New Disney + in October 2022: the series and films not to be missed

Even if Halloween will not take place until the end of the month, October is under the sign of horror and thrill, according to the Disney + program. Between the latest Marvel, Wereworlf by Night and Hocus Pocus 2, there should be something for everyone.

Screenshot Werewolf by Night // Source: Disney

Disney+ takes on the month of October under the sign of Halloween, although the holiday is only supposed to take place on October 31st. Anyway, many are waiting for the next Marvel movie that will be released this October 7, or even the sequel to the movie. Hocus Pocusscheduled for September 30 on the SVoD service.

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The series coming to Disney+ in October

good doctor

Arrival in France on TF1series good doctor will join Disney+ on October 26 for the first four seasons, while the sixth season will be released on October 3 and the fifth season has ended. We can follow on Disney + the adventures of Shaun Murphy, a young doctor with Asperger’s syndrome as brilliant as he is in difficulty in social interactions. What discover all the challenges he will have to overcome in the hospital throughout four seasons.

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Vampirina Season 3

From October 3, the little ones will be able to enjoy the third season of vampire. Airing on Disney TV channels, Season 3 of vampire joins the catalog. In this horror comedy series, we follow the story of Vampirina alias Vee, who left Transylvania for Pennsylvania. She must, however, keep her life from ” freak to avoid getting in trouble with humans. A perfect series for children during this Halloween period.

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  • October 3:
    • Vampirina (season 3)
    • In therapy (season 2)
  • October 5:
    • The Bear
    • A strange sheriff (season 1 to 3)
  • October 9:
  • October 12:
    • Candy: Murder in Texas
    • Europe seen from the sky (season 3)
  • October 19:
    • Motherland: Fort Salem (season 3, Star)
    • The Lovers
    • Damages (season 1 to 5)
    • Spectacular Spider-man (season 1)
    • Spider-Man: The New Adventures (Season 1)
  • October 26:
    • Luz in Osville (season 2)
    • The Mysterious Circle Benedict (the first two episodes)
    • The Good Doctor (seasons 1–4)
    • The kingdom of the Egyptian mummies (season 1)

Movies Coming to Disney+ in October

Jean-Jacques Annaud in the spotlight

Two movies from director Jean-Jacques Annaud are joining Disney+ this month, though it’s neither The name of the rose neither Stalingrad(which is nevertheless available on Prime Video). It is The Bearreleased in 1988, as well as Two brothers released in 2004, which will be available on October 28.

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Worlf by Night

The next film from Marvel Studios hits the platform this October 7. Worlf by Nighttakes on the character of Jack Russell, aka The Werewolf. This is an antihero from the Marvel universe who has the ability to transform into a werewolf and who was entitled to a series of comics in the 70s. This horror/terror film, several hunters from monsters will have to face Werewolf, risking their lives.

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Hocus Pocus 2

The sequel to the first part is eagerly awaited and for the most impatient it’s good because it comes out on September 30. It will be a new adventure afterThe Three Witchesin which three high school students will try to face the Anderson sisters, returning to Salem to ravage the city.

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  • September 30:
  • October 7:
    • The mummy’s secret 1
    • Mickey and the legend of the two witches
    • Werewolf by Night (Marvel Studios)
    • The crazy story of Max and Leon
  • October 10:
    • Grimcutty: Network Hell (Star)
  • October 12:
  • October 14:
  • 21st of October :
    • Maleficent: The Power of Evil
    • The Bear
    • Two brothers
    • Jacquou le Croquant
  • October 28:
    • Termiantor: Dark Fate
    • Tomorrow is ours
    • Samba
    • In the shadow of the pyramids

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New Disney + in October 2022: the series and films not to be missed