OD’s haunted houses

In the classic horror movie candy manreleased in the fall of 1992, just say the name Candyman five times in front of the mirror and this monster with a crocheted hand and a chest full of killer bees will appear behind you, good evening the bad dream at the Nightmare on Elm Street.

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In Double occupancy Martinique, which unfolds 30 years later, all you have to do is say the names of the three bogeymen in front of the mirror — formerly sponsored by That’s So — to trigger the production’s worst nightmare: Isaack, Philippe and Félix. Argh!

These three evil spirits have haunted the homes of OD and tormented its inhabitants like in the chilling years of Amityville. These three occult forces were driven out, not by Ed and Lorraine Warren from the movies The Conjuringbut well by the popular discontent and the withdrawal of sponsors, all of a sudden anxious to preserve their beautiful brand image, well, well.

We no longer summon these three ghosts for fear of seeing them appear like Marie Blanche (or Marie Noire?) in a cupboard at midnight. We no longer see them and we no longer hear them thanks to the exorcism that was practiced by the production: vade retro, Canada! Go home, cursed spirits!

The three evil entities may have been edited out, but like little Carol Anne in Poltergeist, we feel their presence through our televisions. They float in the sticky air, between a party garage and a ouija board session, no, a Jimy the cowboy-tiler leg shaving session. And the combustion of white sage will not change anything: the villas of Martinique will remain diabolical.

Sunday night’s episode of OD, which traveled back in time three weeks before the big anti-bullying intervention, felt like the opening minutes of a typical horror movie, as the characters are unaware that the apocalypse, no less, will soon be knocking at their door.

The first few minutes of the show were eerie and filled with mini-uneasiness. First, all singles, even nice ones, were redacted from the opening credits of OD. Only Jay Du Temple remains, who tinged his animation with an almost funeral tone, devoid of his usual enthusiasm. Even her hair lacked bright, happy colors. Fortunately, the more the minutes passed, the more the pep returned to him in the hooves.

Jay Du Temple molded Noovo’s flagship title to his extravagant personality and his observational humor. When Captain Twist detaches himself from the stakes and puts himself in neutral, as the situation required, it is not at all the same vibes, to speak in OD language. If ever Lady Pagaille leaves after this catastrophic Martinican edition, good luck to whoever wears her crop tops and mesh tank tops.


Jay Du Temple, host ofDouble occupation

Then, the names of certain advertisers were blurred on the screen, and we detected all the pirouettes executed in post-production to get rid of toxic competitors. Closely associated with the trio of villains, the beneficiary attendant Walide, 28, has practically disappeared from the intrigues. He came back late when photographer Michael, 22, invited him to uncork a can of Shaker Mixology on the board.

The existence of the CA has been a lifesaver for the survival of Noovo’s popular reality show. The re-editing of the episodes has been refocused on this organization which was of little use until now. Sunday evening, in the “back to the future” version of OD, you would have sworn that the CA had been leading the game from the start. The intervention of the two CA ninjas, long and uninteresting, smelt of scraps ofOD Extra full nose.

“There are cases that are carried around here”, welcomed the teaching student Megan, 23, one of the two original members of the CA of OD. Bah, dragging, lugging around, we won’t persist for a few scrabble letters here.

About the Board, its shareholders boast of “shuffling the cards”, but never leave big players houses. Never. It’s borderline embarrassing. Unsurprisingly on Sunday, they fired Catherine, the 28-year-old yoga teacher, while the ousting of Florence, 23, would certainly have made the boys sweat (even more).

It must be said that last week’s funeral special sold several punches in 60 minutes, including the upcoming eliminations of Ally and Félix, as well as the formation of the couple of Rami, 23, and Koralie-Maya, 22 years old.

In normal times, the crisis of loyalty – are you my friend or not? — between Florence and Ally would have taken up a lot of airtime. This kind of drama abundantly nourishes the discussions of balcony between girls, in secret of the others. Placed in redemption mode for a week, the production has put the soft pedal on the baffles and enmities in the houses. No question of reigniting another controversy, as the team finally pulls its head out of the water to admire the dolphins with Zacharie and Catherine, hon, it’s too much cute !

OD’s haunted houses