Hens on the Run 2: first official image and all the previews on the Netflix movie

In 2023 it will come out Hens on the run 2 aka Chicken Run: Dawn of the Nugget, with the original subtitle “the dawn of the croquette” which evidently winks at the popular chicken nuggets of culinary memory. “Hens on the run 2” will be a Netflix exclusive made with Aardman Animations, a British animation studio specializing in claymotion classics (stop-motion plasticine), see Wallace & Gromit – The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Down the tube, Pirates! Rogue bandits and movies inspired by the TV series Shaun, the sheep’s life.

Plot and cast

The official plot: After managing to escape from the Tweedy farm, Gaia (Ginger in the original edition) has finally achieved her dream: a peaceful island sanctuary for all poultry, away from the dangers of the human world. When she and Rocky become the parents of a chick named Molly, Ginger’s happy ending seems complete. But on land, the entire chicken breed faces a new and terrible threat. For Ginger and her team, even if it means putting their hard-won freedom at risk, it will be time to step in, the mission is to break into their former prison / chicken coop and stop the threat once and for all.

Many of the original voice actors will return to reprise their roles from the original, Jane Horrocks (Baba), Imelda Staunton (Tantona) and Lynn Ferguson (Von) will return for the sequel, joined by new entries Thandiwe Newton and Zachary Levi, who They will play respectively Gaia and Rocky, characters who in the original film were voiced by Julia Sawalha and Mel Gibson. The cast also includes Bella Ramsey who will voice Rocky and Gaia’s daughter Molly, Nick Mohammed as Dr. Fry, and British comedian and actor Romesh Ranganathan confirmed on social media in an unspecified role.


  • The film is directed by Sam Fell, former director of ParaNorman, The adventures of the mouse Despereaux And Down the tube. Fell directs “Hens on the Run 2 from a screenplay by Karey Kirkpatrick (Hens on the Run, Smallfoot: My Snow Friend), John O’Farrell (Hens on the Run, Little Red Riding Hood and the Unusual Suspects) and Rachel Tunnard ( wives), based on a story by Sam Fell and characters created by Peter Lord and Nick Park.
  • Julia Sawalha and Mel Gibson will not reprise their respective roles as Gaia and Rocky apparently due to the age matured with respect to the performance of the first film and for Gibson it seems that controversies related to accusations of anti-Semitism have also contributed. 53-year-old Sawalha criticized this decision, claiming that she was not too old for the role of her and that she could still play the voice of Gaia. “I was officially plucked, stuffed and roasted,” Sawalha commented upon hearing the news. Although Aardman deems Julia Sawalha too old, her replacement Thandiwe Newton is only 4 years younger than her colleague. Although the producers never fully explained why Gibson was not returning, it has been speculated that the decision was made after Winona Ryder accused Gibson of playing an anti-Semitic joke on her while she attended a party in 1995.
  • This sequel is released after the deaths in 2017 of Tony Haygarth and Benjamin Whitrow (the voices of Mr. Tweedy and Fowler aka Cedrone respectively), who died the same year as Peter Sallis (Wallace’s original voice in the Wallace & Gromit series).
  • “Hens on the Run 2” will be distributed by Netflix and Paramount Pictures, unlike the first film released by DreamWorks Animation during a partnership signed with Aardman.
  • Anndi McAfee’s third animated film to hit theaters later Tom and Jerry – The movie (1992) and Hey Arnold! The film (2002).
  • “Hens on the Run 2” is Nickelodeon Movies’ first stop-motion animated film.
  • Zachary Levi’s third animated film, but his first stop-motion film. Levy’s other animated films have included Rapunzel – The intertwining of the tower (2010) and The heroes of Christmas (2018).
  • Second Aardman sequel, later Shaun, the Sheep: Farmageddon – The Movie (2019).

The original film


The original Chicken Run is a 2000 stop-motion animated comedy produced by the British studio Aardman Animations in collaboration with the American studio DreamWorks Animation and the French studio Pathé. The studio’s first feature film, the Peter Lord and Nick Park-directed film from a screenplay by Karey Kirkpatrick tells of a gang of chickens who see a rooster named Rocky as their only hope of escaping the farm when their owners prepare to transform them. in chicken pies. Principal shooting began on January 29, 1998, 30 sets were used during the production of the film with 80 animators working alongside 180 people working in various tasks. Despite the mass of animators on the field, only one minute of film was completed for each week of filming, production ended on June 18, 1999. The film was a huge box office success, grossing 225 million worldwide with a production budget of 45 million. To this day, it remains the highest-grossing stop motion animated film ever.

The characters of the film

Gaia (Ginger): she is the protagonist of the film and is the leader among the hens.
Rocky Bulboa (Rocky Rhodes): He is the co-star of the film and is a handsome American rooster who ends up on the farm by accident after being shot with a circus cannon.
Mrs. Melisha Tweedy: She is the main antagonist of the film and she is a woman who deals with the economic management of the farm, but who hates chickens.
Mr. Willard Tweedy: He is the secondary antagonist of the film and is the owner of the farm along with Mrs. Tweedy. He is the only one who notices that the chickens are hatching an escape plan, but Mrs. Tweedy doesn’t believe him.
Cedrone (Fowler): he is the oldest rooster in the hen house, and also the only one until Rocky’s arrival. He had previously been the mascot of a Royal Air Force platoon during World War II.
Baba (Babs): she is a fat hen with a blue crest, best friend of Gaia.
Von (Mac): She is a lean hen originally from Switzerland and a sort of engineer who will be crucial in planning the escape.
Tantona (Bunty): it is the fattest hen in the hen house, with a curmudgeoning and realistic character, as well as quarrelsome and abusive.
Frego and Piglio (Nick and Fetcher): they are two rats who steal around the farm the objects that the hens need to escape. Opportunists and gluttons, in exchange for their services they want to be paid with eggs.

The film inspired the video game “Chicken Run”, an arcade adventure with platform and stealth elements. The game is a free parody of the famous movie The great escape set during the Second World War. The Game Boy Color version is a 2D isometric puzzle solving game. The plot of the game is about chickens escaping a farm from their evil owners and fighting for freedom.

POULTRY NEWS: Exactly 20 years from the day the original was released, we can confirm that there will be a Chicken Run sequel coming to Netflix !! Produced by @aardman, production is expected to start next year. Eggsellent.

It’s no yolk! Netflix is ​​teaming up with Aardman on two exciting new films: a new Wallace & Gromit film by Nick Park in 2024 and the long-awaited sequel to HEN RUN, CHICKEN RUN: DAWN OF THE NUGGET, coming next year.

The soundtrack


  • The original music of the film is by John Powell (How to Train Your Dragon) & Harry Gregson-Williams (Shrek Terzo) who return to collaborate with Aardman after having set to music the original “Galline in Fuga” and the more recent “I Primitives” released in 2018.
  • “Hens on the Run 2” marks the first animated film in 9 years that composer John Powell has made with a collaborator since Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011), as well as Powell’s first collaboration with Harry Gregson-Williams in 19 years, the last partnership dates back to 2001 for the original Shrek.

Hens on the Run 2: first official image and all the previews on the Netflix movie