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1.0 / 10


  • Discreet rendering of the actors


  • History that leaks from all sides
  • Ridiculous characterization of the characters
  • Confusing action scenes
  • Connection to the narrative universe that does not convince

Despite the constant delays, the film is finally out in theaters
Morbius, Sony movie feature film about the character of the same name created in the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane. Thought to be released in 2020, the film’s release has been postponed several times due to placement problems between theatrical releases and due to the pandemic until the release, in Italy, of the March 30, 2022.

The film, directed by Daniel Espinosaproduced by Colombia Pictures And Marvel Entertainment and distributed by Sonygoes to place itself, in a certain sense, as a parallel to the cinecomics of Marvel Cinematic Universe, as Sony’s counterpart to Marvel / Disney products. Another piece to the great mosaic of the so-called “Sony’s Spiderman Universe”.

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Few ideas and very confused

From the moment of its release in theaters, Morbius it was received in a very negative way by both critics and the public, with very harsh criticism.
The history of the biochemist Michael Morbius who, trying to cure himself and his brother from a rare blood disease, ends up inadvertently becoming infected with a form of vampirismit turns out to be too much predictable. From the very first minutes, the film fails to delve into the protagonist’s motivations or explain the essential elements of the plot, such as the nature of the blood disease from which both he and his brother suffer, or because only the DNA of the bats you hide the key to cure their condition. Just a few more minutes of explanation would have been enough to give a little more sense to the story.

The characterization of the characters then seems to be done in a hurry. For example the antagonist of the film, Michael’s brother, Miloturns out to be the usual villain who becomes the evil counterpart of the hero (or in this case of theanti-hero) and becomes evil for no apparent logical reason, a real wasted opportunity for the well-known British actor Matt Smithwhich the public has already got to know with the interpretation of the Eleventh Doctor in the series Doctor Who.

Same goes for minor characters, such as the FBI agents who hunt down Morbius or the guardian of the two Morbius brothers (also played here by an exceptional actor, Jared Harrisalready seen in the award-winning series Chernobyl) that seem barely sketched and only in outline, so much so that they seem to be inserted there only for the minutes or to take advantage of the well-known faces of the aforementioned stars in order to attract a little more audience.

Le directeur de Morbius explique pourquoi Jared Leto est le seul acteur capable de jouer l'anti-héros Marvel

Even the female protagonist, Martine (Avra Ajalaactress you may have seen in the series Amazon Good Omens ) it disappoints in its flat role. All she does is assist the main character when the plot needs it and be the main love interest of the aforementioned. Although neither exhibits any actual romantic or chemical feelings of any kind for most of the film’s duration.

Finally, also the protagonist, played by Jared letoshows obvious gaps in character construction: he is the classic tormented and cursed character, a doctor turned vampire who refuses to hurt people, which as an inner conflict works enough, but is not at all deepened, indeed, in the third act it is completely forgotten to leave room for other themes that production considered more important … but we will talk about this later.

The fact of not wanting to pay Morbius properly evil and brutal as usual does not really turn in favor of the film. The only people he can vent his ravenous instincts with are members of a group of mercenaries who the film portrays as unscrupulous subhumans. People who all in all deserve the bloody death at the hands of a human bat as punishment. A gimmick that does not allow a character who would like to be in the balance between good and evil not to express her maximum potential. There is not a single moment in the entire film where Morbius is seen as a monster.

His cruelty to his enemies is always perceived as more than acceptable. This is the same problem that Sony had with the film transposition of Venom in the two films dedicated to him.
Again the most evil component of the anti-hero Marvel it is castrated and made a facet of the character only in theory and never in fact.


Last note of demerit goes for how it was decided to turn the action scenes. Even the most mediocre superhero movies are sometimes saved by the presence of scenes action all in all enjoyable. In Morbius very often the viewer cannot even understand what is actually happening due to how some of the fight scenes are shot badly, with special effects dated perhaps they would have been acceptable only in the early 2000s. Let’s not be too surprised if boredom comes instead of adrenaline.

Big projects and speculations

Yet, despite all the defects listed above, Morbius is a film that is inflaming i social. Many users are already speculating on what has been seen in the scenes before and after i creditsperhaps the element on which the production has focused most during the making, but even this creation of hype in my opinion deserves to be criticized.

ATTENTION! From here on there will be spoilers about the film, so if you don’t want to ruin your first viewing, don’t continue reading!

Without going into detail, Adrian Toomes, AKA the Vulture seen in Spider Man: Homecoming he finds himself transported to the universe of Morbius by the spell cast by the Doctor Strange in the movie Spiderman: No Way Home and summons Morbius proposing to work together. This suggests to the audience a potential upcoming film about Sinister SixRagnetto’s notorious group of archenemies supervillains

Only this scene can underline how desperate Sony is in trying to create a cohesive themed narrative universe Spider-Man (without, however, using Spider-Man himself, at least for the moment) instead of concentrating on making at least decent entertainment films. Also because the current members of the Sinister Six (Morbius, the Vulture and, supposedly, Venom) either they have no reason to hate Peter Parker or they haven’t even gotten to know him.Morbius: Bond of Blood # 1: Ralph Macchio and Tom Reilly will take care of the one-shot bookNormally, the addition of a character into a narrative universe that is not his is a modus operandi that it is used in the editorial reality of many comics Americans. They are published mini-series or one offs in which characters are introduced that will later be used for more massive projects. However, if the thing can work in twenty pages of comics, the same cannot be said for a film of almost two hours, where a niche character such as Morbius and at the same time he has to give the character the right ones reasons, as evidenced by the claims of the post-credit scenes, to possibly face Spider-Man in the future. Just because Sony itself cannot yet legally use the wall climber, the end result turns out to be a banal clash between Morbius, now an antihero, and a villain invented from scratch and clearly uninspired, with in between the vicissitudes of uninteresting characters, one above all, the protagonist’s girlfriend.

Yet another hole in the water

Sony Pictures, by now it is understood, he is not doing a good job trying to create the Spider-Verso. This is demonstrated by the fact that so far, of all three films released, none have had particular appreciation. However, if at least Venom and its sequel Venom – Carnage’s Fury, while they were bad movies, they were still kind of fun to watch, with Morbius it borders on squalor. It would be a real shame if Andrew Garfieldafter the ovation received in Spider Man: No way Home, again accepted a contract with this production company for a third installment of the saga of The Amazing Spider Man which, given the prerequisites of this cinematic universe, would be even worse than the universally hated The Amazing Spider Man 2: The Power of Electro.

Morbius | UCI Cinemas

To conclude

Like the character, the film of Morbius is cursed. Cursed by uninspired special effects, performances actors without any panache it’s a plot bordering on nonsensethe result of a production that did not place particular interest in the realization of the project, which led to the making of a film confusing And depressing to watch, yet another vain attempt to emulate the multilinear projects of Marvel Cinematic Universe.
If you want to give this film a chance, you are free to do it, but if you define yourself as a cinecomics lover, take it as advice and save yourself the ticket money, you will not miss anything anyway.

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