Dragon Ball Super: here’s why the return of this great villain is a bad omen for Vegeta

Earlier in the month, we already showed you this scene from Dragon Ball Super particularly violent and not recommended for sensitive souls. And while fans were able to witness the return of this big bad cult of the universe dragonballthe reappearance of the character seems to pose a new threat to our protagonists, and in particular to one of them, often the victim of his worst abuses.

DISCLAIMER: This article contains spoilers for Chapter 87 of Dragon Ball Super, if you’re going to read it, look no further.

an unexpected return?

With the latest chapter, Chapter 87 released just over a month ago, fans were finally able to witness the end of the Granola the Boy Who Lived arc, marking the end of an arc that spanned nearly two years. , and that has to say the least divided the fans. In this final chapter, fans were finally able to discover the outcome of the terrible clash between Gas and the Heaters against Goku and Vegeta., then joined by Granola. But as the Saiyans and the Cerealian struggled against who had become “the most powerful in the universe”, Gas finally breathed his last.

And it was not thanks to the protagonists that this was made possible, but rather by the unexpected arrival of an emblematic villain of the franchise, namely Frieza. Indeed, while the heroes had been struggling for a long time against Gas, who always managed to stand up to them, the arrival of Frieza will put a definitive end to the conflict. The intergalactic tyrant will easily defeat the most powerful member of the Heaters, but he will also be able to disable the two Saiyans, thanks to a brand new form, called Black Frieza.

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The latest revelations regarding Frieza’s training in another dimension suggest that the villain would have reached a new stage of power, able to surpass the most powerful forms of Goku and Vegeta, namely Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego. And like Goku’s questioning, fans might also wonder if it’s Frieza, the infamous oracle warrior predicted to be the most powerful in the universe. In any case one thing is certain, the reappearance of the character, which moreover has a new formidable formsuggests that the Saiyans will soon have to face their eternal enemy.

Vegeta’s nemesis

Among the recurring enemies of the protagonists of the universe dragonball, Frieza is probably at the top of the list, the character having made many appearances in the various works. And when we look at it in more detail, we notice that it is often the cause of the death of many characters, and this is particularly the case for Vegeta.

Indeed, to date, Vegeta has died at least three times since the beginning of his existence in dragonball, and the majority of his deaths were caused by Frieza. The first time he finds death, it will be during Frieza’s saga, when the latter had reached his “final” form and that Vegeta thought he had reached the legendary Super Saiyan level. Unfortunately the Prince of the Saiyans was still far from the mark, and will not be able to face the tyrant of the universe, who will finally get the better of him. The character’s second death occurs in Majin Boo’s saga, as the Saiyan sacrifices himself in an explosion in order to kill Boo and save his loved ones, though to no avail.

Dragon Ball: ¿cuántas veces ha muerto Vegeta?

Finally, Vegeta’s third death appeared in Dragon Ball Super with Frieza’s Resurrection arc. At this point, the two face each other at their fullest powers, with Vegeta in Super Saiyan Blue and Frieza in his Golden Frieza form.. And while Vegeta had the upper hand over him, Frieza will decide to put in place his backup strategy, namely to destroy the entire planet. Vegeta will then be blown away in the blast, though Whis quickly reversed Frieza’s actions.

Knowing that history is (too?) often repeated, we can then easily wonder if the return of the character can be synonymous with bad news for the Prince of the Saiyans, especially since his reappearance with his new transformation, Black Frieza, allowed him to stop the heroes in their most powerful forms.


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Dragon Ball Super: here’s why the return of this great villain is a bad omen for Vegeta