Jameela Jamil, supervillain in “She

She is the opposite of the supervillain she embodies! In the miniseries she hulk whose last episode was unveiled this Thursday on Disney +, Jameela Jamil plays Titania, a supervillain, influencer obsessed with her appearance and her notoriety. In real life, Jameela Jamil puts her notoriety at the service of the causes she defends. Focus on this feminist British actress, who is shaking up Hollywood.

After studying at Oxford, she worked in the fashion world and became a kind of it-girl. Since 2009, in the United Kingdom, she has presented various programs on television and radio. She notably becomes the first woman to present alone The Official Chart on BBC1, a cult program across the Channel where the weekly ranking of the best-selling music in Great Britain is revealed. She hosted her last hit parade on January 18, 2015, and flew to Los Angeles, with the aim of becoming a screenwriter.

“I’m always happy to play the bad guys”

However, it was in front of the camera that she made herself known worldwide with the role of the narcissist Tahani Al Jamil alongside Kristen Bell in The Good Place. “I’m always happy to play the bad guys. I almost always play the bad guys because those are my favorite stories,” she told 20 minutes during a virtual roundtable organized by Disney+.

And to tell all the empathy she has for the super-villain Titania. “We haven’t had a chance to tell Titania’s past, but I hope my interpretation will show how incredibly insecure she is. That’s what I’m trying to convey, because in the original story of Mary, Titania’s real name, we find someone who was bullied all her life because she was small and weak. She is desperate to be noticed and to be seen as powerful. »

The actress believes it shows how “the damage of childhood can reverberate differently from person to person in adulthood, especially when you’re in an industry where people are desperate to attract attention. Warning. That’s what makes this conceited influencer role so interesting and earthy to play. »

“I’m quite shy, but not on Twitter”

Like any woman exposed on the front of the stage, the physique of Jameela Jamil, 36, is the subject of regular comments. British tabloids have slammed her after weight gain linked to the steroid treatment she has to take to treat her asthma. The actress who suffered from teenage anorexia has become one of the strong voices of body-positive feminism.

In March 2018, she launched the movement I Weigh to combat society’s obsession with weight and appearance, especially women. In 2019, she is at the origin of the petition Stop celebrities promoting toxic diet products on social media, asking celebrities to stop promoting toxic diet products on social media. The Briton, who defines herself as bisexual, is also an ardent queer community activist who does not hesitate to speak out and fights for more representation. “In my everyday life, I’m a pretty shy person, but not on Twitter,” she says.

“I’m tired of seeing women fighting in heels”

If her positions are miles away from those of her character Titania, the actress uses her role to convey messages. Referring to the superheroine’s costume, she explains: “I wanted her to look fabulous while she was fighting, but from a practical point of view, it was also important to me that she didn’t wear no heels and miniskirt to fight properly. I wanted her to wear flat shoes and comfortable and sensational clothes, because I’m tired of seeing women fighting in evening dresses and stilettos. »

In she hulk, Titania, symbol of evil fame, fights – in the literal sense and in court – against the superheroine Miss Hulk. “Titania represents that sad mistake that many women make, of believing the patriarchy when it says there can only be one. We see this happening in our society all the time. When a hot new actress pops up, we say, “let’s move on.” It’s like for female rappers, there can only be one. We can have 100 rappers all quite alike, but no more than one Queen B at a time! It’s the same with tennis players, in all areas, ”analyzes Jameela Jamil.

“Titania is a double agent, at the service of the patriarchy”

And to continue: “Titania is a double agent, in the service of the patriarchy. She is misogynistic and adheres to the idea that there can only be one. Personally, I absolutely don’t believe so. It’s important to show people like that on screen, so maybe someone can recognize it in her and see how ugly it is. »

The actress insisted on doing all of her stunts herself. An extremely perilous bet given his health problems. “I have a disease called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, I’m hypermobile and my body works in a strange way”, explains Jameela Jamil, showing her joint hyperlaxity.

“My body hurt me for six months in a row”

Hit by a vehicle at the age of 17, Jameela Jamil, hit in the spine, spent two years recovering. “During my childhood, I often used crutches, sometimes even a wheelchair, and I grew up thinking that I could do something like that. For years, I was too scared to do it,” she says.

The pandemic motivated her to “live [s]wildest dreams”. And to say: “My body hurt me for six months in a row, but I never had as much fun as with the Marvel stunt team. Stuntmen are far from getting the recognition they deserve, as they are not only skilled athletes but also great actors. They supported me like no one else, they became my family, they were home on weekends to eat with me. I was with them in the morning, before each take. They deserve to win Oscars. They are left out too much, given the importance of the action. Action films are what keep cinema alive, their importance is vital. »

“I would give five of my toes to continue”

The British actress remains discreet about her future in the MCU. “I don’t know anything, but I would like to tell the story of Titania and how she fits in with the other members of the MCU,” she says. “I would give at least five of my toes to continue. I love the MCU, I’m learning about Kevin’s next phases, and from the comics there are paths Titania could take… But I have no idea, and I have no powers. But I’m ready to do it. I’m even ready to train for stunts again, even though I hate doing squats,” she laughs again. Endowed with a sense of humor and a good dose of self-mockery, benevolent and altruistic, endowed with an incredible capacity to surpass herself, the one who plays the supervillain in she hulk definitely has everything of a superheroine!

Jameela Jamil, supervillain in “She-Hulk”, superheroine in the city