigrating together from the production broadcast the previous semester on Channel 13, “Champagne.”
  • Second and last stable character of Felipe Camiroaga in TV series, before dedicating himself entirely to television hosting. The previous year in “Checkmate”, he had participated with a co-starring role and in “Rojo y Miel”, he was promoted to the main antagonist of Javier Escudero.
  • After the success of “Ámame”, in the second half of 1993, TVN bets again on the romantic duo of Ángela Contreras and Bastián Bodenhöfer for the leading couple, despite the fact that later the actors do not work together again in dramatic productions. .
  • Connected to the above, the screenwriter Daniella Castagno, who wrote the scripts with her father Néstor Castagno, confessed on the state channel’s “Fruto Prohibido” program that the story of the main couple was inspired by her own love story with her husband and father of her children.
  • Second production directed entirely by the figure of María Eugenia Rencoret, current leader of Mega’s Dramatic Area who, after years working in other positions, had debuted in 1993 as main director with the successful “Ámame”.
  • Despite the fact that Camiroaga appears as the role of the main villain, Solange Lackington stood out with her evil character of Valeria, for which, according to what she said in interviews, they even denied her boarding the minibuses due to the rejection that her role caused in people.
  • In the last stage of the plot, the children of two actors who were part of the cast make special appearances, and who coincidentally, over the years would follow in the same footsteps as their parents in acting. They are Carolina Arredondo and Damián Bodenhöfer, respective children of Claudio Arredondo and Bastián Bodenhöfer.
  • As a final piece of information, the well-known central theme “I’m thinking of you” performed by Keko Yunge, had been presented some time before in the context of the Viña Festival International Competition, being rejected in the pre-selection stage. However, tvN finally put its interest in “rescuing” the song in a certain way, resulting in a musical success that is remembered to this day by fans.

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Do you remember the alfajor?: The most interesting curiosities of “Rojo y Miel” on his return to TVN –