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If there is a cinematographic genre that makes wonderful use of the intimacy and silence of dark rooms, it is horror cinema. Who hasn’t taken a somewhat masochistic pleasure in jumping in fear or digging their nails into the arm of the armchair (or into the neighbor’s hand) during a good horror film? Since the 1970s, the genre has been booming, whether it’s psychological horror like shining Where Carrieto slash like Halloween Where Friday 13, or disgusting gore like Chainsaw Massacre Where The hills Have Eyes.

What’s the scariest, creepiest horror movie? What are the best current horror movies? What horror movie to watch on Netflix?

Since the advent of streaming platforms, the genre has never done so well. Thus, Netflix gave carte blanche to creators like Mike Flanagan (the series The Haunting of Hill House) and made a contract with the myth Stephen King. Like its sisters, the SVOD service offers dozens of horror movies in its catalogsuccessful franchises such as the series of American Nightmare passing through small nuggets like don’t breathe. Télé-Loisirs has selected the 10 best films for you to shiver in front of your screen on streaming platforms. If the film is no longer available on the platform indicated, you can find it for fee-for-service or digital purchase from traditional video-on-demand operators: Canal VOD, My TF1, Orange, Apple TV, Google Play, etc…

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Without a sound on Netflix, a film that scares the way of the classics of the 80s

On the 89th day of a disaster that left the Earth devastated, in a now ghostly small American town, the Abbott family searches for basic necessities in an abandoned convenience store. Lee Abbott, his wife Evelyn, and their children, boys Beau and Marcus, and their deaf and mute teenage daughter Regan, take care to keep the noise as low as possible. Indeed, they are the targets of deadly creatures, which can only be identified by the sounds produced by their prey. Better known as an actor than as a gifted screenwriter, John Krasinsky reveals a new facet of his talent with this horror film that smacks of the classics of the genre filmed in the 1980s. We regularly jump in front of this show mastered from start to finish, supported by a Emily Blunt absolutely flawless.

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The platform on Netflix

Characters imprisoned in a geometric and sanitized environment, a strict regulation based on a separation by social class: we necessarily think of Cubeby Vincenzo Natali, and Snowpiercerof Bong Joon-ho, in front of the concept of this film. However, The platform, both dreamlike and horrifying, finds its singularity from its first shots. The atmosphere, tense, and the excellent actors make the rest of the interest of this gripping suspense.

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Army of the Dead on Netflix, one of the best horror movies of 2021

The city of Las Vegas is occupied by hordes of zombies and it has since become a forbidden zone. These undead aren’t just bloodthirsty, they’re smart, quick, and very well organized. A group of hitmen tries to recover millions of dollars hidden on the Strip, the famous avenue of the capital of vice. American director Zack Snyder abandon superheroes to embark on his bloody Army of the Deadwhich comes 17 years later army of the dead, his remake of Romero’s film. In this new movie, Zack Snyder (55 years old) therefore resurrects his macabre creatures and mixes it all up in a multi-million dollar heist. Army of the Dead takes place in Las Vegas in a casino infested with zombies… Quite a program!

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Rec on Canal+

Accompanied by her cameraman Pablo, Angela reports on firefighters for a Barcelona channel. She questions Manu and Alex, two firefighters. The night is very calm. Until the call for help from an old lady, locked in her apartment. The two journalists accompany the brigade to the building… Shot like a report, here is gripping horror movie where the realism of the situations increases the effect of horror.

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Movie (2007 – Spain)

Evil Dead 2 on Canal+

At the wheel of their car, Ash and Annie stop at a chalet in the heart of a mountain forest. While Annie prepares their room, Ash finds a tape recorder in a room. This is a recording of the voice of Professor Knowby, who managed to make a translation of the book of the dead, disappeared in the 14th century and the only copy of which is placed on the table. At the utterance of certain words, Evil awakens. A whirlwind of horror where laughter combines with terror to the delight of lovers of horror and black humor. Masterpiece !

The Witch on Prime Video, representing elevated horror like Midsommar and Get Out

In the 17th century, judged to be bad believers, William and his family were banished from their community and settled on the edge of the forest, in an isolated region. There, while Thomasin, the eldest daughter, is watching Sam, the fifth child, the latter mysteriously disappears. He was kidnapped by a creature living in the woods. As a result, tensions rise in the family. In addition, their food reserves are dwindling. For his first feature film, Robert Eggers imposes a beautiful aesthetic mastery from the outset. Bathed in the harsh atmosphere of the first American settlers, its history questions beliefs and the excesses of faith. In addition, The Witch provides some deliciously distressing scenes. No reason to deprive yourself of this cinematic pleasure!

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That on Prime Video, a Halloween classic

In 1989, in a small town in the state of Maine, where several children have disappeared, seven teenagers discover the existence of a nightmare creature haunting the sewers: an evil clown, whom they will try to confront… Made carefully, this ambitious adaptation of Stephen King has the advantage the most terrifying bogeyman seen on a screen for a long time! To see the heart well hung.

Alien, the eighth passenger on Disney+

On the way back to Earth, the space freighter Nostromo, which houses five men and two women placed in hibernation, receives a distress signal from another planet. The on-board computer wakes the occupants of the ship to check for possible signs of extraterrestrial life on this unknown world. Once there, Commander Kane is attacked by a mysterious creature hatched from a huge, translucent egg. Thanks to an impeccable cast, led by a breathtaking Sigourney Weaverand a staggering formal mastery, Ridley Scott sign a masterful masterpiece with terrifying suspense. A great classic of the genre that skillfully mixes anticipation and horror.

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28 days later on Disney+

In London, an Animal Protection commando delivers chimpanzees serving as guinea pigs in a laboratory. But as soon as they are freed, the primates, contaminated by a mysterious virus and driven by uncontrollable rage, massacre their rescuers. Twenty-eight days later, the population is decimated by an epidemic, which turns humans into living dead. In a coma for a month, Jim, a young courier, wakes up in the hospital. After wandering through a town where everything has stopped, he finds refuge with two other survivors, Selena and Mark. A skillful cocktail of suspense and gore cinema, served by an astonishing cast and a very efficient production. We are not far from the masterpiece.

The hills Have Eyes on Disney+

Bob and Ethel Carter have planned a big RV trip from Cleveland to San Diego to celebrate their wedding anniversary. The whole family joined them, including their daughter Lynne and her husband Doug. Despite some tensions, the stay went well. But, by taking what they believe to be a shortcut, they are unaware that they have just fallen into a trap. Soon, the vehicle’s tires burst. A terrifying and very effective remake ofa Wes Craven classic, where the fear is visceral. Sensitive souls refrain !

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