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With recent news of Lana Parrilla joining Jennifer Lopez’s upcoming film, Atlas, and season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer, fans are sure to remember Parrilla’s most iconic role to date: ABC’s Regina Mills Once Upon a Time. . Of course, part of what made the sassy and determined Evil Queen character so popular was her intense chemistry and complicated relationship with series protagonist Emma Swan.

From their nonstop banter to their ride-or-die friendship, Emma and Regina were the show’s best dynamic duo, with the Swan Queen couple becoming one of the most popular fanships to emerge from the show, as evidenced by the plethora of memes that showcase their relationship.

Tom and Jerry atmosphere

Part of what made Emma and Regina’s relationship so beloved was how much they complemented each other. While Regina was wise, confident, and tough, Emma was much more innocent, naive, and sweet.

Their contrasting personalities not only allowed them to form a more holistic view of the world, but they also brought out the best in each other, with Emma being much more outgoing and fun with Regina and Regina showing a softer side when are around Emma.

Emma wants the best for Regina

Although Regina hated Emma as soon as she entered her world, the two eventually go from enemies to best friends as the series progresses, and they learn to accept each other, forming one of best friends from Once upon a time.

Emma is one of the few people who truly understand and accept Regina, seeing the good in herself even when she herself doesn’t. As her best friend, Emma always wants to see Regina get the most out of life and constantly fights for her happy ending.

Regina chooses Emma

Regina’s ability to make tough choices in the face of adversity is something that sets her apart and positions her as one of Once Upon a Time’s bravest characters.

However, his good judgment and quick thinking are moderate when it comes to decisions that impact Emma or her future. While this hilarious post takes Regina’s fondness for Emma and turns it into a Swan Queen meme, it still accurately describes how Emma will always be a weak point for Regina (at least after Season 2).

Swan Queen > Canon Ships

While Emma and Regina aren’t endgame in the canon story, their palpable chemistry and potential as an iconic sapphic duo easily make them one of Once Upon a Time’s most popular fanships.

From their flirtatious banter to their contrasting personalities to their powerful possibility of enemies to friends to lovers, the Swan Queen ship had many things in its favor. Unfortunately, the two women never meet on screen and their romance is only experienced in fanfiction or memes.

Henry in the middle

Despite their initial conflicting natures and vastly different moral compasses, the one thing that tied Emma to Regina (and vice versa) early on was their bond with Henry.

Henry is both the melding of Emma and Regina’s intertwined histories and complicated family dynamics, as well as the motivating factor behind their eventual friendship as their love for their common son (albeit on different terms) is what drives them. brings them closer.

Regina’s Amplified Sass

One of Regina’s trademarks is her constant use of sarcasm and daring, an element that adds to her evil queen vibes and her appeal as a tough exterior but soft on the inside.

While this meme accurately sums up her personality in Once Upon a Time, it particularly applies to Regina’s interactions with Emma, ​​who she constantly jokes around with. Regina’s sass is something Emma continually has to put up with and is a key and constant point in their dating and overall dynamic.

Unconditional love

While there’s a lot of things about Season 1 of OUAT that haven’t aged well, Emma and Regina’s initial animosity toward each other isn’t one of them.

Their quirky opinions about each other are part of what makes their mutual emotional thaw and development into best friends all the more heartwarming that they’ve had to work to truly understand and see each other. As a result of this effort, they share one of the show’s purest and most unconditional loves.

Emma’s aggressive side

Although Emma has many brave moments that showcase her determination and more confident side, compared to the no-nonsense, strong-headed Regina, she is infinitely more gentle, wise, and outwardly kind.

However, when it comes to Regina, Emma is always ready to toughen up and fight anything that might bring her dear friend down (even when she’s not Dark Swan), once again emphasizing the importance that Regina has it for her.

too much chemistry

While Regina and Emma may be the source of some of OUAT’s best friendship quotes, there’s no denying that their interactions contain far more intensity and passion than necessary, even if it’s just that. in mundane moments early on, like Regina telling Emma she doesn’t want to kill her.

While the showrunners might argue that Swan Queen is accidental, the plethora of compilations that highlight their flirtatious moments and canon banter tell a very different story.

Best part of the show

Many elements contributed to the success of Once Upon a Time, from its unique take on traditional fairy tales to the vast, intertwined world it created.

But none of these factors are as substantial and consistent as the quality of Emma and Regina’s relationship throughout the series (before Morrison’s departure). For many fans, these two carried the majority of the show, and whether they were seen through a Sapphic lens or as two complementary best friends, their endearing relationship was a highlight for many seasons and still is. admired today.

Once upon a time: 10 memes that perfectly sum up Emma and Regina’s relationship | Pretty Reel