Halloween 2022: these 5 terrifying films will keep you awake!

How do you plan to celebrate Halloween 2022? In front of a good horror movie of course! Discover the 5 to watch to tremble!

To tremble with fear during Halloween, nothing better than watching a movie. Yes, but not just any! Discover the 5 to have at home that evening urgently. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Halloween 2022: The top 5 horror movies to watch to shiver

On October 31, we celebrate Halloween 2022. A party that appeals mainly to young and old alike. And which allows dress up for fun. For Halloween, it is also recommended to play greedy!

As we know, this celebration which comes to us from the United States, invites children to knock on doors to ask for candy. And if you please yours with this range of food products to delight the little monsters?

The older ones will choose to sit in front of a good horror film to tremble all evening. Yes, but you still have to know which one… Horror films, there are hundreds of them. But rather discover the top 5 that MCE TV has selected for you!

Insidious by James Wan (2011)

This is a perfect movie to scare yourself during this Halloween 2022. Haunted house, paranormal phenomena, doors slamming by themselves… Everything is there to spend a moment of guaranteed thrill.

The story begins as always with the installation of an uneventful family in their new home. It is then that things will start to go wrong.

Dalton, the eldest son, will fall into a deep coma without medical explanation. Then, really strange and terrifying things will appear over time. escalate anxiety to its climax. A good evening in perspective therefore, for fans of the genre!

Espace Game by Adam Robitel (2019)

This is a film that will also know its little success to celebrate Halloween 2022. If you liked Squid Game, Cube Where Alice in Borderlandyou’ll love Espace Game which has all the ingredients to spin the jitters!

The scenario calls six people trapped in an escape game organized by a mysterious society. But the game will quickly turn into a nightmare and even become deadly.

To get out of this escape game of all dangers, the six protagonists will therefore have to show intelligence and composure. This is a good film to sweat profusely!

Halloween 2022 these 5 terrifying movies will keep you awake!

Us by Jordan Peele (2019)

If you trembled with get-outyou will be served with Us. This psychological thriller which will confront the members of the same family with their Doppelgänger!

Their evil doubles will make them see all the colors. And the family home will become the scene of a real nightmare where everyone will have to fight for their survival. Another film to put in all hands for Halloween 2022.

Grave by Julia Ducourneau (2017)

Cock-a-doodle Doo ! This is a French film, which when it was released was a great success. The story of Severe tells that of a vegetarian who enters a veterinary school to study there.

Said like that, nothing frightening in appearance. But only in appearance… Because after having been forced to eat raw rabbit kidney, the apprentice vet will have only one fixed idea: to eat human flesh! Atmosphere guaranteed!

It: Chapter 2 by Andy Muschietti (2019)

And we end up with the most terrible of all! It: Chapter 2 is indeed enough to make everyone night terrors during this Halloween 2022.

Adapted from the work of Stephen Kingthe film depicts Pennywise’s urge to claim new victims in the small town of Derry.

Pissed at being beaten by the Losers Club in 1989, The Sinister Clown decided to return to claim more victims.

Halloween 2022: these 5 terrifying films will keep you awake!