Halloween: 5 scary movies to watch at the cinema

Fancy a thrilling evening? Here are the horror films to see in theaters to celebrate Halloween with dignity.

There’s nothing like a good Halloween horror movie! Discover 6 feature films to see at the cinema to tremble this October 31.

Smile – In theaters since September 28

Paramount Pictures

Forbidden to children under 12 with warning – Surprise success of the month of September with already more than 145 million dollars in revenue worldwide, the film Smile will make you want to smile…Directed by Parker Finn , the feature film worn by Sosie Bacon, Jessie T. Usher, Kyle Gallner and Caitlin Stasey, follows Rose (Bacon), a psychiatrist whose life turns into a nightmare after a traumatic incident involving one of her patients. Overwhelmed by a mysterious force, Rose will have to confront her past to try to survive… A clever and effective horror film that avoids clichés and will give you nightmares. The theme of the nightmare is also what inspired the director who declares: “Do you see the fear you feel when you wake up from a nightmare? This feeling of panic that persists, even if you are aware that it was not not real… I wanted Smile to capture this discomfort on screen.”

Hallowenn Ends – In theaters October 12

Universal Pictures

Prohibited to children under 12 with warning – 44 years after the release of John Carpenter’s Halloween film, The Night of the Masks, the Halloween saga comes to an end with Halloween Ends. Last part of the trilogy started in 2018 by director David Gordon Green and producer Jason Blum, the feature film is sprinkled with nods to other films by the master of horror John Carpenter. The director points out: “For example, I was inspired by Christine and Fog. You find your inspiration in unexpected places.” So keep your eyes open! In this film which takes place 4 years after the events of Halloween Kills, Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) lives with her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak). Michael Myers no longer showed up (and seems to be struggling to recover from the wounds of the second opus). Laurie has finally decided to free herself from fear and anger and turn towards life. But Laurie will have to face one last time the evil forces that escape her, in a surge of violence and terror… A bloody and effective conclusion.

The Devil’s Prey – In theaters since October 26


Prohibited for children under 12 – The director of The Last Exorcism is back with a new possession film: The Devil’s Prey. The feature film starts from a real observation: according to the Vatican archives, requests for exorcism have increased considerably in recent years. In this film, the Catholic Church has secretly reopened exorcism schools. Sister Ann (Jacqueline Byers), a young nun, stands out as a promising fighter. But her soul is in danger because evil forces are mysteriously linked to her traumatic past: the devil has chosen her and he wants to enter… Having become a subgenre of horror film thanks to The Exorcist by William Friedkin in 1974, the exorcism and possession film has become a very popular category. And it is sometimes complicated to still manage to surprise the most seasoned spectators. Director Daniel Stamm explains as follows: “In exorcism films, you have obligatory passages like levitation,… But I tried to breathe in new things and to ensure that the main character has a true story to tell. I wished Sister Ann had experienced things before having to deal with these paranormal phenomena.”

Nosferatu – In theaters since October 26

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Released in 1922, Nosferatu le vampire by German expressionist filmmaker Friedrich-Wilhelm Murnau is back in theaters to celebrate its 100th anniversary. The film is set in 1838 Thomas Hutter, an estate agent’s clerk, leaves his wife Ellen for Count Orlok’s castle in the Carpathian Mountains. There, he discovers that the count is in fact Nosferatu the vampire (played by Max Schreck). He leaves his castle in a coffin filled with earth and, after a sailing trip during which he decimates the terrified crew, Nosferatu will take delivery of his new home, located opposite that of Hutter and Ellen… This unofficial adaptation of the famous novel Dracula (published in 1897) by Bram Stoker, almost disappeared. If the story is very similar to that of Stoker’s work, the screenwriter has changed the names of the characters and modified several elements. But the liberties taken by the director and screenwriter angered the writer’s widow, Florence Stoker. She took legal action, demanding the destruction of the negative and all copies. But Nosferatu was finally saved, thanks to a defense committee, and many copies were kept. This classic horror film that has inspired many directors has a political and social dimension. Filmed just after the First World War, Nosferatu, the vampire would, according to some, foreshadow the horrors of the Nazis to come, while for others it is, on the contrary, an anti-Semitic work in certain respects. The critical debate thus raged when the film was released. Its revival in a restored version is the perfect opportunity to (re)discover this classic that gave birth to the vampire film.

Super Z – In theaters October 31

Origin Movies

Forbidden to children under 12 with warning – If you want to laugh for Halloween, it’s also possible with Super Z. In this horrific comedy by Julien de Volte and Arnaud Tabarly, a family of genetically modified zombies escape from the clandestine laboratory who created them. Finally free, and despite the mercenaries launched in their footsteps, they set out to conquer our world. The originality of this zombie film lies in the fact that it is shot from the zombies’ point of view. They specify: “By mixing horror and comedy, we draw the burlesque portrait of a blended family of zombies gifted with reason and speech.” The film is carried by Julien Courbey, Johan Libéreau, Audrey Giacomini, Fabien Ara and Marion Mezadorian.

X – In theaters November 2 (and in preview for Halloween)


Prohibited for children under 16 – The first part of a trilogy (with the prequel Pearl and Maxxine), Ti West’s slasher X impressed the Hollywood industry and fans of genre cinema when it was released last March in UNITED STATES. With 94% good reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, the feature film is described as “the sexy heir to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. Led by Mia Goth, Jenna Ortega, Martin Henderson, Brittany Snow and Kid Cudi, the film takes place in the late 70s. A film crew invests an isolated house in the depths of Texas to make an X movie there. nightfall, the owners of the premises surprise the amateur filmmakers in the act. The filming suddenly turns into a nightmare. A tribute to independent achievements, X takes place at a time when mores were in full upheaval, with the sexual revolution in particular. Ti West’s feature film and its sequels shake up the conventions of the genre and bring a breath of fresh air to the sometimes over-formatted horror film industry. And it’s not Martin Scorsese who will say the opposite… The famous filmmaker recently said about the prequel Pearl (released on September 16 in the United States) “I was captivated, then disturbed, then so badly comfortable that I had trouble falling asleep afterwards. But I couldn’t stop staring.” Pearl doesn’t yet have a French release date, but that will likely depend on the box office results of X, which premieres on Halloween on October 31.

Halloween: 5 scary movies to watch at the cinema