On Netflix and Amazon Prime Video: 2 films and a series to take your mind off things

Between original programs and broadcasting of little nuggets, our streaming platforms favorites offer us again and again a month of September loaded with non-guilty pleasure. The proof with this new selection netflix and Amazon Prime Video that the editorial staff of CNET France has done for you.

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This weekend, we meet agent Ethan Hunt in Impossible missionwe save the kingdom with a team of broken arms in The Legend of Vox Machinaand we become famous thanks to the Beatles in Yesterday.

What movies and series to watch on Amazon Prime Video and Netflix this weekend?

A film that will open the door to a huge franchise: Mission: Impossible (Netflix)


Following the failure of a mission that caused the death of his entire team, agent Ethan Hunt, disavowed and pursued by the government, must shed light on the real culprits.

The opinion of CNET France

Before Impossible mission becomes a big action saga carried by a Tom Cruise always more energetic despite the years, the cult series knew a first adaptation directed by Brian de Palmathrowing the actor at full speed.

Impossible mission The first of the name is a masterfully written and directed spy thriller, paying homage to the series while taking the license to much more ambitious terrain. Much more psychological than its descendants, the film gives pride of place to its characters and multiplies the twists to hang on to the seat just by mastering its narration.

But Impossible mission does not skimp on its action side, however, by reserving for us now cult sequences (and parodied with wear) where a Tom Cruise who we did not yet know was invincible proves that no mission is impossible for him.

A scenario and complex characters, scenes engraved in our memory… the first Impossible mission can claim to have installed extremely solid foundations, even unsurpassable according to the opinions. In short, an unmissable Netflix catalog.

  • A trailer that ignites the fuse:

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A heroic fantasy series as funny as it is dark: The legend of Vox Machina (Prime Video)


The worst group of adventurers in the kingdom are given the mission to protect the kingdom from extraordinary creatures, evil magic and monsters of all kinds.

The opinion of CNET France

While Game of Thrones: House of the Dragon and The Lord of the Rings argue heroic fantasy fans, a small animation series deserves to slip between the viewing of two episodes of these behemoths: The Legend of Vox Machina.

Written, animated and voiced by absolute fans of role-playing games, the series is a perfect transcription of the codes of the genre with its races, classes, quests and epic clashes against creatures of all kinds.

But beyond making eyes at roleplayers, the show also knows how to surprise us with its tone and its work on its (anti) heroes and their relationships. First presented as a comedy, the series finds a much more serious tone in the second part, featuring a conflict that is both physical and psychological.

Especially since The Legend of Vox Machina, despite its somewhat childish animation, is in no way intended for the youngest. With a chastened language, its overtly sexual allusions and its great violence, the Amazon Prime Video series is intended for an informed audience that should easily be won over.

  • A trailer that still hides a lot of things:

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A film that takes the yellow submarine: Yesterday (Netflix)


Everyone knows the Beatles and their iconic songs. But if tomorrow, we woke up in a world where the group had never existed? Except for Jack who is the only one who remembers their hits. For this struggling young songwriter, the opportunity seems too good.

The opinion of CNET France

Yesterday perhaps seen as a pure product of the feel-good movie where it is impossible for us not to come out of it with a smile on our faces despite its very conventional hints at times. And then a romantic comedy directed by Danny Boyle (Transpotting, Slumdog Millionaire) and scripted by the master of the genre Richard Curtis (Love Actually, It was time), it does not sulk.

Because even though many aspects of Yesterday can leave you unmoved by its lack of risk (we quickly guess the sequence of events) or by the usual lack of energy of its director, his British humor, the talent ofHimesh Patel and the delicacy of his writing at the turn of certain sequences make the film a little non-guilty pleasure.

And then how to hate a film traversed by the tubes of the Beatles, celebrated here in a not so roundabout way? Although we can dwell on the lack of depth of the character’s ethical questioning about their selfish reuse, we can only see the positive effect that the songs have on the film and on the general atmosphere.

Celebration of love and the Beatles much less shrewd than he would like, Yesterday is not Boyle and Curtis’ best film. But a drop in form of this caliber, we would take it back every morning.

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